Disproving Genesis  

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I am running for president as a one issue candidate whose main concern is the fate of the world in this era of serious conflict between the world’s two most powerful nuclear powers. To justify such a narrow political focus that most will think ridiculous I make my argument for A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS with perfect mathematical logic. If after reading what I say you agree and wish to encourage and support a candidate who shows intelligence rather just fine acting ability like Hillary, click here. If you want to discuss the issue after reading what follows my email is ruthmariongraf@gmail.com.     

You can’t discuss the real possibility of nuclear war and what might be done to avoid it without first getting rid of the mistaken belief that there’s an Almighty God up there who’s going to take care of the problem for us or on the divine flip side who’ll end the world via a “God’s will” decision that can’t be contradicted. Hence with some apology to genuine true believers we’ll start off with a firm mathematical proof that God did not create the world in six days or intelligently design any of it and thus does not have the power to save the world or to destroy it.

I make that point unarguably clear by showing natural selection to have the very same mathematical underpinning as intelligent selection or design, the two kinds of selection easily confused as seen in a wide variety of religions’ creation myths over the last five thousand years. And I’ll also show mathematically why, despite science making it clear that the world and its creatures couldn’t possibly have been brought into existence divinely in contradiction to the basic laws of nature, billions still believe in God or Allah or Vishnu or Whatever to soothe their emotions of fear and anxiousness about this impossibly hard life we have with hopes of some sort of parent like being out there like God the Father who can make everything come out OK because He is so powerful as to have created the entire fucking universe and everything in it with a wink of His Almighty eye and a wave of His hand.

Having spoken so irreverently about the Deity in all of His forms, the mathematics that proves me right had better be good. Try it out. It’s simple enough to follow by any half-bright high school graduate and what delight you’ll have to catch any error I might make and prove me wrong. Do read it. Think of a billion children screaming incinerated or worse drawn out terminal radiation sickness. Read it.   


1. Lucky Numbers 

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This is a simple game that demonstrates the basics of intelligent design or intelligent selection as might be done by an intelligent human or intelligent god. If you roll a lucky number on a pair of dice you win V=$240 and if you fail to get a lucky number you pay a penalty of v=$60. The lucky numbers are |4|, |7| and |10|. I use this chart from Encyclopedia Britannica to evaluate the probabilities of rolling these lucky numbers.

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There are 36 ways two dice can fall when tossed with 3 of those 36 ways resulting in the tossing of a |4|, hence with probability of 3/36=1/12; 6 ways out of 36 for a |7| with probability 6/36=2/12; and 3 ways out of 36 for a |10| with probability 3/36=1/12. Hence the probability, Z1, of rolling a lucky number of a |4|, |7| or |10| is the sum of their probabilities as    

I.)                   Z1 =1/12 +2/12 +1/12 =4/12=1/3

And the probability of rolling a number other than a |4|, |7| or |10|, aka, the improbability or uncertainty of rolling a lucky number, is   

II.)                  U1 =1− Z1 =2/3

The amount of money one can expect to win on average is the expected value of the game, E, what you win on average if you play the game repeatedly.   

III.)                  E1 = Z1V – U1v = (1/3)$240 – (2/3)$60 =$80 − $40 = $40

This is Game #1, which is why we subscripted its expected value variables with the number, 1. One can also play Lucky Number Game #2 whose lucky numbers are |3|, |6|, |11| and |12|. Their number of ways seen from the chart are respectively 2, 5, 2 and 1 with probabilities of 2/36, 5/36, 2/36 and 1/36, which sum to the probability of rolling a lucky number in Game #2 of

IV.)                  Z2 = 2/36 + 5/36 + 2/36 + 1/36 = 9/36 = 1/4

And the improbability or uncertainty of rolling one of the |3|, |6|, |11| and |12| lucky numbers in Game #2 is

V.)                 U2 = 1 – Z2 = 3/4

With a prize of V=$240 for a successful roll and the penalty for failure of v=$60, the expected value or average payoff of Game #2 is

VI.)                 E2 = Z2V – U2v = (1/4)$240 – (3/4)$60 =$60 − $45 = $15

Now let’s imagine competitive play between two people. One of them selects Game #1 to play with lucky numbers, |4|, |7| and |10|, and the other Game #2 with lucky numbers, |3|, |6|, |11| and |12|. Each player is paid the V=$240 prize by the other when the lucky number is rolled. And each pays the penalty of v=$60 from failing to roll a lucky number to the other. The two take turns rolling. After every pair of rolls the Game #1 player is seen on average to win the difference between the two expected values.

VII.)       ΔE = E1 – E2 = (Z1V – U1v) – (Z2V – U2v) = $40 − $15 = $25

The Game #1 player started out with a bankroll of $100 and the Game #2 player with one of $900. The first player to clean out the other’s bankroll wins the competition. The Game #1 player in consideration of winning the expected value of $25 in every pair of rolls will be the winner as graphed below.

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Figure VIII. Two Player Lucky Number Competition

After 36 pairs of alternating rolls with the on average outcomes of the expected value the Game #2 player, in blue, goes broke and the Game #1 player, in red, wins the competition. This is an instance of competitive selection, selection of the on average winner via the ΔE expected value difference. And there is also another kind of selection the competition exemplifies - intelligent selection. We had one of the players choose to play Game #2 so we could stage the competition. We could imagine perhaps that Game #2 with its distinctly inferior probability of success, Z2=1/4 versus Z1=1/3 was chosen mistakenly because its player saw that it had more lucky numbers in it that could be rolled, |3|, |6|, |11| and |12|, than the |4|, |7| and |10| lucky numbers for Game #1 by somebody who had no sense of probability.  

But whatever our imagined reason for the error, the intelligent choice, as from classical decision theory which dictates selecting the game with the higher expected value, Z1V – U1v rather than Z2V – U2v, is Game #1. Game #1 could also be understood from direct experience as the superior selection from the competition being played or observed repeatedly and Game #1 seen to win. Also we could and will in a later section make the case that the Game #1 expected value of Z1V – U1v provides a more pleasant emotion of expectation than the Z2V – U2v and would be selected to play on that “hedonistic” basis. But whatever the criteria for selecting Game #1 to play rather than Game #2 whether in competition or as a single player game, it is clear that Game #1 is the intelligent selection on the expected value basis of (Z1V – U1v)>(Z2V – U2v).

2. A Primer on Violence

We want to break up the math a bit as too much at one stroke can get a bit tedious. We’ll be continuing our mathematics of selection in Section 3 with natural selection. You can scroll down directly to it right now if you prefer to not break your focus. We’ll also be explaining the emotion of anger that generates violence in an exact mathematical way in a later section because understanding its purpose and form is central to understanding why weapons have to be taken out of play if we’re to save the planet. 


My husband, Peter, understood violence because he was violent (if threatened) and because he thought about this destructive aspect of human nature like the professional scientist he also was. While not far from the poverty line we rented an apartment in our younger days that turned out to be thick with fleas. Unfortunately we found this out the day after signing the lease. The landlord refused to let us out of it so we put up with the repeated bites, very nasty if you know what fleas can do, for a few weeks while scrubbing the floors vigorously to get rid of them. The landlord’s deceit was obvious. He knew of the problem before he rented to us. We remained distant from this clearly identified enemy after this, paying the rent by mail while slamming the door in his face the frequent times he tried to be “friendly.”


Towards the middle of our tenancy new people moved in upstairs. The man in the family was aggressive without provocation from the first day. Later we learned that Dicki Yaddo was a well-known thug for hire in the city of Troy, NY where all this took place. Most surely we reasoned after the fact he was hired by the landlord to retaliate for our resistance to his intrusions on the family. I had been a commercial model on TV in Japan for six years in my younger days and no doubt this added to the pique the landlord felt in our rejection of him. The bullying tone of his thug escalated rapidly to his parking a chair and himself outside our bathroom window. Think about that, girls, the next time you use the bathroom. While my husband had been cautious up to that point given this guy’s well-muscled arms that were bigger than my husband, Pete’s, legs, his rage hit the high notes with this affront.


I remember the look of murder in his eye and his walking back and forth in the living room in silent contemplation for an hour before striding up to the thug’s second floor porch with a magic marker in his hand to write across the back of Dickie’s white leatherette chair up there the word FAGGOT in large letters. This was back in the 80s before homosexuals were considered to be as decent as the Pope and being called one in a circumstance like this was a challenge to fight on par with slapping an opponent’s face with a glove to duel back in the 17th Century. 


The thug soon sent down his reply with his sixteen year old daughter, so sure of her father’s edge in the game that she nearly giggled in anticipation of Pete getting his teeth kicked in. Very soon I saw through our back door window Dickie follow, descending the stairs to our porch bare chested in total smiling confidence with a can of beer in his hand as though he was off to a Sunday picnic. Dangerous for him I thought as I watched because I had seen Pete utterly terrify my first husband, a Lutheran minister, after whipping him in a fight. He could get insanely violent when protecting me.


This warrior mode was unusual for a biophysicist, something Pete acquired from being the only white living in a black and Puerto Rican neighborhood in Manhattan the first year he dropped out of graduate school after his laboratory boss, Dr. Posner, plagiarizing his research. And beyond being violent when aroused Pete was also very smart, in this case, so he told me later waiting for Dickie to be off balance with one foot on the last step of the stairs and the other set on the porch landing before rushing at the jerk and jamming his thumbs in his eyes while driving him to and nearly over a railing on the porch that overlooked a twenty foot drop to a concrete patio down below.


The whole house rocked back and forth while they struggled with Dickie struggling to break Pete’s thumbs that were locked on his eyes. When Pete could not take the pain any longer he screamed out in anger, “Let go of my fucking thumbs or I’ll rip your eyes out!” Which he told me later he would have. But he didn’t have to because at that moment Dickie let go of this thumbs. And the fight was over. I opened the door then and walked next to Pete to see two small streams of blood flowing from Dickie’s eyes down his cheeks. Dickie then casually asked Pete to join him upstairs for a beer, with whatever intention, but Pete said with equal cool that he had other things to attend to. 


A few minutes after this, three squad cars pull up in front of the house. Pete wanting to avoid any possible criminal charge for levelling Dickie pulled up a newspaper article he’d written a few years earlier to show the cop when she walked in that gave some evidence that he was basically averse to violent conflict. But the cop laughed and waved him off saying, “No need to worry. We just wanted to see who it was that Dickie Yaddo called the riot squad on. This fellow is well known to us as a tough for hire.”


The article was the product of Pete’s hands-on sense that violence is in the end an unavoidable part of human nature along with my female intuition that the only way to tamp down its potentially bloody consequences was to get rid of the weapons that make aggression so deadly. Indeed, the fight he had with Dickie clearly made this point for though he saw him again six months later wearing thick lensed eyeglasses, he still survived quite healthy as would not have been the case had Pete used a weapon on him, which many would argue Dickie deserved.   


Description: Description: wp8eje55

Knickerbocker News, Albany, NY, May 1986

Though written back when the Cold War nuclear deadlock was in full force between the USA and Russia, can anybody doubt its appropriateness today given the events in the Ukraine? Especially with Putin making it clear (12/11/13) that Russia would not hesitate to retaliate with nuclear weapons if attacked by the US, even with just conventional weapons. Especially with Putin threatening the West through a top aide on Russian TV (2/16/14) that Russia could turn America into a pile of “radioactive ash.” And especially with the West’s returns over the net that, whatever their intent, are sure to escalate the situation rather than cool it off, escalate it to the doorstep of World War III given the lack of intelligence and foresight in leaders on both sides.


Whatever the difficulty in making a weapon’s free world, (I have a realistic plan) no one can argue that accomplished it would be anything but an advance for mankind of mammoth proportion in preventing not only war up to and including nuclear war but also our increasingly more frequent and horrific mass murders. To make clear the absolute need for A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS for preventing the nuclear annihilation otherwise sure to eventually happen, I will argue it in two languages. One is mathematics whose logical conclusions in this argument are as trustworthy as those in Euclidean geometry. And the other is stories from personal experience that depict human nature as it actually plays out in contrast to the nonsense pumped into our heads on corporate media 24/7.


As the daughter of your typical Texas fundamentalist minister and his equally duplicitous control freak wife, my mother, whose partnered clutches I narrowly escaped, I thoroughly understand the double talking conservatives whose religious blather and adoration of deadly weapons is one of the greatest impediments to ridding the world of them. And I am also the sister of a Second Amendment loving lawyer from Lubbock, TX, my brother, Don, whose attempt to torture me in adult life by withholding my $30,000 inheritance from my mother for ten years was beaten by my exposing him as a Ted Haggard clone, which all heterosexually repressed Christian conservatives are beneath their arm band piety. This along with my escape from my parents and the LCMS church was so impossible to pull off as I’ll make clear in subsequent story sections that if I could do that there’s a very good chance that I can also succeed in the impossible task of ridding the world of weapons. Before I continue with the mathematics and the rest of the stories here are a few photos and relevant political tweets.


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Me with my genius grandson Thomas Rogovsky and his mom down in Mexico shortly before we returned to the USA to campaign for Obama in 2008. We bought a brave Obama fighting for the people and ran through 5K to help get him elected.  



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CBS photo of the kids at the Las Vegas Occupy March four disappointing Obama years later before the Occupy movement was destroyed by 6000 slam-to-the-ground wrist breaking arrests. To donate to our movement to end the NSA run police state and disarm the world by electing me president or by protest in the streets if needed, click here


3. Natural Selection vs Intelligent Selection by God the Father

Now let’s take a look at Darwinian natural selection and in a mathematical way so we can clearly see the similarity between it and the intelligent selection we just discussed in Section 1. An equation for natural selection can be extracted from the post-WW-I work of the noted classical population biologists, Sewell Wright, R.A. Fisher and J.B.S Haldane and we also derive it in our own very simple way in a later section. Consider population #1 and population #2 competing for the limited space and resources of the niche they jointly occupy. They grow in size and flourish or decrease in size and eventually go extinct in the niche according to    

IX.)         dx1/dt = (F1/K)x1x2         

X.)       dx2/dt = (F2/K)x1x2

The most direct way to understand what these say is from the graph below.

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Figure XI. Competitive Population Growth or Natural Selection

The blue line represents the x1 number of organisms in population #1 over time. It increases to take over the whole niche because it has a positive F fitness, F>0. The red line represents the x2 number of organisms in population #2. It decreases over time to x2=0 because its F fitness is negative, F2<0.  This makes much more sense once we take a closer look at the makeup of the F fitness functions. For population #1 the fitness is

XII.)                                        F1 = g1 – g2 = Δg = (b1 – d1) – (b2 – d2) = −F2

The b variables, b1 and b2, are annual birth rates for the two populations and the d variables, d1 and d2, their annual death rates. Which population flourishes and which one dies out is very simple. If the growth rate of population #1, g1=b1−d1, is greater than that of population #2, g2=b2−d2, then the algebra says that F1>0, which makes population #1 grow to eventually take over the entire niche. In that case population #1 is said to be selected for and population #2, selected against. This Δg function has much in common with the ΔE function we saw earlier in Eq7 that determined intelligent selection.   

VII.)                                       ΔE = E1 – E2 = (Z1V – U1v) – (Z2V – U2v)

The four rightmost variables in intelligent selection are readily interpreted as the probabilities of the birth and death of dollars: Z1V as the probability of the birth (or the gain) of dollars for the Game #1 player; –U1v as the probability of the death (or the loss) of dollars for the Game #1 player; Z2V as the probability of the birth of dollars for the Game #2 player; and – U2v as the probability of the death of dollars for the game #2 player.

It is also clear that the b birth and d death rates in the F1 fitness function of EqVII for natural selection are readily interpretable as probabilities of the birth and death of organisms per unit time. For example a birth rate of 1 offspring every three years is unarguably mathematically interpretable as a probability of birth per year of 1/3.

Now very much as intelligent selection proceeds from EqVII by selecting the game with greatest combined birth and death rate or growth rate of dollars, Game #1 with (Z1V – U1v) over Game #2 with (Z2V – U2v), so also does evolution naturally select population #1 to flourish in the niche via its growth rate, g1=(b1 – d1), being greater than the g2=(b2 – d2) of population #2. That is, what is selected in both intelligent selection and natural selection is the scenario that produces the greater growth rate, of dollars in intelligent selection and of living creatures in natural selection.

The mathematically unarguable similarity in both intelligent selection and natural selection of which of competing entities is selected from relative birth and death rates or probabilities makes it clear how the two are easily confused for each other. And that is exactly what happened in attempts to explain nature prior to Darwin. Natural selection, while a relatively simple concept to understand scientifically once Darwin published The Origin of the Species in the middle of the 19th Century, was not available as an explanation prior to that. Rather a wide range of creation myths all of which are based essentially on the intelligent selection of some imagined unseen super-human creature came into existence. Once science made clear the truth of the matter, all scientific thinking people discarded the myth in favor of the rational, sensible Darwinian explanation especially given its quite irrefutable empirical support from fossils.

Such a doubt about a God the Father creating all the world’s living creatures very much calls into question His very existence or minimally Him having the power to save the world from the folly of man destroying himself in nuclear conflict, something that is firmly predicted by the evolutionary fitness function of EqVII, as we shall see, once it is used to explain human nature correctly in a mathematical upgrading of the human sciences of psychology, sociology and anthropology. And the notion that God can “will’ or intelligently select the end of the world to come, for whatever superstitious reason, is equally untenable for the same reasons.                  


4. Wishful Thinking

The stories that follow give a true picture of life in contrast to the hogwash depicted in pseudo-factual and fiction form on corporate controlled media 24/7. They are important from the most general perspective because science in all areas is designed to explain realistic data. In essence what we are doing most broadly in Disproving Genesis is developing a new mathematical version of the human sciences. As with the natural sciences, biology, chemistry and physics, such a science should explain realistic data. But that becomes difficult if not impossible when the sense of reality that people have had inculcated into their minds in this culture is primarily myth and ideology little different than the creation myth. Rather to get a clear picture of the reality of life and how its exigencies affect unhappiness, aggression, war and the possibility of terminal nuclear war, I give a truer picture of life in story in this section and the rest of the even numbered sections. I’ll be telling these stories in Pete’s voice because they make the most sense told that way even if my effort as a creative writer in this effort falls short of getting me the Nobel Prize for creative literature. Think of Pete talking here. 

My mother like Adam Lanza’s mother and many American mothers was a bit of a child rapist. The love of money and the love of children are often incompatible. My business minded grandparents made lots of money but the personality required for their million dollar success that my mother also developed was unsuitable for raising kids. If that needs clarification in our culture in America where being rich confers a halo on a person in all areas, my mother was much too much an aggressive shrewdly disingenuous salesperson type to develop a trusting bond with anybody in life including with me, her first born son. That I would have fared better with day care from the moment of birth might be an exaggeration but not that much considering that my mother’s control over me and my respect for her as I grew up derived primarily from her sporadic fits of rage and curious forms of punishment. I managed to dodge this generally fatal bullet with a bit of luck.

It came in the form of my cousin, Paula, very pretty even at age eight. We made out passionately by the glow of the black and white TV set in her living room whose audio was up loud enough to hide our slurping and sighing from her and my parents who were out chatting in the kitchen during this Sunday afternoon visit between relatives so common in the 50s. This hour long tryst got me hooked on kissing and on my way to a full-fledged sex addiction that saved me from the otherwise dark fate in store for a boy rejected by his mother of a lifelong fear of rejection by all women and consequently of failing with all women, most unhappily. Whichever of us, Paula or me, might be accused of the deviant sin of child sex, what happened has to be quite normal as will be made clear mathematically in a later section.

My third grade teacher at the Catholic school I attended, a Parkinson’s disease nun we called Sister Shake a Lot, thought differently. One day by chance a pretty girl by the name of Rita and I happened to be the last two kids left in the coatroom we all passed through before returning to the classroom after recess. Following up on my tryst with Paula I suppose, I walked over and kissed her on her mouth. She did not resist though neither did she swoon like Paula. Still I must have found great delight in it for as I walked into the classroom following Rita Sister Shake a Lot bobbed her shaking Parkinson’s head at me and snarled, “What are you laughing at, Peter?” I didn’t answer.  

“You stand up in front in front of the class until you tell me why you are smiling so mischievously!”

I did that stubbornly keeping my mouth shut for the next 45 minutes until tears finally came to my eyes and I blurted out: “I kissed her!” The class laughed uproariously. Whatever the psychic price of this, though, I did get the kiss, which was much better than no kiss despite the disapproval of Sister Shake a Lot whom I suspect was pure lesbian and a child molester at heart as are many teaching nuns no different than the 10,000 priests who’ve raped altar boys with the regularity of eating breakfast over the years. Years later in the eighth grade my desk was parked right behind Rita, lovelier than ever and often decked in a see-through blouse that showed her bra and drove me wild enough to manage sexual release on one occasion without ever touching myself, the mark of a budding sex maniac I suppose. 

James Watson of DNA discovery fame wrote in his autobiography that some men think about girls 99% of the time and the rest, 50%, and him 90% of the time. The mathematics of natural selection will tell us why a “sex addiction” to women is biologically proficient and a lack of it a developmental perversity that marks a culture as overbearingly castrating of it men to control them.

I was firmly in the 99% bracket. By the time I was off to high school I lucked out again with a twice thorough feeling up of thirteen-year-old Lillian, the prettiest girl back then in my home town of Revere, MA, this the Summer before my freshman year at Boston College High School, a Jesuit prison like institution as I suppose all high schools are whatever their gloss in corporate manipulated media. In history class my sophomore year my mind was solidly stuck in daydreams of this or that with this or that girl while Father Fat Gut droned on about how George Washington prayed to God fervently to help get him across the Delaware River.

Mostly, though, it was just daydreams for me. A girlfriend of Lillian’s along with us in the movie theatre the second time I ran my hands over her breasts told me a few days later that Lillian thought I was a pig and said goodbye forever. This rejection got me wobbly in the knees every time I saw Lillian and quite intimidated by every pretty girl I ran across, all of whom I instantly fell in love with. 

My junior year I won our high school Science Fair and was sent off to the state Science Fair held at MIT. Picking up this very cute girl exhibiting next to me for a handful of very hot dates made the fair a total success whatever my failure to win a prize and launched me into a string of coups with 16 year olds that finally led to my meeting and then going steady with Annette, a brown eyed Tinker Bell who later became the first girl student president at Boston College back in pre-feminist days when such was impossible without model quality looks. I dry humped this good Catholic girl for a year to the point of chronic subdural abrasion as we talked about our wedding date as license to remove her ever exposed underpants.

I caught the flu that year and passed the week I was sick in bed working out equations for number series like that of the odd numbers that add up to the square of the number of them counted like 1+3+5=9. A month later when I needed a science project for my senior year, the series equations I doodled out fit the bill. One judge at the fair was a nun, quite young and pert enough to strike me as kind of attractive despite her unflattering garb. She was brief and curt, though, when she stopped by my series equations exhibit: “You can find that in a lot of books, they’re Newton’s Series.” What she was implying was that I had plagiarized the work of Isaac Newton, which, while that made it clear I wasn’t going to win that year, it also make me think I was very smart. This fit Fr. Sullivan, my math teacher, calling me aside one day to tell me I was the best math student he ever had because I did the homework problems in ways he’d never even thought about himself. “Someday you’re going to discover something,” he said, though that remark had no meaning for me.

Still it was more than a bit annoying that the cute nun had judged and condemned me without asking even one question. Later in bed the night after the science fair from, I suppose, the tension of my unfair condemnation plus the odd neuronal connections in my brain betwixt girls, sex and nuns I fantasized having sex with this nun. Given the 2014 pregnancy of the nun in Italy perhaps my fantasy was not all that fanciful. But this attempt at humor at the expense of Catholic clergy aside, this quite true experience is a clear example of the wishful thinking the mind is capable of. It is important to understand wishful thinking precisely mathematically because it affects our lives in so many ways that go beyond teen sex fantasizing.

Think about it. The bulk of the human race wishfully thinks, childishly and in the end dangerously, that they are all going to continue to still be alive after they die. This is something so impossible from fifty or more textbook biological principles that there is no more need to argue it than to argue which end of a donkey the tail is on. Which is why 93% of professional biologists believe neither in God the Father or the Jesus god or the Allah god, all of which including why so many minds wishfully think this fairy tale of mind control will be explained mathematically in the next section.

The errors that come from wishful thinking go beyond the comfort people feel in the thought of protection by an all-powerful unseen super person. Wars are fought and millions get killed and critically crippled for life because both think, always one wishfully, that they’ll win, for reasons of ego and vanity along with reassurances from chaplains in the pay of national leaders that they’ll all go to Heaven after they’re killed in battle. The 9/11 slaughter of 3000 innocents would never have happened without the wishful thinking of its perpetrators that they’d be rewarded by Allah with 20 virgins after they died when in fact a dead body getting it up is quite impossible.   

In another vein, most Americans wishfully think the wage slavery they toil in under capitalism, their taking the boss’s crap, will somehow according to the American Dream recipe produce a happy family life followed by a happy retirement followed by a happy eternity in the arms of the Jesus god rather than the inevitable unhappiness waiting for them after the glow of wishful thinking youth fades away in mid-life after it’s impossible to do anything about.

Whatever the faked smiling of actors, politicians and newscasters on corporate manipulated happy time TV, the happiness of real Americans is brought into grave doubt by the hard facts of a quarter of all Americans being diagnosed annually with mental illness, a quite unhappy state, and near a 100 million of Americans being on psychotropic medication or other unhappiness soothing drugs. This America that wishfully thinks most of the people in it to be happy is very unlikely to start a revolution against the wage slavery that makes the one brief life they actually have to live on this planet a time of misery suffered in silence. That’s the reason Americans are bombarded endlessly with feel good movies, sitcoms, talk shows and news programming. And the worst result of all this wishful thinking as international strife between nuclear powers escalates is that nuclear war will be thwarted or recompensed by a loving God or the well-wishing of the current Pope who deserves a special Oscar for his superb acting performance.     

To understand these controversial issues so confused by wishful thinking we need to explain exactly what wishful thinking itself is in a clear and unarguable mathematical way. This will develop an understanding of the human mind and how it can be compromised and confused so easily by religious and ideological misinformation. And in the end it will show the great need for a worldwide movement towards A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS as not only the only way to eliminate the worst of man’s violence but also to restore true freedom by getting rid of the weapons enabled power of the police who protect the privileged lives of the ruling class made possible by the subservience of the 99%.

The A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS movement starts with a revolution in the way people think that makes clear that the real power in modern nations rests with the wealthy that in pursuit of their self-pampering lives eat up the freedom and happiness of the 99% who labor their lives away for them. They must be taken out of power, democratically if possible or otherwise by action in the streets if the stranglehold they have on democracy cannot be broken. We need now to explain these controversial issues mathematically to overcome the endless ideological doubletalk of the right and also of the left that confuses our thinking and turns us into passive acceptors of our unhappy lives. Those completely confounded even with simple math can scroll down to the odd numbered sections that spell out the ideas in story form.

5. Lucky Numbers and the Mathematics of Emotion

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Lucky numbers is a game even a high school student of moderate intelligence can understand. It describes in an exact way all of our basic operational emotions of hope, anxiousness, excitement, disappointment and delight along with fear, security, relief, dismay and sadness or depression. And this introductory analysis also includes a mathematically clear sense of desire and wishful thinking. In later sections we will develop from this introduction the basic visceral emotions of hunger, sex, cold, food taste, love and anger and the like, the totality of both classes of emotion defining mathematically just what happiness and unhappiness are along with the major ways that happiness is achieved or frustrated.

The roll of a |4|, |7| or |10| on a pair of dice, the lucky numbers in our game, wins a prize of V=$12. Felt by a player before he rolls the dice is a pleasant desire to win the V=$12 coupled with an unpleasant feeling of anxiousness over the improbability or uncertainty of winning. We take an economic or cash based approach to explaining human emotion because it is able to quantify the pleasures and displeasures of emotion, getting money being a universally pleasant experience greater the more money you get and losing money being a universally unpleasant experience, more unpleasant the more money you lose. 

The pleasure in winning V=$12 is generally marginal or relative to a person’s existing wealth. Winning V=$12 is much more pleasant for someone completely broke than for a person with $20,000 in the bank. We assume a background of fixed wealth for all players in all circumstances. This allows us to ignore marginality and measure the pleasure in getting money linearly as the V amount of money gotten so that if you win V=$12, it is understood that you got V=$12 worth of pleasure and if V=$120, you felt V=$120 worth of pleasure. This axiom about the pleasures and displeasures of money enables us to spell out the mental states of ourselves and others with the same logic and precision that Euclidean Geometry derives the spatial relationships of objects we observe in the world around us.   

We also need to educate ourselves a bit on elementary probability theory. To calculate the probability of rolling a |4| on a pair of dice use this simple diagram from the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

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The chart tells us that there are 36 independent ways a pair of dice will fall when tossed. We see that 3 of those ways result in the tossing of a |4|. Hence, the probability of rolling a |4| is 3 ways in 36 or 3/36=1/12. We also see that the probability of rolling a |7| is 6/36=2/12 and that of a |10|, 3/36=1/12. The probability, Z, of rolling a lucky number of |4|, |7| or |10| is the sum of these probabilities as    

1.)                   Z=1/12 +2/12 +1/12 =4/12=1/3

This calculates the probability of rolling a number other than a |4|, |7| or |10| lucky number as 

2.)                 U=1− Z=2/3

U is also understood as the improbability or uncertainty in rolling a |4|, |7| or |10|. The amount of money one can anticipate winning on average in this V=$12 prize game is

3.)                   E=ZV=(1/3)$12=$4  

E is called the expected value of the game, the average amount you win per game. If you play the dice game repeatedly, say three times, you can expect to win V=$12 on average one time in three for an average payoff of E=$4 per game. And the U=2/3 uncertainty in Eq2 tells you that on average you will fail to win two games out of three. Also the U=1−Z function of Eq2 enables us to write the expected value, E, of Eq3 as

4.)                   E=ZV=(1−U)V=V−UV 

The E expected value written as E=V− UV has two components, V and – UV. The V term in E=V− UV is the amount of money one anticipates or desires or wishes to win as a measure of the pleasure felt in desiring or wishing to get V dollars, the goal of the behavior of rolling the dice. This pleasure in desire is greater the greater the V dollar prize one desires to win. If we raise the prize to V=$120, the pleasure in its anticipation is greater.

This V pleasure in anticipating V dollars is accompanied in E=V−UV by a −UV term that is a measure of the displeasure of anticipating failure to win the V dollars. It goes variously under the everyday language name of anxiousness or anxiety or fear or concern or worry about winning and we’ll also give it a technical name of meaningful uncertainty, uncertainty, U, made meaningful by association with V dollars in –UV, money being a generally meaningful or valuable thing for all sane adults  

That this feeling of anxiousness over winning is unpleasant is indicated by the minus sign of –UV with its displeasure greater the greater the U uncertainty in winning and the greater the V number of dollars one is anxious or uncertain about winning. In the roll of the |4|, |7| or |10| for V=$12 with uncertainty of U=2/3, the displeasure intensity of the –UV anxiousness is measurable in dollar terms as 

5.)           −UV= − (2/3)($12)= −$8

This –UV= −$8 translates in everyday language to the anticipation of not getting the V=$12 one wishes for, which reduces the pleasure in the V=$12 wish to

5a.)           E=V−UV=$12−$8=$4 

Note that the –UV anxiousness felt is more unpleasant when a larger prize of V=$120 is offered and desired.   

6.)        −UV= −(2/3)($120)= −$80

And also note that the −UV feeling of anxiousness is greater when the U uncertainty of winning is greater as when only a roll of   the |4| with probability of Z=1/12, and uncertainty of U=1− Z=11/12 is the lucky number that wins the V=$120 prize.

7.)         −UV= − (11/12)($120)= −$110

This appreciation of −UV understands E=ZV=V−UV as a reduction in one’s pleasant anticipatory desire or wish to win V=$120 by a arithmetic reduction in V=$120 desire by the –UV anxiousness or difficulty in winning, which also results in a Z fractional reduction of V in one’s probability tempered E=ZV hopes of getting the V=$12 prize.

The pure V wish to get the cash prize is, by itself in isolation from the −UV difficulty or uncertainty or improbability of getting the V dollars, wishful thinking, the V term in E=V−UV when the –UV term of realistic difficulty in getting the V prize is ignored, the measure of the pleasure felt in pure wishful thinking.  

Young children’s expectations for non-cash desirables are dominated by simple desire and wishing as represented by V independent of worry or anxiety as represented by –UV in E=V−UV because parents provide what children desire or wish for with no or minimal uncertainty felt by the child. This sense of expectation in children of E=V, expectation as wish sure to be granted with no –UV meaningful uncertainty gradually develops to E=ZV=V−UV as the child grows more independent and matures and becomes aware of the difficulty or uncertainty in getting what it wishes for when it has to help get what it wishes for.

That is, a child’s existence is generally one of wishful thinking that is successful via the child’s wishes being granted by the parent/s with no or minimal uncertainty for the child. Such wishful thinking of a child takes on its familiar negative overtone in an adult who disregards the –UV meaningful uncertainty that is a realistic part of getting what you want or wish when you have to get it for yourself.     

The other general category of behavior is activity directed to the goal of avoiding losing something of value. It is crisply illustrated with a dice game that one is forced to play that exacts a v=$12 penalty (lower case v) if you don’t roll a |4|, |7| or |10| lucky number. The probability of incurring the penalty by failing to roll a |4|, |7| or |10|, alternatively the uncertainty in avoiding the penalty, is U=(1− Z)=2/3. The E expected value of paying the v=$12 penalty is, hence,  

8.)                   E= −Uv= −(2/3)($12)= −$8

This is the average penalty you would pay when playing the game repeatedly. It tells us, for example, that if you play three of these penalty games, on average, you will escape the v=$12 penalty one time out of three by rolling the |4|, |7| or |10| and you will pay the v=$12 penalty two times out of three, $24 in total for an on average penalty per game of E= − $8. The U=1− Z uncertainty of Eq2 allows us to write E in Eq8 in an alternative way as   

9.)              E= −Uv = −(1–Z)v = −v + Zv

The − v term in Eq9 is the anticipation of the entire –v penalty, which we will call dread of the penalty for want of a better common word for it. The displeasure in dread of paying the entire penalty is specified in the negative sign of − v with the intensity of the displeasure of this dread greater, the greater the v dollar penalty. Were the penalty raised to −v= − $120, the dread and its displeasure is greater than that for the –v= −$12 penalty.

The −v dread in E= − v + Zv of Eq9 is reduced by the +Zv term in it as the pleasant hopes one has that one will escape the penalty by rolling a |4|, |7| or |10| to probability Z=1/3. This Zv term is also understandable as the security one has that one will avoid the penalty, the greater the Z chance of escaping the penalty in +Zv and the greater the v penalty, the greater the pleasant feeling of security when one is forced to play the penalty game.  

The Zv hopes in E= − Uv = − v + Zv of avoiding the –v penalty reduces the displeasure of the − v dread of the penalty to bring about the –Uv probability tempered fearful expectation of incurring the penalty. This − Uv fear of something unpleasant happening goes by a number of other names in everyday language including anxiety, worry, distress and concern, which has us label –Uv fear as we did −UV anxiousness as a form of meaningful uncertainty. Note for E= −Uv fear that one’s unpleasant feeling of fear is greater the greater the U probability of the loss happening and the greater the v penalty imposed as fits universal emotional experience.

The above gives us functions for three more basic emotions: the − v dread of incurring a v penalty; the Zv security one feels of escaping the penalty; and the probability tempered E= −Uv fear of incurring the penalty. These add to the V desire of getting a V prize, the –UV anxiousness about getting it and the Z probability tempered hopes of getting a prize to give a complete set of our general anticipatory emotions.

It should be emphasized that −UV, ZV, V, −Uv, Zv and –v are the correct names for our anticipatory emotions rather than the more familiar words for them of anxiety, hope, desire, fear, security and dread and so on. Ludwig Wittgenstein, regarded by many as the greatest philosopher of the 20th Century, made the point well in his masterwork, Philosophical Investigations, of the inadequacy of everyday language to describe the mental states of ourselves and others. Words for externally observable things like “wallet” are clear in meaning because if any confusion in meaning arises, one can point to a wallet to make clear what is meant by the word. With emotions, however, nobody feels the emotions of another person, so the familiar words we use to describe the emotions have no referent one can point at to clarify its meaning. You can’t point to somebody’s anxiety, hope, desire, fear, security or dread to make clear the meaning of these words other than in an indirect, imprecise way from how people may show their emotions, which is highly error prone as regards how they actually feel from intention and/or incompleteness.   

The words in mathematical language of −UV, ZV, V, −Uv, Zv and –v, on the other hand, are perfectly clear in meaning because their symbols have specific countable referents of money gained or lost and the pleasures and displeasures generated and of probability. And the fit of these mathematical words to emotional experience is universal. That is, all people feel these −UV, ZV, V, −Uv, Zv and –v anticipatory feelings when playing the V prize and v penalty dice games. Hence quibbling over the “correct” everyday language names to call −UV, ZV, V, −Uv, Zv and –v is not a valid criticism of this analysis because the root of the problem of understanding emotion is to begin with the inadequacy of everyday language to describe emotion.

Mathematical language is superior to everyday language not only in the unequivocal meaning of its number and symbol words, something the fellow up there in the No Spin Zone at Fear and Balanced Fox News can appreciate, but also in the trustworthiness of the logical relationships of mathematics and the conclusions they reach as seen in Euclidean Geometry and Newtonian Mechanics. This logic and clarity of mathematics in geometry and the physical sciences points up the value of putting the human sciences on a mathematical foundation. Indeed, this is entirely necessary given the inability of current psychology to provide any clear understanding of normal emotion and but a poor one for the abnormal emotions. And that makes understanding socioeconomic control as the cause of our unpleasant emotions of unhappiness, dubbed “mental illness” in the ideologically corrupt pseudo-science of clinical psychology, impossible, a problem that Wishful Thinking rectifies mathematically by the end of this analysis.  

So far we have considered just anticipatory emotions, the feelings felt prior to rolling dice to win money or avoid losing it. Next we will consider the emotions felt after the dice are thrown and a lucky number is seen or not seen on them. In the prize game one wins V dollars by rolling a lucky number to feel a pleasant emotion we’ll call delight or most generally elation, an “up” feeling specified mathematically as R=V. The greater the V amount of dollars won, the greater the R=V delight. The R symbol is used to specify the R=V delight in winning V dollars as a realized emotion, one that comes about from something that actually happens or is realized rather than from one expecting something to happen as was the case with the anticipatory emotions we just considered.

For the v penalty game, the realized emotion felt when the penalty is incurred or realized from failure to roll a lucky numbers is R= − v. This is an unpleasant feeling of sadness or most generally of depression, a “down” feeling that is more unpleasant the greater the v money loss. Note that depression here is not defined as a disease or mental illness but rather as an unpleasant emotion whose origin lies clearly in losing something of value. It is also possible in the V prize game to fail to win the money. In that case, as nothing is realized, no money changing hands, there is no realized emotion, which is specified by R=0. And it is possible in the v penalty game to not lose any money, which also has no realized emotion as specified by R=0.

This is not to say there are no emotional consequences from the R=0 failing to win the V prize or the R=0 escaping the v penalty. Specifically they constitute a third class called transition emotion, symbol, T, that is neither E expectation nor R realized emotion but the arithmetic difference between R and E. 

10.)                  T = R−E       

This equation is called the Law of Emotion because it holds generally for E=ZV hopeful expectation and for E= −Uv fearful expectation and for all manner of realized outcomes of R=V, R= −v and R=0. With hopeful expectation of winning a V prize as E=ZV, when a lucky number is not rolled, the V prize not won and the realized emotion R=0, the T transition emotion is

11.)                  T = R −E = 0 −ZV = −ZV     

This T= − ZV emotion is the disappointment felt when one’s hopes of winning the V prize, E=ZV, are dashed or negated. Disappointment is specified as unpleasant from the minus sign in T= − ZV and its displeasure is seen to be greater, the greater is the V size of the prize not won and the greater the Z probability the player felt he had to win it. In the dice game for the V=$12 prize won by rolling a |4|, |7| or |10| with probability Z=1/3, the intensity of the disappointment is

12.)                 T = −ZV = −(1/3)($12) = −$4

The T= −$4 cash value of the disappointment indicates that the intensity of the displeasure in it is equal in magnitude if not in all its nuances to losing $4. The T= − ZV disappointment over failing to win a larger, V=$120, prize, is greater as 

13.)                T= − ZV= − (1/3)($120)= − $40

Eqs12&13 fit with the universal emotional experience of disappointment being greater the more you hoped you’d get but didn’t. The T= − ZV disappointment is also great when the Z probability you felt of winning the V prize is great. Consider a dice game where every number except snake eyes, the |3| through|12|, is a lucky number that wins the V=$120 prize. These lucky numbers have a high probability of Z=35/36 of being tossed, so the hopes of winning are great as

14.)                     E = ZV = (35/36)($120)= $116.67

And the disappointment from failure when the ZV hopes are dashed or negated to –ZV is also great as

14a.)                   T= −ZV = − (35/36)($120)= − $116.67

This fits the universal emotional experience of people feeling great disappointment when they have a high expectation of success and then fail. And at the other end of the spectrum people feel much less disappointment when they have a very low expectation of success to begin with. As an example, consider the T= − ZV disappointment in a dice game where to win you must roll snake eyes, the |2|, as the only lucky number. With such a low probability of winning felt of Z=1/36, the disappointment is much less as 

15.)                   T= ZV= − (1/36)($120)= −$3.33

This amount of disappointment is much less than for the dice games of Eqs13&14a because of the low expectation of winning of E=ZV=(1/36)($120)=$3.33 to begin with. We see in the broader picture that though there is no realized emotion when one fails to win in a V prize game, R=0, there is still felt the T= − ZV transition emotion of disappointment.

Now let’s consider the T transition emotion that arises when one does win the V dollar prize with a successful toss of the dice. With hopeful expectation as E=ZV and realized emotion as R=V, the T transition emotion is from the Law of Emotion of Eq10, T=R−E, via U=1−Z,

16.)                T = R−E = V −ZV = (1− Z)V = UV

This T= UV transition emotion is the thrill or excitement of winning a V prize under uncertainty. It is a pleasant feeling as denoted by the positive sign of UV with its pleasure greater, the greater is the V size of the prize and the greater the U uncertainty of winning it felt beforehand. When one is absolutely sure of getting V dollars as in a weekly paycheck with no uncertainty, U=0, there is still the R=V delight in getting the money. But with uncertainty present, U>0, there is an additional thrill or excitement in winning the money as in winning the lottery or winning a jackpot in Las Vegas or winning V=$120 in the dice game by rolling a lucky number of |4|, |7| or |10|. In the latter case with an uncertainty of U=2/3 from Eq2, the intensity of the excitement in winning is from Eq16

17.)                T=UV=(2/3)($120)=$80    

That this additional pleasure of excitement in getting V dollars over and above R=V depends on prior U uncertainty is made clearer if we look at trying to win V=$120 by rolling the dice in a game where rolling only the |2| with probability Z=1/36 and uncertainty U=35/36 wins the prize. Here if you do win, as with winning in any chance game when the odds are very much against you, there’s that much more of a thrill or feeling of excitement in the win.       

18.)                T=UV=(35/36)($120)=$116.67

By comparison consider a game that awards V=$120 for rolling any number |3| through |12| with Z=35/36 probability of winning and low uncertainty of U=1−Z=1/36 as makes the player quite expect to win the money. While there is still the R=V=$120 delight in getting the money, there is much less thrill because like getting a paycheck, the player was almost completely sure of getting the money in this particular Z=35/36 dice game.

19.)                T=UV=(1/36)($120)=$3.33

This relationship between the uncertainty of getting something of value and the excitement or thrill felt when you do get it is clear in the thrill children feel in unwrapping their presents on Christmas morning. The children’s uncertainty about knowing what they’re going to get in the wrapped presents is what makes them feel that thrill in opening them up. This excitement is an additional pleasure on top of the pleasure from the gift itself, that special thrill in opening the presents under the Christmas tree not being felt if the youngsters know ahead of time what’s in their wrapped packages and have no uncertainty about it.

It is also universal that winning a V=$120 prize is more thrilling than winning a V=$12 prize when the U uncertainty in winning is the same in both cases. We see the UV excitement in the V=$12, |4|, |7| or |10| lucky number game to be significantly less than for the V=$120 prize in Eq17 as

20.)                T=UV=(2/3)($12)=$8

We get a fuller picture of our emotional machinery by deriving the T=UV thrill of a win from the T=R−E Law of Emotion of Eq10 with the E=ZV expectation expressed from Eq4 as E=ZV=(1− U)V=V− UV.    

21.)            T = R− E =V−(V−UV) = − (−UV)=UV           

This derivation of T=UV as T= − (− UV)=UV sees the T=UV excitement as the negation or elimination of − UV anxiousness via a successful outcome. Adventure movies generate their excitement or thrills for the audience in just that way by being loaded with anxiousness or dramatic tension from the hero’s initial and/or continuously meaningfully uncertain situation, which the audience feels vicariously. When the hero’s meaningful uncertain situation is resolved by success towards the end of the movie, it vicariously brings about thrills and pleasurable excitement for the audience by negating or eliminating the anxiousness they felt about the hero’s situation. Though the emotions felt by the audience are vicarious, the essence of the dynamic is essentially the same as is spelled out above in Eq21. 

Now let’s consider the T transition emotions felt in the v penalty exacting game. With a fearful expectation of E= − Uv, when the v penalty is avoided by rolling the |4|, |7| or |10|, the realized emotion is R=0 and the T transition emotion from the Law of Emotion of Eq10 is

22.)            T = R−E = 0 − (−Uv) = Uv           

This T=Uv emotion is the relief gotten from escaping the v dollar penalty when you roll one of the lucky numbers. The positive sign of T=Uv specifies relief as a pleasant emotion with the pleasure of relief greater, the greater is the v loss avoided and the greater the U improbability of avoiding the loss. The T=Uv relief felt when a |4|, |7| or |10| lucky number is tossed in the v=$120 penalty game is with U=2/3 from Eq1  

22a.)              T=Uv=(2/3)($120)=$80

But if one plays a v=$120 penalty game where rolling only the |2| with uncertainty U=35/36 avoids the penalty, there is greater relief in rolling the |2| and avoiding the loss because you felt prior to the throw with U=35/36 that most likely you would lose. 

23.)                T=Uv=(35/36)($120)=$116.67

But if you play a v=$120 penalty game that avoids the penalty with any number |3| through |12| and an uncertainty of only U=1/36 of avoiding the penalty, there is much less sense of relief because you felt pretty sure you were going to avoid the penalty to begin with.

24.)                T=Uv=(1/36)($120)=$3.33

Note also that the larger the v penalty, the more relief there is in avoiding it as with a v=$1200 penalty, the relief in escaping it the |2| lucky number game with U=35/36 being that much greater than for the v=$120 penalty game of Eq23.

25.)               T=Uv=(35/36)($1200)=$1166.67

The universal fit of mathematically derived Uv relief to the actual emotional experience of felling relief is remarkable. Lastly we use the Law of Emotion of Eq10 of T=R−E to obtain the T transition emotion felt when the player does incur the v penalty by failing to roll a lucky number. In that case, with expectation of E= − Uv and a realized emotion of R= − v, the T transition emotion is via Z=1− U    

27.)                T = R − E = −v − (−Uv) = −v+ Uv= −v(1−U)= −Zv

This T= − Zv transition emotion is the dismay or shock felt when a lucky number is not rolled and the v penalty is incurred. The T= − Zv emotion of dismay is an unpleasant feeling as implied by its negative sign and one greater in displeasure, the greater the Z probability of escape one supposed before rolling. Its value for the |4|, |7| and |10| lucky number v=$120 penalty game with Z=1/3 from Eq1 is

28.)                T= − Zv = − (1/3)($120)= − $40

But if you have a small Z probability of avoiding a v=$120 dollar loss as in the dice game with only rolling the |2| providing escape to probability, Z=1/36, there is little of this − Zv dismay when you fail because you had such low Zv hope of escape to begin with. 

29.)                T= − Zv = − (1/36)($120)= − $3.33

This low dismay from failure given low expectation is why many people develop low expectations in life to avoid the unpleasant feeling of dismay if they do fail. This contrasts to the considerable T= − Zv dismay or shock felt in v=$120 penalty game where the numbers on the dice of |3| through |12| are the lucky numbers that avoid the v penalty to probability, Z=35/36. Then if you roll the |2|, the only losing number, and must pay the penalty, the intensity of the dismay when you lose is great because you did not expect to lose to begin with. 

30.)                T= − Zv = − (35/36)($120)= − $166.67

Great dismay from a high Z=35/36 probability felt of escaping the v penalty is felt as shock from a person’s surprise at failure when what was expected from the high Z=35/36 probability was success in avoiding the penalty.

In brief review we now list the primary emotions that people experience in goal directed behavior demonstrated with a dice game whose goals are getting money and avoiding losing it: ZV, V, −UV, −Uv, −v, +Zv, −ZV, −Zv, UV, Uv, R=V, R= −v. We differentiate between V and R=V with the former understood as the pleasant wish or desire for V dollars, an expectation emotion, and the latter as the pleasant emotion of actually getting V dollars; and similarly between –v and R= −v. Whatever everyday language names we want to assign to these emotions, they are a complete set of what we will call the operational emotions. They will be augmented to a complete set of all the human emotions after we later include the visceral emotions, pleasant and unpleasant, like hunger, food taste, cold, warmth, anger, glory, sex and love.  

For now, though, we want to explain the purpose of the T transition emotions of disappointment, excitement, relief and dismay in our emotional machinery. Recall that they derive from the T=R−E Law of Emotion and the E expected value function in it, which depends in a very direct way on the Z and U probabilities whether as E=ZV in the V prize game or E= −Uv in the v penalty game. In our analysis up to this point, the player’s sense of the values of the Z and U probabilities were understood to be calculated correctly from the mathematics of throwing dice. But that need not be the case. A player may suppose any probabilities for success and failure, which will affect his or her E expectations, be they hopes or fears, and in turn from the T=R−E Law of Emotion, the T transition emotions experienced upon success or failure. 

Let’s illustrate this with a Christian girl who makes a bet with her non-believing father-in-law that she will play the v=$120 penalty game with |4|, |7| and |10| as the lucky numbers three times and win it each time to avoid the penalty. If she succeeds he promises to go to church every Sunday for the rest of his life and if she fails she must pay him the penalties incurred. The daughter-in-law with God on her side for sure success supposes a probability of Z=1 for each roll instead of the actual Z=1/3 and a zero probability of failure, U=1−Z=0, instead of U=2/3 of Eq2. Her supposition of Z=1 and U=0 generate a fear of losing of

31.)          E= −Uv= −(0)$120=0

This total optimism is at variance with the correct fear of losing she should have of 

32.)                E= −Uv= −(2/3)$120= −$80

As luck would have it, the first time the daughter-in-law rolls she does get one of the lucky numbers and escapes the v=$120 penalty. This gives her no sense of T=Uv relief because her perfect faith told her she couldn’t lose. This fits mathematically with her Z=1, U=0, supposition of the probabilities involved. She doesn’t feel the T=Uv=$80 relief of Eq22a that derives from the correct Z=1/3, U=2/3, probabilities, but rather feels no relief as derives from her Z=1, U=0, supposition as

33.)                T=Uv=(0)$120=0

On the second roll, however, she fails to roll a lucky number and must pay the professor the v=$120 penalty. Her dismay as the −Zv in Eq27 is great. 

34.)                T= −Zv= −(1)$120= −$120   

Note again that this emotion of dismay felt by her depends on her supposition of Z=1 and U=0 probabilities rather than on the correct Z=1/3, U=2/3, value. Her faith in God is not broken by this outcome, however, for she assumes the Devil must have intervened in some way and that God will surely guide the dice in her favor on the third roll so she can minimize the penalty money she must pay to her now smiling father-in-law. 

On the third roll, the girl again misses a lucky number to get the on average outcome, which while not a surety is the most probable outcome. This ups the penalties she must pay to the professor by another v=$120 while generating another dose of the T= −$120, dismay of Eq29c in her. At this point her two heavy doses of T= −$120 dismay begin to emotionally question her faith in God, at least in His Divine power to overrule elementary probability theory. What she does not realize is that the T transition emotions she felt in her dice rolling are working on her mind subconsciously to alter her previous expectation based on the Z=1 and U=0 incorrect suppositions she was making about probability. This works on a formula that is a simple variation, as we shall show later, of the T=R−E Law of Emotion.

35.)                ENEW = EOLD + T        

The daughter-in-law’s original or old expectation was from Eq29a, EOLD=0. The T transition emotion in the formula is the average of the T transition emotions felt, the T=Uv=0 relief felt once of Eq33 and the T= −Zv= −$120 dismay of Eq34 felt twice.

36.)                T= (0 −$120 −$120)/3= −$240/3= −$80

Now inserting into Eq35 from Eq31, EOLD=0 as her initial fear of losing and from Eq36, T= −$80 will generate her new fear of losing of 

37.)                   ENEW = EOLD + T= 0 −$80 = −$80

This is the correct expectation seen in Eq32 evaluated from the correct Z=1/3 and U=2/3 probability values that she should have had to begin with. This tells us that dismay from failure, T= −Zv, increases fearful expectation in subsequent play, E= –Uv. And from E= −Uv= −v+Zv of Eq9 we see that –Zv dismay from failure also decreases the Zv feeling of security in subsequent play.

Note that for the average T transition emotion to be T= −$80 in this example in a predictable way would have taken a much larger number of repeated rolls. This would have made the mathematics and the story significantly more tedious to tell, which is why we made the outcomes of the daughter-in-law’s three rolls artificially fit the average. 

That clarified, it should be obvious that the daughter-in-law is engaging in wishful thinking in basing her E= −Uv=0 expectation of paying the penalty on U=0, no uncertainty of losing given the divine intervention of God. Let’s explain this by reference to wishful thinking we have already considered in the V prize game where we made clear that it entails ignoring the realistic –UV meaningful uncertainty in the E=V−UV expectation. Now let’s write the E= –Uv fearful expectation in the v penalty game a little differently as

38.)                E= 0 −Uv.   

This stipulates 0 or no penalty as the wish or desire in this game, paying no penalty. Wishful thinking occurs in the v penalty game by thinking that will happen for sure as by ignoring the realistic –Uv uncertainty stipulated in elementary probability theory as the Christian girl did by supposing no uncertainty, U=0, which renders the fearful expectation in Eq38 as E=0.   

To demonstrate the generality of the ENEW = EOLD +T formula of Eq35 let’s turn now to another anecdote, this one about the husband of the Christian girl, the professor’s son. Junior is a total pessimist in situations that in any way involve risk or chance. Delusional in the opposite way of his born again wife, Junior turned out to be a psychological eunuch who submits to even unfair authority obediently to please his wife. Personality issues aside, when Junior plays the dice game that awards a prize of V=$120 for rolling the |4|, |7| or |10| lucky number, he fearfully supposes the probability of winning to be less than the realistic Z=1/3 probability that generates an expectation of

39.)                E=ZV=(1/3)$120=$40

Specifically he supposes that the probability of winning is only Z=1/12, uncertainty U=1−Z=11/12, which generates a hopeful expectation in him of only 

40.)                E=ZV=(1/12)$120=$10

Now we will have Junior play twelve of these games. From the realistic probability of winning of Z=1/3 we will take it that he succeeds in four of the twelve games, winning the V prize, and fails to win eight times. Assuming he retains his deflated probability suppositions for the entire 12 games, the excitement he feels in each of the four times he wins is from T=UV of Eq16 with his supposition of uncertainty of U=11/12,

41.)                T=UV=(11/12($120)=$110

And the disappointment he experiences each of the eight times he doesn’t win is from T= −ZV of Eq11 with his supposition of Z=1/12,             

42.)                T= −ZV= −(1/12)$120= −$10

His average T transition emotion per game for the twelve games is, thus, 

43.)                T= [4($110) −8($10)]/12=$360/12=$30

His average transition emotion is T=$30 of excitement. After twelve games and these emotional outcomes Junior comes to feel that his chances of winning in a game are greater than he initially supposed because of the predominance of the T=UV=$110 excitements over the T= −$10 disappointments. Specifically his mind operates according to Eq35 to increase his E=ZV expectation in subsequent play via EOLD=$10 from Eq40 and T=$30 in Eq43 to 

44.)                ENEW = EOLD + T= $10 + $30 = $40

We see that Eq44 generates the correct E=$40 expectation of Eq39 from trial and error experience. Generally speaking predominant T=UV excitement increases E=ZV hopes and from E=V−UV decreases –UV anxiousness about winning. To see the general pattern, recall that predominant T= –Zv dismay from failure increased one’s E= −Uv fear of losing in the penalty game and from E= −v+Zv decreased one’s Zv security. This tells us from Eq35 without our having to going through mathematical examples of it that predominant T=Uv relief from success in the v penalty game decreases one’s E= −Uv fear and increases one’s Zv security in subsequent plays; and that predominant T= −ZV disappointment from failure in the V prize game decreases one’s E=ZV hopes and increases one’s –UV anxiousness.

This makes clear the function of the T transition emotions, namely to bring one’s E expectations realistically in line with actual experience. This seems unnecessary in these dice games where simple mathematical calculations give immediate correct knowledge of the Z and U probabilities without the need for prior experience. But man’s mind did not evolve to play dice games but rather to survive, reproduce and compete in an often uncertain environment where probabilities of success in such activities were centrally important for success in life. Under those circumstances a priori exact values for the probabilities of success are seldom known and can only be supposed and shaped by actual trial and error experience with cultural transmission of the probability values from other individual’s experiences also taken into account.              

The importance of having realistic expectations that reflect experience lies in man making decisions on what to do on the basis of his expectations. If a person has the opportunity to play a prize awarding dice game for V=$120 either with |4|, |7| and |10| as the lucky numbers (Z=1/3 and E=$40) or with |4| and |7| as the lucky numbers, (Z=1/4 and E=$30), he or she chooses the E=$40 game because in its having a higher average payoff, there is greater pleasure in its expectation. Or similarly if a person must choose between playing one of two v penalty games, one with an expectation of E= −$60 and the other E= −$80, he chooses the former in this Hobson’s choice as “the lesser of two evils” because in incurring a lesser penalty its expectation is less unpleasant. Clearly, having unrealistic expectations that don’t fit actual Z and U probability values make one choose badly with consequences of less pleasure and more displeasure than could have been had.

Now we have given a thumb nail sketch of how the mind works in terms of three classes of emotions, E expectations, R realized emotions and T transition emotions, and how they relate to each other through the formulas of Eqs10&35. Its simplicity, mathematical clarity and generality strongly suggest that is truly how the mind works. Calling it a “theory of the mind” as implies the possibility of competing theories is as misleading as calling the Law of Gravity a theory of how our solar system works rather than a clear and correct description of it. Whatever may seem missing in the larger picture of how the mind works will be filled in.

We also want to make clear that this mathematical explication of the emotions is effectively empirical in being universal. Our specification of disappointment as the −ZV negation or dashing of ZV hopes, for example, is universal in that all human beings feel disappointment when they fail to achieve a desired goal. Such universal agreement is the fundamental factor in empirical validation. When ten researchers all read the same data off a laboratory instrument, that data is taken to be empirically valid because all ten agree on what they see. This criterion for empirical validity of universal agreement extends to the emotions of the dice game laid out as what all people would feel if they played it.

6. This Post-WW-II Era of Our Lives

I was born in 1943 in the middle of World War II, Ruth in 1941, so our life experiences are a story of a special era in history, post-WWII America. It is necessary to tell our personal story to give an accurate sense of this era minus the wishful thinking of its American Dream promises and ideological insistences in reflection that they were fulfilled. To provide a mathematical explanation of behavior, you need realistic behavior to explain to begin with rather than wishful thinking about life that was never actually experienced by anybody.   

My senior year teacher of Latin, German and religion was completely bald at age 29. Baby faced Mr. Sheehan, on his way to becoming be Fr. Sheehan, a Jesuit priest, was adept at languages and greatly praised for translating the entire Bible from its original Greek in his spare time. Whatever the details of the arrested social development that being a seminarian ever bereft of girlfriend or wife suggests objectively, the Sheehan that emerged for us thirty students on the other side of the desk on which he kept his Greek Bible assumed the standard disguise of noble taskmaster in applying the torture he dealt out to us vigorous seventeen-year-old boys to keep his otherwise dead soul alive.

Sadism, the taking of pleasure in another’s pain, however common is inherently surreptitious and wrapped in a thoroughly covert personality in this society where the reality of everyday sadism is carefully and completely swept under the rug. Superiors and authorities are never sadistic in the news or in general television programming where Catholic priests are still generally characterized by piety and good intent rather than the sexual sadism implied in ten thousand priests having been caught with their privates hanging out of their cassocks about to rape ten year old altar boys. Who sensibly understands Pope Francis as nothing but an experienced liar? If one could be so stupid as to live boxed into the wishful thinking of a God never seen or to be seen, why not also of His demonstrably humble, equally infallible and kindly representative on Earth? With this level of fairy tale completely swamping the thoughts and feelings of everybody in the 50s, who could tell anything about the real Mr. Sheehan?

Whatever perversities, sexual or otherwise, one might conjecture Mr. Sheehan was hiding under his robes, it is not a stretch given that he was not much older than we were to think he was a bit jealous of us. For those of us under Mr. Sheehan’s tutelage were the science “brain room” kids of the high school. Every one of us had not only been accepted to a good college but almost all did so with some form of a scholarship. And some of us had steady girlfriends. The one time I remember Mr. Sheehan running into me with Annette at one of the high school dances, he shrank when he saw us.

By the middle of the spring semester of senior year, all the SAT tests had been taken, colleges applied to and scholarships granted. My thoughts were focused excitedly on going off to college and going to a drive-in movie with Annette to feel her up within the bounds of Catholic teaching and tradition. And I was hardly alone in these preoccupations that came on almost suddenly that spring once the reply to college applications came in for everybody. 

He had to have sensed this sharp change in classroom attitude. Nobody cared about their grades anymore in the same way. And few paid much attention to this prematurely bald twerp who held sway over the class previously with an ever present threat of bad grades and how they would affect college admission and scholarships. What Sheehan did to make up for his loss of situational leverage was quadruple the German homework. In Jesuit schools the tradition is of a short quiz every day on the previous night’s homework. And these make up a good part of your grade. But few cared about what grades they got at this point because all were tucked neatly into a college and the last two months of high school that were left meant nothing.    

Sheehan had a readymade trump card for us naïve high school kids, though, in announcing one day that failure to focus on the German homework assignment would have him write to the colleges we had been admitted to and take back his recommendations as could result in a loss of the scholarships we had. Sounds like a humorous fantasy script for the Disney Channel, but this jackass threatened it so it sounded for real. Really nobody thought he was kidding. In a flash the happiest bunch of graduating seniors were turned into the frightened slaves of the slave master holding the German translation homework like a whip over everybody’s head. Out of mind went the daydreams of college freedom and dry humping Annette as though painful electrodes were attached to my temples.       

All of this was done it should be emphasized under the guise of helping us as students. Mr. Sheehan was not torturing us and getting significant satisfaction out of our pain, a standard element in sadism being hiding it under the cloak of necessary training or of deserved punishment. The punisher isn’t doing it because he or she enjoys your suffering. They’re doing it because it’s good for you, morally correct in some way.

It just got to me, this jerk in a black robe sitting up behind his desk with that muted smirk ever printed on his glowing bald baby face. One day I started breaking pencils at my desk, sometime in May. I had no thoughts about Sheehan as I broke the pencils if I am recalling correctly. Something in me was just upset about something and the way I was working it through somehow was by breaking all my pencils, first in half and then after that into quarters until the broken pieces got so small they couldn’t be broken any more.

That limit of the pencil breaking probably intersected perfectly with the bell announcing the end of the period. As we all filed past Sheehan who stood near the door as always while we exited, I wheeled towards him without pre-thought, grabbed him by his cassock and slammed his head into the blackboard. In 2014, I would have been arrested by a school security officer and dragged off to court for assault and God knows what next. However I did have a few things in my favor back then, not least of which is that I had gotten a full scholarship to MIT and was president of both the Math Club and the Science Club for the past two years. And I also had two teachers sticking up for me. One was Fr. Sullivan, the math teacher I mentioned earlier who said that someday I’d invent something and the other was Mr. Manning, another Jesuit scholastic on his way to becoming a priest.

“Red” Manning deserves a few words. He came out of nowhere, replacing our regular English teacher that Spring semester because, as school rumor had it, he had had a nervous breakdown at seminary over some Christian philosophy course. The real problem was that he was much too human in personality to become a priest. Manning was unusual as an English teacher in assigning enjoyable books for high school boys to read like the war adventure, The Guns of Navaronne, and the cowboy story, The Ox Bow Incident. And as a former All-American hockey player he organized and played in a half-dozen hockey games with us kids.

I had him and another Jesuit friend of his over our house one night to sing barbershop quartet with my dad while my mother plunked out the chords on the piano. We all got fairly trenched on a case of Ballantine Ale. Amazingly a few days later Manning showed up at the front door of my house when I was in class and my father at work. My mother was mildly shocked and shooed him away, she told me when I got home. Manning must have had the same sex addiction I did but in even greater amounts in going after my mother. But what kid knows about his mother’s pussy and who might find it tempting. Who knows, maybe they had sex that morning.       

And this is why I say that. When I went off to college at RPI in the fall, Manning and I stayed in touch with letters, him giving me tips on tennis and on the best way to take shorthand notes at lectures. To make use of Mr. Manning fully, my best buddy my freshman year, Phil, turned out to be an atheist, compliments of his Communist father, one of the nicest guys I ever came across in my youth. Phil and I played lacrosse on the freshman college team and were drinking buddies, the age allowed in New York in those days being 18. We were the kind of friends who endlessly wrestled with each other, never violent, and argued a lot about everything, especially about religion for whatever had happened with Mr. Sheehan, I was still a church attending Catholic.

Being as smart as I knew I was about everything in the universe including religion, Phil and I argued that subject often. But it got confusing at times because religion just doesn’t make logical sense like math and science. This complication got me to write Mr. Manning about this or that point in the grand argument with Phil. The corker from Manning came just before the end of my freshman year in college when he wrote that religious belief was like a pillar that reached high into the sky where beyond some point the clouds obscured its connection to reason, which meant you had to take God on pure faith, reason be damned.

That was the end of my running argument with Phil. I never mentioned Manning’s justification of religion because it was a sure loser. And it was by this time irrelevant in a way because the school year was just about over. I returned back home to Boston that summer and found a letter on my desk from Mr. Manning saying that said he was leaving the Jesuits. “It is God’s will.” it read.

I never saw Manning again but what I think he meant by that was “Sex will do it.” I say that after hearing later face to face from the vice-principal of my high school that Manning had left the Jesuits to marry a divorcee. This maximally ugly priest was enraged by this as he said it, spit spray flying out of his mouth as he revealed Manning’s terrible sin. My mother made no comment.  

That same summer I got Manning’s letter I had a hot date at the beach on a Sunday morning I had to skip Mass to keep. Doing that puts you in fiery hell when you die and for all eternity, you know. I didn’t give it much thought before the date, but after I skipped Mass for the first time in my life to keep it, I saw the ridiculousness of the eternal punishment of hell fire in contrast to the grand time I had at the beach. I calmly stopped believing in God. Mind you, I didn’t hate God as atheists are sometimes accused of. Whether from Manning’s apostasy or the date, the whole thing of religion just ceased to make sense any more than Santa Claus did delivering my presents up there on the rooftop with his troupe of flying reindeer. 

Anyway it was this Manning along with Fr. Sullivan, my math teacher, who interceded for me in my slamming sadist Mr. Sheehan’s head into the blackboard. The reasoning for forgiving me my offense was somewhat round and about. In this mostly Irish and WASP school, it was a natural that the principal would say that I was a hot blooded Italian (actually Sicilian). And while he was washing my crime away with that brilliant insight he also offered me a scholarship to Boston College, which I had not applied to and would not have attended after four years of Jesuits if they had added a million dollar bonus.

What I had done minimally warranted an F in Conduct. That, though, would have kept me off Honors in the last report card session for the year. For whatever reason, it was decided that this wouldn’t be fair. You have to understand the times to make any sense out of this. We had won the war but still had Russia as our enemy. They had gotten the A bomb and the H bomb by this time and even worse sent up Sputnik, mankind’s first outer space excursion, during my sophomore year in 1957.  Science was all the rage, not like now when the majority of Americans are so stupid as to actually deny Darwinian evolution, the indispensable foundation of all biomedical science. Science geniuses were hard to come by. There I was. That says it all.

All students went into the auditorium to have their grades read aloud on report card day. Those with Honors went up on stage to get theirs. Not only did the intercession of Mr. Manning and Fr. Sullivan get my conduct grade changed to an A, but the embarrassment to Sheehan had him give me A’s in all his subjects so I turned out to be the only senior out of 300 to get 1st Honors and take the honorific walk up on stage, sort of as a karmic reward for attacking the sadist. 

This tale is not complete, though, without my telling it through to Sheehan’s ordination to the priesthood. I gave him zero thought after I graduated - no feelings good or bad as fits the high speed mind of an older teenager. I suppose if I had they would have been negative, but I was too busy with a maximally up-beat social life in the top fraternity on campus, a hard drinking and woman crazy jock house to ever give my high school days any thought. But come my junior year in college when I had hold by this time of a cute intimate college girlfriend, I get a letter from Mr. Sheehan inviting me to his ordination to become Fr. Sheehan. 

What could I make of this letter telling me that I was his “favorite student” of all time and, please, would I come to his ordination? So I drove to Springfield, MA from Troy, NY to check out now Fr. Sheehan and what had become of my high school classmates. I skipped the ordination at the church but went to the reception at an upscale motel, which was much like a wedding reception where people sit at tables and eat and schmooze.

I set at a table with the kids I remembered as my best high school friends surrounded with tables filled with just about all of my old classmates. Most of these had attended a Catholic college like BC. It was soon clear without any focused analysis that these guys were all thoroughly inexperienced at life and further very dull in all ways possible. Conversations ended very soon after they started, there being no commonality with these castrates who were typical of the just another brick in the wall crowd of that time.

So I wandered out of the reception room to the motel bar to pass the time where I ran into Sheehan’s older brother, an Irishman who liked drinking and telling ribald jokes. As the afternoon and the drinks he was buying wore on, someone called out my name and came trotting to the bar to get half sloshed me. Fr. Sheehan was giving his First Blessing as a priest, something nobody would want to miss because it, unbelievably to me, got you into Heaven no matter what else you did or didn’t do in life. I had no concern about getting into Heaven by this time, but I went to be polite, whatever happened between me and Sheehan by this time being water far under the bridge.

I was the last in line by the time I got back to the main ballroom where Sheehan was finishing up his blessing. When I finally stood before him, my turn, just him and me left, Sheehan broke out in a big smile as I was about to kneel down and waved me off saying, “You don’t need my blessing.”  And he didn’t bless me. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You figure it out.

Many years later when I was on the run from federal probation on a trumped up charge down in Mexico, my family of five in tow, I got an email from one of those high school classmates of mine imploring me to call Fr. Sheehan who was now on his deathbed from cancer. Remembering his, what I thought was a very telling, play back at his ordination I had no problem calling Sheehan to give him a warm farewell on his way out.

But a few words exchanged made it clear that his gesture back then was the high point in his life. An asshole can’t change his spots comes to mind as an appropriate summing of it all up. And I should add: Never give an asshole a second chance, especially a sadistic asshole, of which there are very many in America in positions of authority, and they’re not all Jesuit priests. Though I wouldn’t hesitate to reverse the Inquisition for them if I was ever elected Emperor of the World, get the gasoline cans ready. Ten thousand of them child rapists and the media still treat the Pope like he’s the second coming of Christ. Are people stupid or what?    

7. The Law of Supply and Demand

Well they’re not so much stupid as hurting. When people feel bad, as we’ll make clear mathematically a little later, their emotions drive them to the possibility of getting help from somebody even if somebody they can’t see and whose biggest help for them will come after they’re stone cold dead. Still even excusing people for their human frailties religion is the worst form of Ponzi scheme and does worse than just filling people’s heads with expectations that are pure wishful thinking and can’t possibly be fulfilled. To battle the pained need for a divine superhero with mathematics, we turn next then to showing how the Law of Emotion of Eq10 derives the Law of Supply and Demand. Though this is somewhat of a veering off from our main line of thought, as the Law of Supply and Demand is the foundation of all free market economics denied by nobody sane, deriving it from the Law of Emotion proves the controversial conclusions of this analysis.  

We begin our derivation with first explaining the emotions people feel from partial success. To do that, we alter our dice game to one where you must roll a lucky number of |4|. |7| or |10| not once but three times to win the prize, one of V=$2700. These three rolls may be with three pair of dice rolled simultaneously or with one pair of dice tossed three times in succession. As the probability of rolling a lucky number in any one of the three pairs or three rolls is from Eq1, Z=1/3, so the probability of rolling a lucky number on the 1st pair of dice or the 1st roll is Z1=Z=1/3; on the 2nd pair of dice or roll, Z2=Z=1/3; and on the 3rd pair of dice or roll, Z3=Z=1/3.

45.)               Z1=Z2=Z3=Z=1/3

And the uncertainties in each toss are

45a.)              U1=U2=U3=(1−Z)=2/3

Hence the probability of rolling a lucky number of |4|, |7| or |10| on all three rolls is the product of the Z1, Z2 and Z3 probabilities, which is given the symbol, z, (lower case z).           

46.)            z = Z1Z2Z3 = Z3 =(1/3)3 = 1/27

And the improbability or uncertainty of making the triple roll successfully is

47.)                u=1–z = 26/27

The expected value of this game as a measure of the player’s hopes of winning the V=$2700 is  

48.)              E = zV =V−uv=Z1Z2Z3V = (1/27)($2700) = $100

The displeasure of disappointment from failure to make the triplet roll is from the T=R−E Law of Emotion of Eq10 with R=0

49.)                T=R−E = 0−zV= −zV= −(1/27)($2700)= −$100  

And the pleasure of the excitement or thrill in making the triplet roll with R=V=$2700 is

50.)                T=R−E = V−zV=(1−z)V= uV= −(−uV)=(26/27)($2700)=$2600  

Next we derive the emotion felt from rolling a lucky number on a 1st throw of three sequential throws. After a 1st toss that rolls a lucky number, the probability of winning the V=$2700 prize by tossing lucky numbers on the next two rolls is

51.)                Z2Z3 =(1/3)(1/3) = 1/9    

And the hopeful expectation of making the triple roll after a lucky number is rolled on the 1st toss is, as increased from E=Z1Z2Z3=$100          

52.)               E1 = Z2Z3V = (1/9)($2700) = $300        

Next we want to ask what is realized when the 1st toss is successful. It is not R=V=$2700, for the V prize is not awarded for just getting the first lucky number. And it is not R=0, what is realized when the player has failed to make the triplet roll and win the V=$2700 prize. Rather what is realized when the 1st roll is of a lucky number is the E1=$300 increased expectation in Eq52. This understanding of the E1=$300 expectation as what is realized has us specify E1 understood as a realization in terms of the R symbol as

53.)               E1=R1=Z2Z3V = $300      

Now we use the Law of Emotion of T= R−E, of Eq10 to obtain the T transition emotion that arises from a successful 1st toss. This understands the T term in T=R−E as T1; the R term in it as R1=Z2Z3V from Eq53; and the E term in it as the expectation had prior to the 1st toss being made, E=Z1Z2Z3V of Eq48. And with U1=(1−Z1) from Eq45a we obtain T1 as   

54.)             T1 = R1–E = E1– E= Z2Z3V –Z1Z2Z3V = (1−Z1)Z2Z3V =U1Z2Z3V =(2/3)(1/3)(1/3)($2700) =$200

Now we ask what kind of emotion this T1=U1Z2Z3V transition emotion is. We answer that question by noting that the T=uV excitement of Eq50 from making the triplet toss and winning the V=$2700 prize can be written, given R=V, as

55.)               T=uV=uR          

And we see that we can write Z2Z3V=R1=E1 from Eq38 in the T1=U1Z2Z3V transition emotion of partial success in Eq54 as  

56.)               T1 =E1−E=U1Z2Z3V =U1E1=U1R1                    

The parallel in form of T1=U1R1 to the T=uR excitement of Eq55 identifies T1 as excitement, the excitement felt in rolling the 1st lucky number, excitement that is felt even though no money is awarded for just rolling the 1st lucky number. Note that the intensity of this partial success excitement of T1=$200 of Eq54 is much less than the T=$2600 excitement of Eq50 that accrues from making the triplet roll and getting the V=$2700 prize.

The above development of excitement from partial success from the T=R−E Law of Emotion is borne out from observation of situations that go beyond the dice game. Excitement from partial success, indeed, is routinely observed on TV game shows like The Price is Right where a contestant is seen to get visibly excited about entry into the Showcase Showdown at the end of the show, which offers a large prize, by getting the highest number on the spin-off wheel first, which offers no prize in itself. This and other observed examples of the partial success excitement we just derived from the Law of Emotion is a form of empirical if not perfectly measurable empirical validation of The Law of Emotion.    

We further validate the Law of Emotion by deriving from it the excitement felt in rolling the 2nd lucky number in the triplet roll once the 1st lucky number has been rolled. We saw that what is realized from getting 1st lucky number is an increase in the expectation of winning the R=V prize from E=zV=$100 in Eq48 to E1=Z2Z3V=$300 in Eq53. What is realized from rolling the 2nd lucky number after the 1st is a greater expectation yet of making the full triplet roll and winning the V=$2700 prize,

57.)        R2= E2 =Z3V=(1/3)($2700)=$900

The transition emotion that comes from rolling 2nd lucky number after having gotten the 1st is specified as T2 and from the Law of Emotion, T=R−E, with T as T2, R as R2=Z3V in the above and E as E1=Z2Z3V in Eq53, the expectation prior to the 2nd lucky number being rolled, is       

58.)       T2 = R2−E1 = E2−E1=Z3V− Z2Z3V =(1−Z2)Z3V = U2Z3V = (2/3)(1/3)($2700) = $600

Expressing T2 = U2Z3V via Z3V=R2 of Eq57 as T2=U2R2 makes it clear from its parallel form to the excitement of T=uR of Eq55 that T2=U2R2 is the excitement felt when the 2nd lucky number is guessed after the 1st lucky number has been rolled. 

And we can also use the Law of Emotion, T=R−E, of Eq10 to derive the excitement felt in getting the 3rd lucky number after getting the first two to win the V=$2700 prize. What is realized in that case is finally the V prize, R=V. Given the expectation that precedes getting the 3rd lucky number of E2=Z3V from Eq57, the Law of Emotion, T=R−E, obtains a T3 transition emotion of  

59.)      T3 = R−E2 = V –Z3V = (1−Z3)V = U3V = (2/3)($2700) = $1800

Expressing T3 = U3V from R=V as T3=U3R and its parallel form to T=uR excitement of Eq55 identifies T3 = U3R as the excitement of rolling 3nd lucky number after the first two are rolled to obtain the V=$2700 prize. Note that the intensity of the T3=$1800 excitement from rolling the 3rd lucky number and getting the V=$2700 prize is significantly more pleasurable than the T1=$200 and T2=$600 excitements for the antecedent partial successes.

Such significantly greater excitement in actually winning the prize than from achieving prefatory partial successes is what is observed in game shows like “The Price is Right” where actually winning the Showcase Showdown has the winner jumping up and down and running around screaming showing much more excitement than the excitement had from the prefatory partial success of getting into the Showcase Showdown by getting the highest number on the spinning wheel. Again this fit of observed excitement in the approximate relative amounts suggested by the above derivations from the Law of Emotion constitutes an empirical if not perfectly measurable empirical validation of the Law of Emotion.      

Also note that the Law of Emotion, T=R−E, of Eq10 is further validated from the three partial excitements, T1, T2 and T3 of Eqs54,58&59 summing to the T=uV=$2600 excitement of Eq50 gotten from making the triplet roll in one fell swoop as you might from throwing three pair of dice simultaneously.      

60.)                T1 + T2 + T3 = $200 + $600 + $1800 = $2600 = T = uV             

It is also instructive to calculate what happens when you roll the first two lucky numbers but then miss on the 3rd roll and fail to get the V=$2700 prize, R=0. To evaluate the T3 transition emotion that arises from that we simply use the T3=R−E2 form of the Law of Emotion in Eq59 that applies after the first two lucky numbers are gotten, but with the R realized emotion as R=0 from failure to obtain the V=$2700 prize. 

61.)            T3 = R−E2 = 0 – Z3V = – Z3V = −(1/3)($2700)= −$900

This T­3 = −Z3V= −$900 is the measure of disappointment felt in failing to make the triplet roll after getting the first two lucky numbers and experiencing the prefatory partial success excitements in doing so. Note that this T3= −Z3V= −$900 disappointment is a significantly greater disappointment than the T=−zV=−$100 disappointment of Eq49 that comes from failure to roll the lucky numbers in one fell swoop.  

Note that the −$800 (negative) increase in the T3= −$900 disappointment relative to the T= −$100 disappointment felt without partial success is equal to T1+T2=$200+$600=$800 sum of the two partial success excitements of Eqs54&59 gotten from rolling the first lucky numbers before failing in the 3rd roll.  This understands the additionally unpleasant −$800 disappointment from failure in the 3rd roll rescinding or negating the prefatory $800 pleasant excitements that were followed by ultimate failure. This fits universal emotional experience of an increased let down or disappointment when initial partial success is not followed by ultimate success in achieving a goal as the letdown disappointment gotten when one counts their chickens before they hatch and they fail to hatch.   

The sequential scenarios that end in success in Eq60 and in ultimate failure in Eq61 universally fit people’s emotional experience and as such are a convincing validation of the Law of Emotion, T=R−E, of Eq10. The linear sums and differences of the transition emotions in these two instances also importantly show that our emotions reinforce each other positively and negatively in a linear fashion via simple addition and subtraction of the emotion intensity values.  

One can do the same analysis for a v penalty game. Consider a dice game one is forced to play that exacts a penalty of v=$2700 unless the player rolls three lucky numbers, a lucky number being a |4|, |7| or |10|, whether simultaneously with three pair of dice or sequentially on one pair of dice. In parallel to the E expectation of Eq8 with u=26/27 in Eq47 as the improbability of rolling the three lucky numbers, the fearful expectation of incurring the v=$2700 penalty is

62.)             E= −uv= −(1−Z1Z2Z3)v= −(26/27)($2700)= −$2600 

The Law of Emotion, T=R−E, from Eq10 generates a uv emotion of relief in avoiding the v penalty, R=0, when one successfully rolls the lucky numbers on three pair of dice simultaneously as   

63.)           T=R−E=0−(uv)=uv=$2600

With this game played with three sequential rolls of the dice, the increased expectation of avoiding the v=$2700 penalty after rolling a lucky number on the 1st toss of the dice, E­1, understood as what is realized from the toss, R1, with the improbability of escaping the penalty then as 1−Z2Z3, is    

64.)                E1=R1= −(1−Z2Z3)v= −(1−(1/9))$2700= −(8/9)($2700)= −$2400       

Hence the transition emotion, T1, is via the Law of Emotion, T=R−E, expressed as T1=R1−E, is 

65.)                T1=R1−E= E1−E=−(1−Z2Z3)v−[−(1−Z1Z2Z3)]=(1−Z1)Z2Z3v=U1Z2Z3v=$200

T1=U1Z2Z3v is understood in parallel to the partial excitement of U1Z2Z3V of Eq54 as the feeling of partial relief gotten from rolling the 1st lucky number. The rest of the analysis for the triplet v penalty perfectly parallels that for the triplet V prize game, except that the partial emotions felt are those of relief in escaping a money loss rather than excitement in achieving a money gain.

The fit of the analysis based on the Law of Emotion to universal emotional experience validates it and the underlying Lucky Numbers mathematics. Further validating them in the next section is the Law of Emotion deriving the universally accepted Law of Supply and Demand.    

The Law of Supply and Demand of Economics 101 states that the price of a commodity in a free market economy is an increasing function of the demand for it and a decreasing function of the availability or supply of the commodity. An alternative equivalent expression of it determines the price as an increasing function of the demand for and the scarcity of the commodity, the latter as the inverse of the commodity’s supply or availability.

Now let’s consider the triplet lucky number V=$2700 prize game with the 1st lucky number in the triplet sequence as a commodity that can be purchased. This assumes, of course, that some agent who runs the game and pays off the prize money exists to sell such a commodity to the player. What is the fair price of the 1st lucky number, that is, of the pair of dice being placed on the table for the player with a |4|, |7| or |10| showing on it that counts in getting the V=$2700 prize?

As this changes the probability of winning the V=$2700 from z=Z1Z­2Z3=1/27 in Eq46 to Z2Z3=1/9 in Eq51, it is certainly a valuable commodity for the player, but what is the fair price of it? It is an amount of money that maintains the E=$100 average payoff in Eq41 of the game played when all three of the lucky numbers must be gotten by random throws of the dice. 

Once the 1st lucky number is obtained by purchase from the agent, the average payoff for the player increases from E=$100 of Eq48 to E1=$300 of Eq53. Hence the fair price for the 1st lucky number, W1, must be such that its subtraction from the player’s improved E1=$300 average payoff by purchase must be equal to the original E=$100 average payoff.    

66.)                E1−W1= E

Solving for W1 obtains the fair price as

67.)               W1 = E1−E

This W1 fair price is shown to be a function of variables we have already encountered from the algebraic manipulation of E1−E done back in Eqs54&56 as   

68.)                W1 = E1−E = Z2Z3V – zV = U1Z2Z3V = T1 = U1E1 =$200

The W1=$200 price for the 1st lucky number that increases the average payoff to E1=$300 is equal to the original average payoff of E=$100, which is what understands W1 as its fair price. From the perspective of economic optimization the player as buyer would want to pay as little as possible for it and the agent as seller would want to charge as much as possible for it. But W1=$200 is its fair value or fair price in maintaining the original average payoff or expected value of E=$100.

The W1=U1E1 fair price formula of Eq68 is a primitive form of the Law of Supply and Demand in its specifying it in terms of the emotions people feel that control the price they’ll pay for a commodity. W1=U1E1 is the Law of Supply and Demand for price understood as an increasing function of scarcity and demand with the scarcity of the 1st lucky number as the uncertainty in rolling it on the dice, U1=2/3, and the demand for the 1st lucky number in terms of its value to the player as the E1=Z2Z3V=$300 average payoff it provides, the greater the value of a commodity, the greater the demand for it being an intuitively reasonable assumption. This derivation from the Law of Emotion of the Law of Supply and Demand, a firm empirical law of economics universally accepted as correct, is a powerful validation of the Law of Emotion and the mathematics of Lucky Numbers on which it is based. 

There are a number of fascinating nuances in this understanding. Note the equivalence in Eq68 of the W1=$200 fair price for the 1st lucky number and the T1=W1=$200 pleasurable excitement in rolling the 1st lucky number on the dice. This equivalence of T1 excitement and W1 price tells us that the price paid for a commodity is a measure of the pleasurable excitement the commodity generates for the buyer. This fits economic reality quite well as seen from TV commercials for automobiles and travel ads and foods that hawk them by depicting them as exciting.

The value of the 1st lucky number can be calculated not just in terms of the W1 money one would spend for it but also in terms of the time spent in acquiring the money needed to purchase it. That is, W1 is understood as a measure of the amount of time spent to get the 1st lucky number when time is taken to be directly proportional to money, as is certainly the case for most people in the dollars per hour wage or per month salary they get their money from.

This extends the W1=U1E1=T1 Law of Supply and Demand to showing that people spend their time to obtain commodities that pleasurably excite them, whether as the time spent working to get the money to be spent on the commodity or as time spent directly to get the commodity like time spent growing a pleasant tasting food like strawberries in one’s backyard.  

We can also derive a parallel primitive Law of Supply and Demand from the v penalty game requiring the toss of three lucky numbers. The W1 fair price of the 1st lucky number is again W1=E1−E, but with E1−E from Eq65 as  

69.)                W1 = E1−E = U1Z2Z3v = T1 = $200

This form of the primitive Law of Supply and demand tells us that people also spend their money for commodities that provide T1=U1Z2Z3v=W1 relief in addition to commodities that provide T1=U1Z2Z3V=W1 excitement as seen in Eq54. The two forms of the Law of Supply and Demand of Eqs68&69 provide a strong empirical validation of the Law of Emotion of Eq10 that derived them from the observed fact that people do spend their money and time to get things that provide relief and excitement as is readily seen in the complete spectrum of TV ads, all of whose products are pitched in ads as providing either relief, as with antacids and other medicine and insurance, or excitement, as with exciting cars, foods and vacations.  

Next we want to express the primitive Laws of Supply and Demand we see in Eqs68&69 as simply as possible. In both we note the equivalence of the W1 fair price with T1 partial success excitement or relief. This implies that the simplest forms of T excitement and relief in Eqs50,63,16&22 should also be a measure of the fair price, W, of what is achieved that is generating this excitement and relief. Hence we write from Eq50

70.)                W=T=uV= −(uV)

This specifies W as the price of all three lucky numbers needed to win a V prize. And we write from Eq63

71.)                W=T=uv= −(uv)

This specifies W as the price of all three lucky numbers needed to avoid a v penalty. And we write from Eq16

72.)                W=T=UV= −(−UV)

This specifies W as the price of one lucky number needed to win the V prize. And we write from Eq22

73.)                W=T=Uv= −(Uv)

This specifies W as the price of one lucky number needed to avoid the v penalty.

Now while we have super-simplified the pricing Law of Supply and Demand in form, the intuitive meaning of it seems blurred for what is the fair price of a commodity used to avoid a v penalty than perhaps as intuition suggests the cost of the penalty. Regardless of this objection reasonably raised, these simple form are instrumental to deriving our visceral emotions of hunger, anger, pain, sex and love in an upcoming section. So we will now demonstrate that they are correct functions for fair price on the basis of the earlier argument that the W fair price of a lucky number is equal to the increase in average payoff generated by getting that lucky number.

We’ll show that with the simplest of Eqs70-73, Eq70 as generating a V=$120 prize from the rolling of one lucky number. From E=ZV with Z=1/3 the average payoff is

74.)                E=ZV=(1/3)$120=$40

We also see from Eq17 that the excitement gotten is

17.)                T=UV=$80

This from Eq70 tells us that the fair price for the lucky number is W=T=$80. If we pay this each time for three games the total price paid is $240. This has us win $120 each game for a total of $360 for the tree games. The net winnings are thus $360−$240=$120, which is what is won on average in three games if the game is played strictly from the throw of the dice with no lucky numbers purchased. Hence W=T=$80 is, indeed, the fair price of the lucky number and W=T=UV is a most simple form of the law of supply and demand with U as the uncertainty or scarcity of the lucky number and V its value as a measure of the demand for it. This should also make clear that without our having to go through the details of it, all four of Eqs70-73 are valid forms of the Law of Supply and Demand. We will use these simple forms shortly to develop the visceral emotions of hunger, anger, pain, sex and love.      

More immediately Eqs70-73 tell us in a clear way that people not only spend money and time to attain the pleasures of relief and excitement specified as W=T=UV, W=T=Uv, W=T=uV and W=T=uv but also in order to negate or eliminate the antecedent displeasures of fear and anxiousness seen in Eqs70-73 as W=T= −(−UV), W=T= −(−Uv), W=T= −(−uV) and W=T=−(−uv).

This has us revise and expand our generalization of a few paragraphs back now to people spending their money and time and being motivated not just on the pursuit of the pleasures of excitement and relief but also by the avoidance of the displeasures of anxiousness and fear. Understanding behavior to be motivated by the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of displeasure is the essence of hedonism. It should be made clear that this sense of hedonism is not an encouragement for people to seek pleasure and avoid displeasure, but rather a conclusion drawn from the foregoing mathematical analysis that people just do behave so as to achieve pleasure and avoid displeasure as the essence of human neurobiology. To generalize hedonism you need, of course, to also take into consideration the visceral emotions we have that motivate our behavior like hunger, the pleasure of eating, feeling cold and the pleasure of warmth, pain and relief from it, sex and love and the displeasure of their frustrations and failures. That last topic will be the subject of our next section.

8. Love in Its Realities

There’s love and there’s love. Jeannie, the college girlfriend I had my junior year carried a jar of Vaseline around in her purse and before the band started playing at a fraternity party I’d take her into a room and she’d take out the jar of Vaseline and we’d make love.

I was lucky to flunk out of school that springtime, what can happen if you party, drink and screw instead of doing your genetics, biophysics and physical chemistry homework. Three F’s there. The dean accepted my excuse of being seriously injured playing soccer, both of us knew I was lying, so the grades weren’t registered on my school record.

I was lucky because this leave taking from school caused me to stay in the Troy, NY area, which got me to meet Judy. When there’s nothing else to do, college buddies like to drink beer. John and I drank until 3AM at the taverns this Saturday night and then started a case back at our apartment that floated us to 9AM at which point give or take an hour we wound up Sunday morning sitting at the bar of the Crooked Lake Motel.       

The girl came in shortly after and sat down next to me. She was fresh from the Albany Airport returning from Boston where she had just had part one of a back alley abortion performed. The tube was still in her uterine canal as she ordered and downed several scotch and milk, the milk to ease her ulcer pains. Judy was a professional lingerie model way over my head. She looked something like Kim Novak, but better because Judy was in the flesh and young, 23 years old. Only the steady flow of beer got the right words to come out of my mouth.

But they did and I found myself taking out this most gorgeous girl almost every night for the next month. No sex. A lot of making out, but no sex.

At the end of this period of falling in love with her, she was the kind that just looking at made you fall in love, we were kissing and stuff at night by the banks of the Mohawk River and a cop came by and started giving us a hard time. It was usual back then, cops getting into people’s private business on a regular basis, mostly jerk sadistic assholes, no different than now. I got angry at the cop when he started talking to her in that way and he shut up and went away.

“OK,” she said (I guess I had proved my love), “Let’s go to a motel. But I want to tell you right now ahead of time so you won’t be disappointed, I don’t come.”

But love is love and like I said she was physically very beautiful, which got me to do her three times in succession, compliments of youth and the intoxications of love. She came the third time and we would be set for a while, me and Kim Novak. 

I had a dream the next night in the form of a poem that repeated itself twice: “The boat was loaded with all kinds of goods, lollipops, cute girls, premium grade marijuana. I was taking no prisoners. Far, far away I could see the beginnings of a new world order. They had done it, prodded me with barb tipped spears until my blood ran dry and I screamed: ‘You bastards! You’ll pay! Every fucking last one of you that I can get my bloody hands on!’ After that there was nothing to say. The die was cast. Come get me if you dare.”

After two years, one of which I moved in with her for, it ended. Her father, a vice-president for Remington Rand, who had abused up to but not through vaginal sex when she was young died. It was the first time I saw her cry. I moved back in with Phil as my apartment mate by that time. I was stupid, just a lucky kid, but not worthy of this rebel before her time for she knew enough to hate her mother and think little of society. Phil tells me a couple of weeks later, like the honest guy he was that, I don’t even like to write the words. We broke up. She denied it, but girls that extremely pretty lie all the time, their wit keeps them beautiful. I left but kept coming back, she too, for sex, the one thing I was good at, not much good as that proved, but better than nothing.

We kept it up weekend by next month’s weekend until it died completely after another two years, at which point I was an asshole myself, or if not abuse to others, incapable of scoring a date with either the ugliest girl in Theta Xi fraternity’s extended group, or the whore-iest girl in the group who turned me down after fucking a dozen of the brothers the week before.

When you’re driving at 2AM drunk in an older Austin Healy with bad wire wheels and falling up the stairs and then sleeping on the hardwood floor at night because it doesn’t move as much around as the bed, you’re pretty close to termination, of one sort or another.

Then: “Bring!!” It’s the telephone and a message from a girlfriend of Debbie. She was unusual, for me anyway. However much having a tough buddy, a drinker and a brawler, may seem rather awful to today’s young and slim newscasters, they tend to have the better connections with women than their opposites. Debbie was an RPI student of the other kind, a hippie, which is the other kind to a fraternity guy back in 1967, the year I met Debbie through my two tough drinking buddies one of whom was crazy enough to shout in a crowded all black bar at 3AM something like: “I can kick the shit out of any black person in this place!!!”

But Kenny, who had at least two chicks he was screwing simultaneously, connected me with Debbie. And Debbie saved my life, saved me for drinking myself into total oblivion one night soon over Judy and driving off a cliff, by accident for I hadn’t enough of a brain to contemplate suicide actively.

“Bring!!” “Debbie’s back in town for the Architecture Department’s student fair, but she really came back to see you. Do you want her to come over.

Like an angel out of Bible story told by a second cousin of Lucifer for Debbie was not blessed of the Lord. She was a hippie girl. Small and with a face like a cute mouse, a very cute mouse, but nonetheless a mouse.

I took her the tavern where the fraternity hung out along with the hockey players at RPI and the workingmen from the Arrow shirt factory across the street, tough guy bar. She loved it, sipping beer with the bad guys. Sex came fast. And it was whatever objective judgment I could put on it not like Judy’s or even like Jeannie’s. It was the kind of bad sex that makes your cock want to pack its bags and go home. With Judy, and without drugs of any kind, once between 11PM and 6AM, we had sex with ejaculation 11 times. With Debbie, only a sex maniac like me could keep it up and get to ejaculation.

Debbie had a deep cut scar on the calf of one of her legs where she told me that a football player threw her through a plate glass window in a fury after trying sex with her. I think that says it all and deserves me a blue ribbon for shaming neither myself nor her. But I didn’t ask her out again. On the other hand, she didn’t forget me because no matter how much she failed to get the 10 rating from me, I did a good enough job with stupid sex to get a 10 rating from her.

Anyway I take Debbie immediately back to the Colonial Tavern where we sitting at the bar drinking fifteen cent drafts and Debbie pulls out a pink tablet to down with her beer.

“Is that LSD?” I ask. Remember that Debbie is a hippie. She dresses like girl hippies did in the sixties. So the question wasn’t that off the charts.

“No,” Debbie replies, “It’s just Coricidan cold tablets. You want some LSD?”

“Will it make me jump off a bridge?”


“Will it make me kill my mother?”


I was always game for something new, especially at that time when I was as down as I was about Judy. Everybody who smokes today’s strength marijuana knows what happened next. The LSD trip with Debbie changed my life. Look, everybody who smokes marijuana is a rebel because he is disobeying the law. And they jail all the marijuana smokers, or have that they could catch. This mean they jail all the rebels, because that’s what you become when you smoke marijuana and you can think a bit straighter, and that’s all it takes is a bit straighter because the bullshit is very clear once you open your eyes, and that’s what LSD and marijuana do for you, at least for a significant number of people.

They jail and do their best to murder the spirit of the rebels, and jail can do that to you especially if you’re young. Even a sharp arrest can affect you that way. They shut down the Occupy movement with pure police brutality in the arrests not caught on camera. These Gestapo bastards are all Mr. Sheehan obedient fucking mama’s boy punks and murderers of the spirit, especially of young people and minorities like Trayvon Martin killed by a pure cop ally and the homeless kids in California who wept and begged for his father and his life while the cops beat him senseless, beat him to death, literally. And they both got off, our Gestapo did. Astonishing that 50% of black dudes and even 40% of white ones are arrested by age 23 to teach all the young men a lesson to be afraid of the fucking police. Other than in the fun loving, brave propaganda cops on TV, it’s all a 1984 police state run to protect the privileged at the top of the corporate money hierarchy. 

To donate to a resurrection of radical protest, click here. Marijuana states will unite in a replay of the Civil War when a Republican administration cracks down on all marijuana outlets, recreational and medical, via federal law if they come to power, which they might as soon as 2014 if they take the Senate and the House and impeach Obama, or more likely in 2016. If we get enough encouragement with donations, we’ll run Ruth for president in 2016.

9. The Survival Emotions

Many of our most basic emotions are associated with surviving or staying alive. We derive the pleasant and unpleasant emotions of survival behavior from the primitive Law of Supply and Demand, specifically from W=T = −(Uv) =Uv of Eq73, but applying it not to avoiding the loss of v dollars but to avoiding the loss of one’s v*=1 life. The other terms in Eq73 are also asterisked below to show that they are associated with avoiding the loss of one’s life rather than the loss of one’s money.

75.)                    W*=T*= U*v*= −(−U*v*)


Rather than defining the asterisked terms in an abstract general way, it is easier to introduce them with a specific survival behavior, that of breathing air. Let’s consider Eq60 when the U* uncertainty of getting air or the scarcity of air is very great as when a person is underwater drowning or is having a critical asthmatic attack or has a pillow placed forcibly over his or her face. In that case, the U* scarcity of air, sensed not by conscious calculation but by physiological sensors in the bloodstream, is estimated by us as U*=.999. This U*=.999 is most intuitively understood as the probability of losing one’s v*=1 life, here under such circumstances of suffocation.

The T*=U*v* transition emotion in Eq75 is experienced when a behavior is done to obtain air under this circumstance. In parallel to the T=Uv relief of Eq22 T*=U*v* is the feeling of great and pleasurable relief in getting air to breathe again. The measure of this great relief is with v*=1 life saved and U*=.999,

76.)                T*=U*v*=.999.   

We can also put a cash value on this relief by putting a price on the value of one’s v*=1 life, let’s say a high value like v*=$100,000. That calculates a cash value for the T*=U*v* relief from suffocation that parallels the cash value of the T=Uv=$1166.67 relief from avoiding the loss of v=$1200 in Eq25 of

77.)                T*= –(–U*v*)=U*v*=(.999)$100,000=$99,900

Of course the value put on one’s v*=1 life of $100,000 is arbitrary as is the T*=$99,900 value of the intensity of the relief felt from alleviation of suffocation. But they make the point that such relief is great as anybody who has ever escaped from suffocation will attest to. The –U*v* term in Eq75, which is negated by appropriate behavior to T*= –(–U*v*)=U*v* relief, is a measure of the displeasure in the panic fear instinctively felt in suffocation that parallels the −Uv fear of losing money in Eq8. 

Eqs75&77 also make clear from W*=T* the price one would pay to save one’s life, W*=T*=$99,900. This should be taken to indicate a great amount of money whatever the actual value for any particular person. The W*=T* equivalence also makes clear that the W*=T*=U*v function that governs the emotional dynamic is an expression of the Law of Supply and Demand. The demand for an activity that avoids the loss of one’s v*=1 life is measured as the value the person places on his or her life, instinctively great, and the supply of what is needed to preserve that life is measured inversely by the scarcity of air or uncertainty of getting it as U*.    

The W* = T*­=U*v*= −(− U*v*) Supply and Demand Law of Eq75 also holds when there is no scarcity of air, no uncertainty in the body’s cells getting oxygen, no probability of losing one’s v*=1 life, U*=0, which is the situation for most people most of the time. Inserting U*=0 into Eq75 obtains

78.)                W*=T*=U*v*= −(−U*v*)=0

This formula perfectly fits experience for normal breathing having no unpleasant fearful feeling, −U*v*=0, no pleasant relief in breathing air, T*=U*v*=0, for breathing under normal conditions is not noticed at all, and no dollars a person is willing to pay for air to breathe under the normal circumstances of plenty of air being available to breathe, W*=U*v*=0. All of these mathematically derived universally fit human experience.  

An intermediate situation with air in short supply for a person but not critically scarce, say U*=.2, is found in COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. In this case the –U*v* displeasure is felt as distress but less unpleasant than the panic fear of U*=.999 suffocation. Also significant is the T*= −(−U*v*)=U*v* relief felt when air is supplied from bottled oxygen. And we also see in this fairly common ailment for older people that they are willing to pay a W*=U*v* price for relief, though not every last penny a person has as when a person’s life is critically threatened with U*=.999 level suffocation. Indeed, we may reasonably understand the U*=.2 as an approximate probability of death for untreated COPD.                    

Breathing air provides a clear example of how the human emotions work to optimize survival via negative feedback control. In classical feedback control nature of the emotions acting to prevent the loss of one’s v*=1 life in situations of anoxia is clear. The –U*v* panic fear from lack of air is provides an expectation of losing one’s life. In parallel to the E= −Uv fearful expectation of Eq22 of losing v dollars derived from mental calculation, the –U*v* physiologically derived expectation is written as

79.)                E*= –U*v*= 0–U*v*

Expressing the instinctive panic fear from getting insufficient air to breathe in this way appreciates the 0–U*v* term as an “error function”, what one wants to get rid of or “zero out” in the parlance of negative feedback control theory, that accomplished by reducing the –U*v* fear term to zero with appropriate behavior that returns one to normal breathing, thus returning the E* expectation of losing one’s v*=1 life by suffocation to zero, E*-0.

This confluence of biological control theory with the Law of Emotion derived Law of Supply and Demand understanding of breathing under difficult circumstances is another strong validation of Lucky Numbers. This analysis of emotional control as negative feedback control extends also to all emotion functions derived for obtaining money and avoiding its loss and also to the visceral emotional systems we’ll consider next. This and the overall understanding in Lucky Numbers of behavior as emotion mediated phenomena makes it clear that man has been designed to operate in an automated machine like fashion, whether by the passive design of Darwinian evolution or the intelligent design of an unseen creator God with an excellent sense of systems engineering, which of the two is more improbable, a heated debate between professional biologists and the Duck Dynasty crowd these days. 

Temperature regulation as avoidance of extremes of heat and cold is like breathing centrally important for avoiding the loss of one’s v*=1 life. Temperature in the range of 68o −82o Fahrenheit is optimal for man. If the temperature falls below 68o, the heat needed by the body to function well is in short supply or scarce with the uncertainty of the body getting the heat needed specifiable as U* >0 in Eq75, whatever numerical estimate we may wish to insert being an increasing function of how cold and life threatening the temperature is. That is, the colder the skin temperature is, the greater the U* scarcity of heat and from W*=T*=U*v*= −(−U*v*) of Eq75, the greater is the –U*v* unpleasant feeling of cold.

The –U*v* unpleasant sensation of cold is not quite a feeling of patent fear as was the –Uv fear of losing money in Eq8, but it has the same effect as fear in making one want to avoid the cold as though you did fear it. The range of the discomfort of cold extends to extreme cold represented as a U*=.99 scarcity of heat as a feeling approaching pain that makes one moan little differently than if one were being hit with a club as those who have experienced such cold will attest to. 

Negating the –U*v* displeasure of cold by getting warm provides via Eq75 the T*= −(–U*v*)=U*v* pleasure of the feeling of the relief of warmth, a pleasure greater in intensity as U*v* the greater the displeasure of the −U*v* antecedent cold, as fits universal experience. As further validates this understanding of temperature regulation, a person is quite willing to pay a W*=U*v* price from Eq75 to alleviate the −U*v* displeasure of cold and obtain the U*v* pleasure of warmth, the amount of money willing to be paid being proportional to the U* scarcity of heat in –U*v* felt as antecedent cold.

And by understanding the W* money spent to get warm when one is cold to be directly proportional to the time spent to make that money, Eq75 also tells us as fits universal experience that a person is willing to spend time to get warm directly as by cutting wood to burn in a fireplace and/or by getting or making clothes to put on to stay warm.

It is also universal experience that the pleasant feeling of warmth is not felt when a person is in the optimal 68o−82oF temperature to begin with. Being continuously in the optimal temperature range represents a situation of no scarcity of heat, U*=0, which dictates no unpleasant sense of cold via –U*v*=0 nor any pleasant feeling of warmth T*= U*v*=0.    

Temperature regulation also requires that the temperature be less than the high end of the 68o-82oF optimal range. Above that there is a scarcity of coolness required by the body to operate optimally, U*>0, with −U*v*>0 displeasure from Eq75 manifest as feeling hot and with the pleasurable alleviation or negation of such unpleasant overheating as −(−U*v*)= U*v*, that by appropriate cooling felt as pleasantly cool relief, T*= −(−U*v*)=U*v*>0. And it is clear from Eq75 as fits experience that a person is willing to pay for air conditioning to stay cool, W*=U*v*>0. Temperature regulation as feedback control has been understood as such for decades and is also derivable from Eq75 in the same way that we did for regulation of breathing.  

Obtaining food for the body to keep an individual from losing his or her v*=1 life from critical lack of it also follows Eq75, but not in as simple and direct manner as with breathing and temperature regulation because of the complicating factor of the intermediate storage of the food in various organs and tissues of the body, short term in the stomach and long term in fat and the liver. We dodge that problem by minimizing the effect of storage on the emotions involved as follows. 

When one hasn’t eaten for some time, the glucose or blood sugar in the blood vessels of the body becomes in short supply or scarce for the body’s cells, U*>0. Then the emotion of feeling hungry arises as −U*v*>0 of Eq75. This −U*v* feeling of being hungry, quite unpleasant as hunger in high intensity, is negated or relived to the T*=−(−U*v*)=U*v* pleasure of eating that includes both the deliciousness of food taste and the relief of the filling of the stomach. 

The T*= −(−U*v*)= U*v* equivalence in Eq75 tells us that the intensity of the pleasure of eating, T*=U*v*, is greater, the greater the antecedent −U*v* hunger. This is readily validated by those who have had genuine hunger and experienced marked pleasure in eating to relieve the hunger even with just a piece of stale bread or cracker, which tastes very delicious under that circumstance. And almost all of us have experienced the fact that feeling hungry before eating makes the food taste better. Eq75 also tells us that people are willing to spend W* dollars to obtain food and also to spend time to that end whether to get the money needed to purchase food or, as our primitive hunter-gatherer ancestors did by gathering plants and hunting animals to spend time directly to get food. .

When blood sugar levels are high and the stomach full, U*=0, that is, there is no scarcity of food chemicals for the body’s cells and under normal circumstances, hence, no feeling to eat, −U*v*=0. Under these circumstances, eating food pretty much lacks the T*=U*v*>0 pleasure produced when one does have a −U*v*>0 appetite. In such a state, absent the abnormal, constantly present hunger that is pathologically responsible for modern man’s epidemic obesity, there is neither a pleasure nor displeasure motivation to eat.

Lastly as a survival behavior we want to consider physical trauma like a fracture that causes pain. Pain is signified as –U*v* with U*>0 the uncertainty or scarcity of a normal healthy condition mechanically that threatens incurring the penalty of losing one’s v*=1 life. In this way pain is in obvious parallel to the scarcity of air, warmth or food, all unhealthy circumstances that threaten the loss of one’s v*=1 life,. Behavior that eliminates or negates the −U*v* pain as with not putting mechanical pressure on the fracture as −(−U*v*)=U*v*>0 produces U*v*>0 relief from the pain, which is felt as pleasant in proportion to the antecedent pain that pampering the fracture relieves.      

Now let us make it clear that the unpleasant emotions of suffocation, hunger, cold and physical trauma and the pleasant emotions of their alleviation, both sets of which derive from W*=T*= U*v*= −(−U*v*) of Eq75 are different from the emotions of the behaviors that obtain the commodities needed for these basic survival activities. When one is hungry, for example, eating proceeds in a direct and immediate fashion when food is readily available. But one must have possession of food first before one can eat. Explaining the functional relationship between the emotions for getting food and the emotions for eating food is best done with a concrete example of a food procurement behavior. We shall use a behavior we are familiar with in playing a dice game that gives food as a reward for rolling a lucky number of |4|, |7| or |10|.     

Eating this food gotten as a prize alleviates a hunger of –U*v* to produce the eating pleasure of T*= −(−U*v*)=U*v*. This behavior to get the food has a Z=1/3 probability of success and an improbability or uncertainty of U=(1−Z)=2/3. One’s expectations in this game are not via E=ZV an expectation of getting V dollars but rather of getting the W*=T*=U*v* pleasure of eating the food. Because this T* pleasant emotion gotten has an implicit dollar value from W*=T*=W*v* of Eq75 we can substitute W* for the V dollar value in the E=ZV expectation expression to obtain our hopes of pleasure as

80.)                E=ZV=ZW*=ZT*=ZU*v*=(1−U)U*v*=U*v*−UU*v*

This E* expectation r hopes of obtaining T*=U*v* food pleasure to probability Z stands in comparison to E=ZV=V−UV of Eq4 as the hopes of getting V dollars. In the latter, the desire is for V dollars while in the former of Eq80 the desire is for T*=W*=U*v* food pleasure as the negation of one’s −U*v* hunger. Then much as the pleasant desire for V dollars is reduced by the –UV meaningful uncertainty about getting the money to one’s probability tempered hopes of E=ZV, so is the U*v* pleasant desire of eating the food reduced by −UU*v* meaningful uncertainty in getting the food to the probability tempered hopes of ZU*v*.

This latter term is the intensity of pleasure felt in one’s hopes of satisfying one’s hunger by a particular behavior of getting food, here by playing the dice game to get food to eat. And this is exactly how the mind works in seeking pleasure by a particular behavior characterized by some Z probability of success in achieving that pleasure. We can also develop a T transition emotion felt when one rolls a lucky number and gets the food. From the Eq10, Law of Emotion, T=R−E, what is realized following a successful throw of the dice is eating the food and the R=U*v* pleasure of eating it. But also because there is U uncertainty in getting the food, there is a thrill or excitement in obtaining the food to eat of 

81.)                T=R−E= U*v*− (U*v*−UU*v*) =UU*v*   

When there is no uncertainty in getting the food as in reaching into the refrigerator to pull out a ham sandwich, there is no excitement involved in the act of getting the food to eat. Contrast this to a hunt for food for people who have no immediate food store or a search to gather berries to eat under the same circumstances of otherwise having nothing to eat. Then upon making the kill for meat or the finding of berry bush, there is great excitement.

In that sense UU* in UU*v in the above is a compound improbability, the U* improbability of your body’s cells getting what they need in food chemicals because your blood stream is low on blood sugar and the U uncertainty or improbability of your getting food to eat in order to replenish your blood stream with the blood sugar it needs supply the body’s cellular needs.

The T=UU*v* excitement in getting the food, hence, is a function of the U=2/3 uncertainty in getting the food and of the T*=U*v* pleasure in eating the food, itself a function of the –U*v* antecedent hunger via T*=U*v*= −(−U*v*) of Eq75. One gets both the R=U*V* pleasure of eating the food and the T=UU*v* thrill of obtaining it under uncertainty, which is what our hunter gatherer ancestors surely felt when searching for vegetative food or hunting for animal food with uncertainty, U. One can picture such a group having an exciting meal or feast following a successful hunt or search. In contrast if there is no U uncertainty in getting food, from T=UU*v*=0, there is no excitement or thrill in getting the food despite the R=U*v* pleasure in eating it, much as when one needs but to open the door of one’s refrigerator to grab an apple to eat if one is hungry.

Note also in the food prize dice game the disappointment that is felt, assuming the game can only be played once, when the lucky number is not rolled and food is not obtained under a condition of –U*v* hunger. In that case with E*=ZU*v* and R=0 for no prize realized, from the Law of Emotion, T=R−E,  

82.)               T=R−E*= 0−ZU*v*= −ZU*v*

This tells us that beyond the factor of your Z confidence in getting the food, the more –U*v* hungry you are and the more U*v* pleasure anticipated, the greater is the T= –ZU*v* disappointment in failing to get the food. And it also is the case that if there is no hunger for the food, there is no disappointment in not getting it, assuming the food can’t be stored for later consumption. 

In a coming section we will consider the various behaviors used to alleviate –UU*v* survival anxieties or needs. These include not only direct and obvious behaviors like hunting or searching for food when one is hungry, but also complex, many part, behaviors analogous to the sequence of rolling three lucky numbers to obtain a V prize, social behavior that obtains food by getting help from another and aggressive behavior that gets food via aggressing on another and stealing his food. And in a later section we will also consider reproductive behavior in terms of the E=ZV function but as E*=Z*V* where V* represents obtaining V*=1 life as that of one’s child.  

10. Ruth on the Floor   

Ruth was on the floor because the bed I slept on was so rickety. She usually slept on the couch. I double clutched it that special day because she was so beautiful. It had been three weeks since I had seen Ruth Graf Calabria. Coming out of the hospital from a near fatal kidney infection had me old and testy. When we fought we really fought, so she fled, was sent off by me too for both our sakes, to Syracuse where she did her best to scam her minister father and minister’s wife mother out of $600 by telling them she had left me for good and needed help, this while she and I talked on the phone from Albany to Syracuse behind their backs three times a day.

We had determined that after the horror of Junko, Ruth’s adopted Japanese daughter with her first husband, a Lutheran minister like Ruth’s father, we’d never bring kids into this truly God forsaken world. The first time I saw Ruth, seven years before in the bright California autumn of 1973, she had three-year-old, Junko, in her arms on the porch of a youth hostel at Point Reyes National Seashore. Even from the distance, a good forty feet away, she looked like a model in a Woman’s Day ad, I thought, strikingly beautiful and model like to make me think at the first moment that she’d be the type to call the police if I were to make any aggressive moves on her.

As it turned out to be, that was not the case. Not so much that she wasn’t the type to call the police, but that the two of us staring at each others’ eyes for seven hours over conversation at the kitchen table in the hostel fell in love with each other, at least I with her in my wanting to rush her to bed that first night, but didn’t, and her in calling me back sooner than I thought she would, two days later, to meet me at the youth hostel, without Junko in her arms.                   

We practiced birth control by withdrawal the next seven years after I got rid of her minister missionary husband during the divorce by beating the hell out of him. Life was too rough for me as a runaway wage slave and Ruth was near insane after her three biological kids opted to go with the Ted Haggard clone. And with Junko beaten autistic by the bastard one visitation to pay Ruth back for leaving him, there was no way I’d ever think about bringing another kid into this hellish world.

But I was driven by extreme lust from her three week absence in Syracuse and the glory of her returning with the $600 from her parents and by her dazzling beauty in this one time equivalent of our first time, a story book success when I thought she looked like the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. And well she might have been as a professional TV model in Japan for six years selling some packaged Japanese soup as a pretty American mother to the Japanese masses, I went back for seconds thirty seconds after ejaculating the first time that day and that started our own family on its way.

This was a day or two after Thanksgiving, 1980. I had not fully recovered enough from the trip to the hospital to go back to teaching Engineering Thermodynamics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. By Christmas it seemed Ruth had come down with flu like symptoms that, surprise, surprise, turned out to be a pregnancy. Eight months later the American Dream Test Tube Baby was born.

11. Propaganda

Consider a population of K=392 people in a small town in America of which x1=200 are Caucasian, x2=180 are Black, x3=8 are of a small ethnic group from a remote island in the South Pacific and x4=4 are of a small ethnic group from a remote island in the South Atlantic. How many significant ethnic groups are there in this collection? And by significant we mean numerically significant, not significant as meaning praiseworthy or admirable.

One indication of significance would be whether an ethnic group would be listed by name on a census or similar form. More than likely a census for this small town would list the 2 significant ethnicities, Caucasian and Black, but use “Other” for the two Island groups because they are numerically insignificant. As it turns out there is a mathematical function that specifies how many of N subgroups in a group (or more generally, how many of N subsets in a set of objects) are significant. It is Simpson’s Reciprocal Diversity Index, which we can write as

83.)                            Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image010.png


For K=392 individuals divided into N=4 ethnic subgroups, x1=200, x2=180, x3=8 and x4=4, the Simpson’s Reciprocal Diversity Index is

84.)                     Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image011.png


Rounding off D=2.12 to D=2 interprets the diversity index as indicating that there are two (quantitatively) significant ethnic groups in the town, the two larger sized ones of the Caucasians and the Blacks. This sense of what is significant and what is insignificant, in this case the two smaller subpopulations in the town, is a subconscious and quite automatic feature of human mental machinery. To further understand it, consider next the three sets of colored objects with K=21 objects in each in N=3 colors.

Sets of K=21 Objects   

Number Set


D from Eq83

(■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■)

(7, 7, 7)

 x1=7, x2=7, x3=7


(■■■■■■, ■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■)

(6, 6, 9)

 x1=6, x2=6, x3=9

D= 2.88

(■■■■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■■, )

(10, 10, 1)

 x1=10, x2=10, x3=1


Table 85. Sets of K=21 Objects in N=3 Colors and Their D Diversity Indices

The N=3 set, (■■■■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■■, ), (10, 10, 1), has a diversity of D=2.19, which rounded off to D=2 specifies D=2 significant subsets, the red and the green, with the x3=1 object, purple subset insignificant in its contributing only token diversity to the set. By contrast the D=3, (■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■), (7, 7, 7), set has 3 significant subsets, red, green and purple, as does the (■■■■■■, ■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■), (6, 6, 9), set whose D=2.88 diversity rounds off to D=3. One can get a stronger intuitive feel for significance and insignificance by represented the above sets as K=21 threads in N=3 colors in plaid cloth.

Description: Description: C:\Users\The Matrix Gang\Dropbox\Documents\Net Files\INDEX_files\image069.jpg

(10, 10, 1), D≈2

(7, 7, 7), D=3

(6, 6, 9), D≈3

Figure 86. The Sets of Colored Objects in Table 69 as Sets of Colored Threads.

A woman with a plaid skirt with the (10, 10, 1), D≈2, pattern on the left would spontaneously describe it as a red and green plaid, omitting reference to the insignificant single thread of purple. She would do this intuitively and automatically without any conscious calculation because the mind quite automatically tallies significance and insignificance. The rounded off D≈2 diversity of the (10, 10, 1) set specifies its red and green colors as significant as made clear by our verbalizing the set in terms only of these two significant colors with the insignificance of the purple thread manifest linguistically in its being disregarded or not mentioned in the description of the cloth as a red and green plaid.

This verbalization of only the significant colors in the plaid, red and green, in referring to it should not be surprising given that the word “significance” has as its root, “sign” meaning “word”, which suggests that what is sensed by the mind as significant is signified, verbalized or given a word in discourse and thought while what is insignificant isn’t signified, verbalized, or given a word. The human mind operating in this way to barely notice and not verbalize the insignificant is an important factor in human behavior because we generally think, talk about, pay attention to and accordingly act on what we sense to be significant while automatically disregarding the insignificant in thought, conversation and behavior because it has minimal effect on our lives.  

This automatic mechanism of the mind sensing significance and insignificance is taken advantage of by the ruling class in a society to use the information outlets it controls, mass media in modern times, to make the realistically significant seem insignificant and the realistically insignificant seem significant. The ruling class does through the politicians, journalists, ministers, actors and other media personnel they control with paychecks and other support to control the thoughts of those on lower rungs of the social hierarchy in terms of what they consider to be significant in their lives or insignificant. The purpose of this bamboozling in is ultimately to get American workers and soldiers to accept their abuse and exploitation in the most expedient way, that is, through mind control rather than economic or out and out police and penal coercion.

In prime example, while poll after poll shows the majority of Americans disliking their jobs and their bosses, this part of their lives taking up most of their waking hours, common workplace situations of control, abuse and degradation are seldom broadcast on TV in a fiction or factual format, nor do the occasional workplace polls cited above ever make it to the evening news. Rather people are bombarded instead with feel good items and frivolous entertainment including sports that take up the preponderant fraction of TV fare and slush into people’s minds as what is significant rather than the realities of their lives that affect their feelings and happiness thus affecting a person’s behavior, particularly as might consider the personal cost of capitalism has on their happiness. 

To understand the inculcation of bogus significance by the repetition of disingenuous talking points and the relative absence of any correction of them, consider the N=2 (■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■, ), (15, 1), set as representing N=2 polar opposite interpretations of an issue with the number of objects in each subset representing the relative frequency of broadcast of each interpretation. We will assume the red interpretation to be ruling class misinformation on a situation and the green interpretation to be the reality of the situation. The broadcast of the interpretations with relative frequencies of 15:1 makes for a D diversity measure from Eq83 of D=1.132, which rounded off to D=1, imprints on the minds of the audience that the misinformation is significant and the hard truth of the matter insignificant.      

From an analytical perspective, then, we see that the significance determining mechanism of the mind functions off both the relative number and size of objects in a situation and on the relative frequency with which situations, real and contrived, are projected into the mind. 

A combined illustration of both kinds of insignificance and significance deception is found in the Republicans getting the public to support the war in Iraq in 2003 by describing the invading force in that war as a “coalition.” The invading force consisted approximately of K=163,700 soldiers from N=32 nations distributed as (145,000, 5000, 2000, 2000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 500, 500, 500, 500, 500, 500, 500, 200, 200, 200, 200, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50). This set’s D number of significant contributors to the invading force as calculated from Eq134 is D=1.26, which rounds off to D≈1 significant nation in the so-called coalition, the United States, which is at odds with the general sense of a coalition as a genuine plural entity rather than a collection of subordinates dominated by one nation.

The deceit in calling it a coalition as one of the rationalizations for entering this costly, bloody, unnecessary war is clear enough to be recognized by the astute as raw political deceit without the need for the D Simpson’s Reciprocal Diversity Index of Eq83 to clarify the contributions of N−1=31 of the N=32 nations as insignificant, though using D as a measure of significance allows us to call the politicians and those who supported them in entering the war liars with mathematical precision. Very much also affecting the public’s acceptance of this clever propaganda was how often the above spin on entering war was repeated over and over again to the public to make the lies about the coalition and the supposed WMD’s seem significant and reasonable.

The D diversity index understood as the number of significant objects or events is one of the cornerstones of propaganda. It works by repetition of mistruth and is evident as such in obvious totalitarian governments, religious dogmatists and talking points blabbering Fox News conservatives who repeat “black is white” assertions in a concerted way so often as to make the possibility of their being some truth in them seem significant and reasonable.

In the propagation of religious doctrine the need for near complete unanimity in talking point assertions to make observably insignificant divine characters like angels and God and unseen divine places like Heaven seem significant is why heretics with opposing views have always been anathema to those who have been made to believe in such nonsense and those in such circles who know better but preach the nonsense for reasons of personal benefit. While heretics against ideological thinking are not quite burned at the stake, their ideas are generally ridiculed or denied outlet in the media and made to seem insignificant.

A case in point is the documentary film maker, Michael Moore, whose primary sin was disgust with the mayhem and slaughter of schoolyard mass murder and George Bush’s vanity driven war in Iraq that for no good national purpose and as driven with repeated out and out lies reinforced by most major media outlets back in 2003  unnecessarily took the lives of 5000 American soldiers and critically crippled and destroyed the lives of 30,000 more not to speak of the horror it wreaked on some fraction on a million of Iraqis including the 5000 killed in 2013 in Iraq from the instability our invasion of the country caused, itself totally downplayed and swept under the rug in happy, smiley media land. Indeed as regards Moore’s insightful and prophetic castigation of the war in public at the Oscar nominations in 2003 and later in his documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, this went as far as active encouragement by the likes of Glenn Beck, who is held up as a paragon of righteousness and allowed to have radio and TV access, for people to out and out kill Moore. Nor are the billions of dollars wasted in our Middle East wars much of which goes into the pockets of ruling class owned and run companies like Halliburton that is a primary reason our economy has been so gutted to the destruction of so many millions of American families ever mentioned. 

Some will disagree with this assessment of corporate controlled media as strictly a propaganda tool for exploitive capitalism. To make it perfectly clear we need next to develop a mathematically firm unification of our understanding of nature. Among other things it will derive natural selection mathematically in an unarguable way, for human nature is inexplicably mysterious at its roots without the inclusion of Darwin. This is important for resolving the centrally meaningful issues of tyranny and war that face America and the world today.

Now we return to the emotional machinery that controls behavior in some greater detail, for its ramifications and nuances very much impinge on where mankind sits today and where he will go tomorrow in the best and worst possible outcomes for propaganda that keeps the worker and soldier class in line very much affects the collective behavior of a society and what that outcome shall be. We will at first work out these details for the simplest case of lucky number dice games for cash prizes and penalties and then later generalize them for all goal directed behaviors. 

Back beginning with Eq16 we specified excitement as an emotion that comes about from the realization of success under U uncertainty rather than as an anticipatory emotion felt when one looks forward to success, which people also feel excitement as. Let us remedy that seeming shortcoming in our analysis by now considering how a person feels prior to being given the opportunity to play the V prize awarding triplet dice game for a V=$2700 prize first taken up back at Eq30. The expectation of winning the V=$2700 prize without having any opportunity at all to play the game is, from the probability of winning the V=$2700 being zero, Z0=0,    

87.)           E0 = Z0V = 0 

Once the game is made available to play the expectation of winning the V=$2700 prize is E=zV=$100 of Eq33. The excitement the player feels in getting the opportunity to play the game can be specified from the Law of Emotion, T=R−E, of Eq10 by specifying E in the law as the initial expectation prior to having the opportunity to play, which is E0=0, and R, what is realized by getting the opportunity to play as R0=E=zV of Eq33. This assignment of E in T=R−E as E0 and R in T=R−E as R0=E, which fit the broader sense of T=R−E as spelled out in Section 3 starting with Eq30 is hopefully not too confusing. Labeling the T transition emotion in the T=R−E felt from getting the opportunity to play as T0 obtains the Law of Emotion as

88.)          T0 =R0 –E0= E − E0 = E − 0 = E= R0 =zV = $100

This tells us that the T0 transition emotion is equal to the E=zV expectation or hopes of winning once one has the opportunity to play,

89.)                T0=E=R0

Prior to having the opportunity to play, the probability of winning the V prize is Z0=0 and the improbability of winning or the uncertainty, U0, complete as  

90.)                 U0=1−Z­0 =1=100%

Given U0 =1, we can write the T0 transition emotion in Eq89 as   

91.)                T0=U0R0=E=$100  

Comparing T0=U0R0 to T=uR excitement of Eq40 identifies T0=U0Ro as the excitement felt in getting the opportunity to play the game and win the V=$2700 prize. It is clear from Eq91 that the T0=U0R0 =$100 excitement in getting the opportunity to play the triplet dice game and win the V=$2700 is perfectly equal to the E=zV=$100 hopeful expectation of winning the V=$2700 prize. Such excitement in having a hope of winning when one is given an opportunity to win a prize is readily seen in game shows like “The Price is Right” and “Let’s Make a Deal” in the contestants called from the audience on these shows.  

The nature of this T0 =U0R0 =E=zV equivalence of excitement and hopeful expectation is clarified further by considering the emotions the player feels after rolling the 1st lucky number. On the one hand, from Eq39 player feels a partial success excitement of T1=$200 and, on the other hand, the increased expectation of winning in Eq38 of E1=$300. While these two emotions of T1=$200 excitement and E1=$300 expectation felt after rolling the 1st lucky number are not equal, there is an equivalence between the cumulative excitement or excitement that has built up, T0+T, and the increased expectation felt after rolling the 1st lucky number.              

92.)                T0 + T1=$100+$200=E1= $300

This perfectly fits the general workings of our emotional machinery that generates an expectation at any time that is equal to the “building up of excitement” that takes place in sequential goal directed behaviors, here specifically the excitement of rolling the 1st lucky number of T1=$200 building on the excitement from getting the opportunity to play the game, T0 = $100 as T0+T1=$300 to equal the E1=$300 expectation of winning the V prize once the 1st lucky number is rolled as an excited expectation of winning.

This building up of excitement continues if the 2nd lucky number is rolled with the excitement of T2=$600 in Eq43 building on the prior T0=$100 and T1=$200 excitements to equal the E2=$900 expectation of Eq42 felt after the 2nd lucky number is also thrown.  

93.)                T0 +T1 + T2 =$100+$200+$600 =$900 =E2     

This makes clear that our hopeful expectations are also exciting feelings, which perfectly fits the universal emotional experience of people getting excited over things of value they hope to get. The mathematical pattern of this dynamic extends in a somewhat modified way when the 3rd lucky number is rolled to generate the T3=$1800 excitement and win the V=$2700 prize as 

94.)                T0 +T1 + T2+ T3 =$100+$200+$600+$ 1800 =$2700 =V=E3

Now the E3 expectation equal to V=$2700 means from the most general sense of E3=zV=V that z=1 or that the probability of getting the money once you win is a certainty with the ∑T=E=V=$2700 being felt as all the built up excitement in actually winning the prize.

Note that this buildup of T excitement not only progressively increases E hopeful expectation to E=V in getting the prize but also from E=zV=V−uV of Eq33 progressively decreases the –uV anxiousness one has over getting the V prize eventually to –uV=0 once one wins as also fits universal emotional experience.

We could also go through the same analysis for a situation where a v penalty is first assessed and then the triplet lucky number dice game is offered as a way to escape the penalty to probability z=1/27 as results in an equivalence between the buildup of partial relief and the increasing hopeful expectation of avoiding the penalty. But more to the point of explaining emotional propaganda let’s mostly stick with the excitement dynamic, indeed, extending it not just to obtaining a V cash prize but in line with our analysis of behavior based on Eq75, to obtaining the W*=T*=U*v* pleasure that comes from keeping death at bay by various survival activities. For example consider a starving person during time of famine waiting for a food drop from the United Nations getting both progressively more excited and hopeful upon seeing the planes arrive hopefully laden with food in the distant horizon. It is not necessary to redo Eqs87-94 above with V=W* and so on to see that one obtains the same result of the equivalence of the buildup of emotion and the progressive expectation or the confidence in a good or winning outcome.

This excitement-expectation equivalence can very much affect through secondary information from another person an individual’s own expectations about outcomes and objects associated with outcomes. This comes from the fact that excitement can be verbally and non-verbally communicated from one person to another. Assume that person #1 is successful in a behavior and excited from the success. This excitement can be transmitted to person #2 to make him or her have hopeful expectations about the same behavior. 

Excitement can also be contrived or faked to make people feel confident about an object or behavior as it is very commonly in commercial advertising, in ideological and religious propagandizing and in a variety of legalized scams that include casino gaming and televangelism, all of which take advantage of the ways that the emotion of excitement is communicated from one person to another to give people confidence about whatever the scammer is showing excitement about.

In regards to the various ways that excitement can be communicated, we note that a person who has had success in an endeavor and feels excitement about it can communicate it by telling a story about it including through a variety of non-verbal behaviors that transmit excitement spontaneously such as talking in an excited tone rapidly and rhythmically. This latter display extends to singing a song about what happened possibly augmented with musical instrumentation, which transmits excitement to those who hear it.     

People excited from their successes also have an instinctive tendency to move and jump about excitedly as seen in winning contestants on TV game shows like The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal, the very observation of which produces feelings of excitement in the observers of the movements. Such moving about from excitement, especially in a rhythmic fashion, is the basis of dance, which communicates excitement to an observer in an sharp way especially when the dance movements are accompanied by music. 

Other things that instinctively generate excitement are bright lights, loud noises, blatant sexual displays and dramatic presentations of exciting events whether real as with sporting events or fictional as in movie and TV adventure dramas. Indeed business enterprises take advantage of all of these excitement eliciting modes to sell their products in commercial advertising. People exposed to such displays feel the communicated excitement and are affected in their behavior by it for what is exciting is sensed as promising a good outcome of whatever particular sort.

Novelty is also used endlessly in all manner of propaganda for what is new unless it is markedly frightening or unpleasant inherently holds some promise potentially of a good outcome. Minimally it beckons to watch and absorb the information being transmitted, which is why novelty is an essential of almost all mass media propaganda, often with the same message from the top of the hierarchy being transmitted again and again but always as in sitcoms, movies and so on with superficial novelty. Few like to watch reruns.

To approach the subject in the most general and objective way, note that inculcations of excitement fall into two classes. The first are displays of excitement that arise from genuinely exciting experiences and are transmitted to an audience in an honest spontaneous way. And the second are contrived emotional displays acted out whether or not the actor actually feels excitement, in order to induce excitement in an audience for purposes that benefit the actor, including journalists, televangelists and politicians, or whoever is paying/supporting him or her for their effort. 

The use of music and dancing is a powerful excitant for getting an audience to have hopeful; expectation or confidence in a product or an idea or message, not just in commercials but also for ideological and religious notions that are sold with musical accompaniment like Sunday service choir hymns, Christmas carols and patriotic songs and anthems. The words, “the old song and dance routine”, as a code phrase for a con game derives from singing and dancing strongly affecting the emotions of the targeted audience by producing excitement and confidence in the products and ideas touted in the scam. Indeed even the news on TV in modern times is accompanied by rock music even on CBS and in many cases through female journalists dressed in low cut dresses.   

A most obvious example of a legal scam tinseled with excitements is casino gambling. The mathematics of the law of large numbers and the odds being intrinsically in favor of the casino makes it effectively impossible for a gambler to win. We need not go through the math to prove this but instead can take the word of one the most successful casino owners in Las Vegas, the owner of the Wynn Casino on the Strip, who let it slip on a “60 Minutes” program that in all of his years in the casino business he never saw a winner, not one, in all his years.

Yet people gamble because they feel they can win, have a positive, hopeful expectation that they can beat the casino. This in good part derives from the many excitants casino gamblers are exposed to, the loud music that plays 24 hours a day in a casino, the alcohol provided free which increases excitement chemically, the sexual dress and tone of the cocktail waitresses who provide the free drinks and the exciting flashing lights and sounds of the slot machines. These and endless movies showing happily excited and exciting patrons provide foundation excitement that affects the person’s judgment on whether or not he can win towards confidence that he can win while the mathematical reality would provoke great anxiousness or anxiety that he can’t win to keep people as far away from a casino as from a radioactive waste dump.     

And such emotion jiggering ploys are not limited to selling products on TV and casino gambling but are also used extensively to sell sociopolitical and religious expectations to people. The subliminal message that “this is good for you!” is pushed hard by the excitement incited by choir singing and also in the very preaching of the minister that is 99% emotional and 1% logical. Joel Osteen’s mirror practiced mile wide smile tells you if you’re dumb enough to believe his act that he’s personally excited and very confident about God and His message no matter how noodle brained his actual words are. It’s a good enough act to earn him an Oscar, were the nature of his game properly understood, good enough that, exempt rational analysis, the believer can almost feel the Holy Spirit flying out of his blessedly smiling mouth when he’s preaching.  Indeed emotion must be the selling point of religion because that level of faith without evidence has no rational basis.

The emotion of relief can also be manufactured and communicated as in calming pretentious songs and in oratorical deceptions used by politicians, ministers and salespersons. And disappointment and dismay associated with this or that notion or behavior are easily faked as by newscasters, ministers and politicians in order to affect the emotions of an audience and behaviors that flow from delusional expectations created by such pandering as with the notion that God is personally watching over all 2 billion of you Christians in the world every second of your lives and in a benevolent fashion, no less.     

Need it be stressed all of the above public characters are professional actors with their projected excitement and other mind influencing emotions part of a studied exercise of dramatic actors, journalists, politicians, clergy and commercial TV salespeople doing their song and dance routines for monetary or political profit. What they do are acted out performances, deceptions designed to affect people’s emotions and behaviors in the interests of the performers and those who pay their salaries, generally speaking, the privileged class in the topmost positions in the social hierarchy who own the media and pretty much control all of the information outlets in our hierarchical society. Unfortunately most people exposed to it are too gullible and stupid to think past their emotions and understand that actors of all stripes are always faking it as an intrinsic part of what they do and who they are, performers paid off to perform and are never the admirable characters they pretend to be by dint of the fact that they are always inherently lying to the audience by the very nature of what a performance is. 

The above described excitement inducing fakery that affects people expectations is one primary leg of cultural propaganda, the other being how people’s sense of what is significant and insignificant by repetition in media and other ruling class information outlets. Emotion jiggling propaganda is so universally endemic in our lives that it has becomes an accepted part of our culture, dangerously overlooked because its powerful effect and potential deleterious effects on people are simply not noticed by an audience who is made to be entertained and feel pleasure in faked performances.

Well maybe I will say a few more words about my wife. After all, you should know who she is if she is going to be running for the presidency in 2016 assuming they didn’t already take over and impeach Obama with after taking the Senate and the House.

12. Foxy Loxy

Ruth was raised an obedient girl pet in the most fundamentalist Bible believing sect of Lutheranism. The leash around her neck was the corporal punishment administered regularly with the hairbrush by her stern conservative, dyke looking mother. Ruth was just plain afraid of her mother, so afraid, indeed, of everything from her abuse as a child that when I met her, she was even afraid of the full moon shining in the night sky. But Ruth was also a frequently petted pet on a leash, which shaped her looks as the perfect flagstaff for the ministerial family.

“What a beautiful daughter you have, Reverend Graf!” parishioners often exclaimed on the way out of church on Sunday. 

She was designed to provide praise for the family also in being married off by the parents to a seminary student of the Rev. Graf, who was assigned to the fertile mission fields of post WWII Japan. Ruth was the window dressing who unwittingly attracted the young male converts to Pastor Haggard’s mission church in Hokkaido. Her capability in that area was not lacking for Ruth was pretty enough to land a commercial modeling job on Japanese TV as the young American wife who loved a kind of fermented Japanese bean soup. For six years she was the pitchman for Koiten Miso Soup and was minor celebrity enough in Japan to be stopped sometimes on the street and in restaurants by strangers and asked: “You’re the Koiten Soup girl, aren’t you!”   

After a half dozen years of nauseating sex with the missionary husband and the impossible mothering of three wooden children, their early psychological deaths 25% her fault and the rest the fault of the world she was born into that preyed on her, egged on by her success as a commercial model on Japanese TV, she had an affair with one of the young converts in their church, an athletic ski bum type college student, that awakened her inner self, as they say in the trendier sociosexual blogs on the Internet these days.

Given the general lack of calculated thinking in the mind of Foxy Ruth and the equally sloppy cheating strategy of ski bum types, the poorly hidden affair was not long in coming off the hinges in a very public way, for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) missionary community in Japan, 30 couples strong, were an ultra-gossipy bunch.

When the Rev. Haggard, not really his real name, got wind of it, I was told by Ruth that he fell on the floor wriggling around on the rug like a piece of bacon in the frying pan and confessed uncontrollably to his then wife of having had extensive sex with animals in his younger days, later interpreted by Ruth to have included, though not confessed to, his mildly retarded cousin Larry. No wonder sex with him was so disgusting, she remarked in sudden revelation while sharing a joint with me decades later.

As a result of the infidelity scandalizing the entire LCMS community, all but one of the 30 missionary couples was immediately recalled to the States, much to the utter humiliation of her father who was just about to run for Bishop of the Texas District. Her Rev. Haggard husband quickly enrolled in a Master’s Degree program for Pastoral Counseling that eventually got him a position as a drug counselor working for the State of Texas, you know the kind that bleed the teenage marijuana offenders who have no choice but to tolerate the psychological rape of forced counseling rather than to go to prison.

I came into the picture just when the Rev. Haggard was about to entrap his straying Foxy Loxy into a visit to two Pastoral Counseling professors of his, just enough psychiatrists to have her involuntarily committed for the sin of crazily urinating on their church in public, which would provide a convenient mental illness excuse for Ruth’s ministerial family as to why such a nice girl from such a nice pious family would have done such a horrid thing.

I met Ruth at the youth hostel three days before she was about to keep the appointment cleverly set up by the Rev. Haggard and I told her with all the wisdom of a PhD doctoral dropout in Biophysics who was physically tough enough to think he could whoop Mohammed Ali to not keep the appointment because I was sure in my 200% cynical attitude towards the American social hierarchy that her husband was about to murder her by locking her up forever if he could.

Many visits by Ruth to me at the Youth Hostel later, the Rev. Haggard drove up in his blue Toyota to preach to me about his wife’s insanity and how I should stop having sex with her because it was only making her mental condition worse. At that I immediately emptied my blue jeans pockets to get ready for the fight and asked him politely to take off his glasses. He refused to engage no matter my subsequent insults until I meandered onto his mother as my target of insulting him, which lit the fuse that enraged this quintessential mama’s boy, after which I had to restrain myself from an instinctive inclination to rip his eyes out of his head once I was sitting atop his chest, lest I be locked up for overstepping the legal limits for his well-deserved beating.

Eventually we said fuck to the law and once the divorce became final ran off with Junko whom the Rev. Haggard had insisted they adopt in Japan to make him look like the most piously wonderful missionary in Japan. In these days our running off to deny him further contact and visitation would be felony kidnapping with Ruth’s and my picture splattered over TV, but in those days we got away with it by staying well hidden. I bought a .38 special and a 12 gauge shotgun before we crossed the border into Oregon vowing to myself blow the bastard away if I ever set eyes on him after he beat the kid just out of diapered dumb on her last visitation with him as a way of completing his destruction of the wife who smelled the creep in him and exposed him as something less than perfect to his religious coterie by divorcing him. 

13. A Unified Understanding of Nature

To develop a unified understanding of nature, physical, biological and human, we employ the D diversity index of Eq67 that we used to specify significance in the last section. Let us start with the premise that we see with our eyes in front of us is truth and show how the D diversity index of Eq67 is a measure of what we see. What we see generally is a set of K objects divided into N subset categories or kinds of objects.

For mathematical simplicity we’ll consider the objects to be unit objects, that is, of the same size, and make the distinguishing characteristic of the different kinds of objects be color. We do that because color is a non-quantitative distinction that also keeps the mathematics of what we are about to develop simple and easy to grasp.  The more complex visual fields we see in real life that are made up of different sized objects that are differentiated by characteristics of a wide range, not just of color, are also readily explained, but with more tedious mathematics that is not germane to this analysis.     

We have already encountered in Table 85 three examples of sets of unit objects differentiated only by color: the (■■■■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■■, ), (10, 10, 1), set; the (■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■), (7, 7, 7), set; and the (■■■■■■, ■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■), (6, 6, 9) set. Each of these sets has K=21 objects in N=3 colors. They differ only in the distribution of the K=21 objects over the N=3 color categories. We want to specify their distributional differences quantitatively.

We can do that using a familiar measure of statistics, the statistical error function of the standard deviation, σ, (sigma). To calculate σ, we first need to define the mean or arithmetic average of the number of objects in a category, μ, (mu). 

95.)                Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image013.png

The mean number of objects in each color category of all three of our sets, each of which has K=21 objects in N=3 color categories is μ=K/N=21/3=7. Next we’ll derive the standard deviation of each set from the variance, σ2, which is just the square of the standard deviation, σ.   

96.)                Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image014.png

The variance of the (10, 10, 1) set is 

97.)                Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image015.png

With its variance as σ2=18, the standard deviation of this (10, 10, 1) set is the square root of σ2 as σ=4.24.  The σ standard deviation is a measure of the distribution of the K objects of a set over the N subset categories in terms of the imbalance in the distribution. From Eq96 the standard deviation of the (7, 7, 7) set of (■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■) is σ=0 interpreted as its having no imbalance in its distribution. And the standard deviation of the (6, 6, 9) set of (■■■■■■, ■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■) is σ=1.414, which as less than the σ=4.243 of the (10, 10, 1) set indicates less imbalance than it, which fits our intuitive sense of the relative imbalance in the two unbalanced sets. The σ standard deviation is also expressed relative to the μ mean as the relative error, r,  

98.)                Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image016.png

And an important variation of this for our concerns is the square of the relative error, r2, which we will refer to as the perfect error.

99.)                Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image017.png

The relative and perfect errors of our three example sets make it clear that all of these statistical error functions of σ2, σ, r and r2 are measures of the imbalance in a set.


Sets of K=21 Objects   

Number Set







(■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■)

(7, 7, 7)







(■■■■■■, ■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■)

(6, 6, 9)







(■■■■■■■■■■, ■■■■■■■■■■, )

(10, 10, 1)







Table 100. Sets of K=21 Objects in N=3 Colors and Their D Diversity Indices

This table of values suggests that the D diversity index of a set of objects from Table 69 is an inverse function of the imbalance in the set: the greater the imbalance, the less the diversity for sets with a fixed K number of objects and N number of subset categories. It is easy and helpful to show this analytically. First solve the variance formula of Eq96 for the summation term in it as 

101.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image018.png

Then we insert this summation into Eq67 to obtain D via µ in Eq95 and r2 in Eq98 as

102.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image019.png


This shows the D diversity index to be a succinct description of the K, N and σ properties of a set of objects, collectively quantifying how many K objects are in the set, how many N subset categories the objects are distributed over and what the σ imbalance in the distribution is. Hence, Simpson’s Reciprocal Diversity Index, D, turns out to be a compact snapshot of what we see, which is truth at least from the perspective that we accept as truth what we see with our own eyes. To the extent that every system in nature can be described in terms of K elements distributed over N subset categories with r2 imbalance, D diversity is a succinct description of that system and as such a unifying principle in describing nature.

How systems change over time is also a centrally important aspect of the truth of nature. In the next few sections we shall see how observed change must take on the form of an increase in diversity, a decrease in diversity and certain special processes characterized by both decreases and increases in diversity as characterize evolutions of all kinds, Darwinian, cultural and chemical. This is along with the truth that all systems in nature can be characterized by their diversity a unifying concept for nature. We will consider some of these diversity change processes in detail starting with a most important one for chemical change, entropy.   

14. Dirty Shyster, Brother Don


As to who I was before I met Ruth, I left RPI in 1970 after my graduate school research work was plagiarized by the most powerful man on my thesis committee and published in the science literature as his own. When I was first screwed with like that I accepted it because I had no choice. In academics the professors either do or don’t give a pass to the graduate students to give them their PhD. There’s no Supreme Court or God to appeal to and if the head man is a thief of your work, though it feels like rape to have your creative work stolen, you have no choice but to go down on one knee and accept it as part of life in Hell with the Devil.

Doing so affected me in a major way. I liked myself enough generally to not think of myself as a jerk, but though it was clear that what was done to me by Dr. Posner was out and out theft and not in any way my fault, I began to feel like a jerk. If I didn’t entirely lose my mojo from this kick in the ass, I lost enough of it to hate this Dr. Posner.

The next chunk of work I did on my own that pretty much solved the problem of the inorganic aspect of bone growth I was smart enough to hide from Posner in a very aggressive way. It wasn’t quite the punch in the face I frequently fantasized giving him when trying to get off that one knee I went down, but I did spit in his face in my attitude toward him after I had solved the problem and in a public way, too.   

This was smack in the middle of the cultural revolution of the late 60s and my manner towards Posner once I saw what the game was with him was as forcefully brazen as wearing beard and long hair unkempt in the conservative surroundings of his research lab up at New York Hospital on the East Side in Manhattan. When I remarked to a research assistant flunkey of Posner’s out of casual observation that Posner looked like he’d aged twenty years, Dr. Termine, the flunkey, replied, “That’s because of you.”

My making revolution on a small scale in this frog pond of academia not only restored my mojo, it inflated it by a few hundred percent and I went off into a social reality for the next half year that mimicked your average seventh grader boy’s wildest fantasy of sociosexual and competitive success. So I had no problem knowing what to when Posner came back from hell to pointedly tell me in May of 1970 while running his finger across the dotted line of the title page of my thesis that he “still had to sign my thesis” for me to get my PhD.   

As my psychic machinery had evolved by this time to the highest level of a young rebel, it took all of about 40 seconds for me to tell him to go fuck himself. A few weeks later I split for Europe and began writing the biomathematical equivalent of Rousseau’s Social Contract. By the time I made acquaintance with Ruth’s family three years later I looked not unlike a combination of Che Guevara and Charles Manson. To say I was not welcomed by my Graf in-laws-to-be would be the quintessential understatement for which no metaphor could be found. 

Years after I dropped out of graduate school and found out my research work had been validated by a newly invented electron microscope technique and that I was given credit for the initial discovery in the scientific journal, Calcified Tissue Research, RPI not only dropped Posner from my thesis committee and gave me a quick prodigal son PhD after a ten year absence and to boot a position on faculty in the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering. This sudden leap in status took Ruth and me, now with my hair cut as neat as Robert McNamara, down to Texas to see her family.

Description: Description: http://www.nndb.com/people/387/000022321/robert-mcnamara.jpg
Prof. C. En Route to In-Laws

This was for a long overdue visit with my now legal in-laws, Ruth and I having gotten formally married somewhere in the middle of 1973-1980. They were still out to murder us especially after Ruth had written a masterpiece of a comic book about her life that showed her to be very unhappy before she got away from this gaggle of child abusing, corporal punishing fundamentalist fruitcakes. We sent 1000 copies of Minister’s Daughter, Missionary’s Wife around including to 800 Lutheran ministers and to all of Ruth’s family and her ex-husband’s friends, relatives and neighbors. This caused Ruth’s snot nosed jerk of a minister father to be instantly retired early from the ministry as a pastor in Waco, TX to become a real estate salesman. That’s not a joke but a reality that actually happened that should make clear the similar personalities of the folks in those two scam artist professions. 

The visit with the parents had an undercurrent of fairly well concealed hate lathered with forced politeness and formal hospitality on their part for I was now Dr. Calabria at a high grade university and Ruth was my duly wedded wife. I was wary. The high point or low point of the week spent in Texas came next with an invite by Ruth’s older brother, Don Graf, a lawyer, to come to breakfast at his house in Lubbock. We brought a box of chocolate doughnuts.

Attorney Don’s trophy wife, Ruby, was all smiles and asking friendly flirty Southern gal questions of me at the breakfast table like everything was “just fine.” Joining us at the breakfast table, surprise, surprise, was Ruby’s father, a large sized Texas pig farmer and Ruby’s sister and her brother-in-law, an enormous Texas speedway owner with the classic back of the neck fat roll and hard beady eyes. 

What a coincidence! Don’s in-laws show up just at the same time that Ruth is coming home to see the family for the first time in seven years! The few conversational bites that come from punky though large sized Don’s father-in-law and brother-in-law make it clear through their superficially light tone that they would intimidate me if they could. I was not pressed in that direction in the slightest for my record in street violence at that time was 10 wins and zero losses and at my best I had backed down a dozen Puerto Ricans by blowing away their leader with the first punch thrown.

Ruby was friendly enough to make me wonder how much of her friendly gab was tinsel and how much personal stimulation. Brother Don, despite being a senior partner at the oldest law firm in West Texas, McClesky, Harriger, Brazill and Graf, is not impressive up front, striking me right off the bat, with no sour grapes in this description for his wealthy lawyer status, as a pansy ass jerk who has to wear cowboy boots to Sunday breakfast to keep up the pretense of his mother blessed superiority.

The participants seemed eager to hurry through breakfast and I see why when Ruth and I are suddenly invited at the second cup of coffee to check out Don’s newly bought winery out on the outskirts of Lubbock. Participants in this tour will include Ruth and me, Don and his two large sized in-laws, but not Ruby or her mousy sister, the speedway guy’s wife. Still being as recklessly brave as a teenage matador and as naïve as a newborn rabbit, I suspect nothing of what will come next.    

A picture worth a thousand words would do better here, but we have to settle for a verbal snapshot of Don standing on one side of a table at the winery where corks are put in wine bottles with a cork hammer, banging one repeatedly on the table top as his insulting tone punches at Ruth again and again making her progressively more uncomfortable and me progressively more irritated while naively trying to disguise my bubbling up fury for the sake of maintaining some semblance of family civility.

Don’s facile ability to rankle Ruth makes more sense when understood in the context of their childhood during which he was given tacit permission from the dyke mother, Mildred Graf, to abuse his kid sister on a daily basis with physical punches to the shoulder and verbal punches to her childlike vulnerable psyche. Indeed a good part of Don’s confidence in his adult life derived from his dominance over sister, Ruth. This is a classic mother’s boy bitch.

As the tempo of his attacks increased along with my less and less well disguised impending violence and the hammer bangs down harder and harder on the table, I am vaguely aware of the presence of Don’s two henchmen out of the corner of my eye off to the side fifteen feet or so away from the main action at the corking table. I am unaware of the danger in all of this because the supreme physical confidence my ghetto living on the Lower East Side after I dropped out of school gave me blocks out any feelings of fear instinctively. At some point in this upward spiraling tension, Don drops the hammer, his face falls and he slinks away from the table and from Ruth and me.

The tour of the winery is suddenly over. Back in our car on a dirt road outside this winery muddied from rain the night before, I look in the rear view mirror to see what my face looks like and say to Ruth still unaware of whatever Don might have been planning, ”Christ, I look like some kind of killer you might see in the news. I hope I didn’t make a bad impression.”

Don and the two in-laws are in his car in front of us, but as we meander into this muddy dirt path out in the middle of nowhere, suddenly their car comes to a stop. It is a long minute and a half until Donald Lee Graf jumps out his car and runs over to my driver’s side window, sputtering nervously, “We got stuck in the mud, honestly!” Only after he trots back to his car do I realize that what he was saying was that hadn’t stopped his car on purpose to block us out there on this dirt road out in the middle of nowhere and us harm. 

Only at the entrance to the winery on the way out when I spot the sullen dark faces of the two in-laws does it become clear that Don was supposed to goad me into a fight with the hammer banging at Ruth that the in-laws would quickly join to beat the hell out of me, the three of them, and/or bring the police in to finish punishing the infidel from the North for stealing Foxy Loxy from the family and making utter fools of them in doing it. The in-laws looked like classic fools chewing on their teeth in frustration at me and with annoyance at Don for his lacking the courage to pull the pin on the grenade and start the entrapping fight with me.

Less than a year later back in New York we receive a letter from Don’s wife, Ruby, out of the blue telling us that she has just divorced Don with bitter spiteful words spliced into the unexpected announcement obviously designed to hurt him as much as she could by humiliating him to us two prime enemies in his life. Her male relatives seeing what an asshole coward her meal ticket lawyer husband was took her beyond the critical point of her previously putting up with his bad smell for the sake of rising up out of the pig farmer daughter class.     

15. Entropy, a Diversity Increasing Phenomenon 

Spontaneous thermochemical change is characterized by the increase in entropy according to the universally accepted 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which many scientists regard as the most important law in science. It is also a most unusual rule of science given that the phenomenon it governs, entropy, is intuitively so confusing as to be considered almost mystical. This confusion about entropy is readily attested to by the myriad number of engineering and science students who have been required to take a course in thermodynamics over the last hundred years.


As it turns out, the Simpson’s Reciprocal Diversity Index, D, of Eq67 is the key to clarifying this mystery. The value in doing so is not only to clear up a two centuries major confusion in physical science by showing entropy to be a diversity increasing physical quantity but also to set the stage for showing that natural selection is in parallel naught but a mathematical mechanism that reduces that reduces set diversity and to demonstrate the general power of Lucky Numbers mathematics.  

That entropy is presently considered by science to be a confusing subject is made clear in the article in Wikipedia, Entropy (energy dispersal), that says that entropy is best understood intuitively when described qualitatively in terms of the dispersal or spreading out of the energy of a system over the molecules of the system. The problem with this clear, simple and intuitively obvious understanding of entropy is that the accepted quantitative formulation of it as the S=klogW equation inscribed on Ludwig Boltzmann’s 1906 tombstone, S=kBlnW in modern notation, in no way fits or generates this intuitively sensible picture of entropy as energy dispersal. Diversity, however, does.

Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image021.png

                                                                                                        Boltzmann’s 1906 Tombstone

So difficult was it for Boltzmann’s peers back at the turn of the 20th Century to make intuitive sense out of his entropy formula that they initially rejected it causing Boltzmann to commit suicide from his life’s effort seemingly being flushed down the drain. But so mathematically tight is the fit of Boltzmann’s S entropy to the pertinent laboratory data that after its initial rejection and Boltzmann’s death it was ultimately hailed as a major scientific breakthrough and honored as such by inscription on his tombstone. Still it has confused countless students and professionals alike to this day.

We will show in this section that Boltzmann’s S entropy, given below in modern notation, is flat out incorrect and must be replaced with a diversity function to give the correct sense out of what entropy is as a physical quantity.   

103.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image022.png

We will explain the S, kB and W terms in Boltzmann’s entropy formulation as we show his equation to be incorrect. Bypassing the gibblegabble of the popinjays who currently rule in the academic kingdom of confused Boltzmann statistical mechanics, we begin by understanding a thermodynamic system in the most simple way as a random or equiprobable distribution of K discrete (or whole numbered) energy units over N molecules.


This microstate sense of a thermodynamic system is perfectly modeled by the more intuitively digestible random or equiprobable distributing of K candy bars to N children by their grandfather. Consider the random distribution of K=4 candy bars to N=2 grandchildren, Jack and Jill, as done by grandpa tossing the candy bars blindly over his shoulder to them. Such a distribution is equiprobable because each of the N=2 children has an equal, P=1/N=1/2, probability of getting a candy bar on any given toss of one.    

For ease in understanding the K=4 candy bars will be different brands, one a Snickers, S, one a Hershey’s, H, one a Butterfinger, B, and one a Tootsie Roll, T. We could use the same brand for all K=4 of the candy bars and still get the same mathematical results, but using different brands most easily makes clear the Ω=NK=24=16 permutations of candy bar allocations that are possible to the N=2 kids. These Ω=16 permutations are listed in {braces} in this table below where the candy bars Jack gets are listed to the left of the comma in each {brace} and the candy bars that Jill gets are listed to the right of the comma.


Ω=16 permutations

{SHBT, 0}

{SHB, T}

{SH, BT}

{T, SHB}

{0, SHBT}



{SHT, B}

{SB, HT}

{B, SHT}




{SBT, H}

{ST, BH}

{H, SBT}




{BTH, S}

{HB, ST}

{S, BTH}





{HT, SB}






{BT, SH}




[4, 0]

[3, 1]

[2, 2]

[1, 3]

[0, 4]

Permutations per state






Probability of a state=permutations per state/Ω






State number set notation

x1=4, x2=0

x1=3, x2=1

x1=2, x2=2

x1=1, x2=3

x1=0, x2=4

Table 104.The Ω=16 Permutations and other Parameters of the Distribution of K=4 Candy Bars to N=2 Children

In the table the Ω=NK=16 permutations are grouped into W=5 states in [brackets], [4, 0], [3, 1], [2, 2], [1. 3] and [0, 4], that specify how many candy bars Jack and Jill receive. And below that is listed the number of permutations in each state. And below that from understanding all Ω permutations in a random distribution to be equiprobable, here as 1/Ω=1/16, the probabilities of the states are listed. And below that in the table is the number set notation of each state, with x1 being the number of candy bars Jack gets for a particular state and x2, the number of candy bars Jill gets. To make clear what we mean by equiprobable permutations, if grandfather repeats his random tossing of the K=4 candy bars 16 times, on average each of the Ω=16 permutations will appear one time.

The W count of the number of states for such a random candy bar distribution is W=5 for the distribution of K=4 candy bars over N=2 kids. The W term in Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW entropy of Eq103 is the number of states for the equiprobable distribution of K=4 energy units over N=2 molecules. And S is the entropy in S=kBlnW with kB, a constant called Boltzmann’s constant. 

Now it should be obvious that some of the W=5 states in the K=4 over N=2 candy bars have more diversity or dispersion in them than others. The [2, 2] state that has both children getting the same number of candy bars in a K=4 toss, for example, intuitively has more diversity than the [4, 0] and [0, 4] states of one child getting all the candy bars and the other child getting none.

The σ2 variance of a particular permutation can be calculated from Eq96.  The σ2 variances of all the permutations of a given state are the same. And the D diversity of a state is calculated from Eq83. For example, the diversity of the [3, 1} state, x1=3, x2=1, for distributing K=4 candy bars over N=2 children is

105.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image023.png     


The D diversities of the W=5 states of the distribution are


Variance, σ2 

Diversity, D

[4, 0]



[3, 1]



[2, 2]



[1, 3]



[0, 4]



Table 106. The Variance, σ2, and Diversity, D, of the W=5 States of the K=4 over N=2 Distribution

One obtains the average of the σ2 variances of the W=5 states in the K=4 over N=2 distribution as a probability weighted average of the state variances, one that weights the variance of each state by the probability of that state occurring as listed in Table 80. 


Variance, σ2

Probability of State

Probability Weighted Variance

[4, 0]




[3, 1]




[2, 2]




[1, 3]




[0. 4]







Average Variance=σ2AV=4/4=1

Table 107. The Average Variance, σ2AV, of the W=5 States of the K=4 over N=2 Distribution

Note that the average variance is specified as σ2AV, which for the K=4 over N=2 equiprobable distribution is σ2AV=1. Now let’s modify D in Eq102 as a function of the σ2 variance in Eq96 for the σ2AV average variance to obtain the average diversity, DAV, of a random distribution as   

108.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image024.png  



The average diversity of the K=4 over N=2 distribution is, hence, 

109.)  Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image025.png



Next we show that Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW entropy has an extremely high, greater than .99, correlation to the DAV average diversity of a random distribution. To show that we need to be able to calculate the DAV and σ2AV of distributions with K and N values higher than the K=4 and N=2 of our example distribution. This gets very complicated for calculating σ2AV unless we develop a shortcut formula for it. To find one, we next look up the textbook formula for the variance of a multinomial distribution in Wikipedia to see it expressed (in our notation) as

110.)                          Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image026.png

For the equiprobable, random, distribution we are interested in the Pi term in the above is the probability as Pi= 1/N that every one of the N containers of K randomly distributed items has an equal 1/N chance of receiving the item.  We saw this Pi=1/N probability for the K=4 candy bar over N=2 children random distribution where the probability of each child getting a candy bar on any toss was P=1/N=1/2. The Pi =1/N probability for the equiprobable, random, case simplifies the above variance formula of Eq110 by substituting 1/N for Pi to   

111.)                   Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image027.png 

This variance of an equiprobable multinomial distribution is just the average variance of an equiprobable distribution, σ2AV introduced in Table 107. .   


112.)           Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image028.png


We demonstrate Eq112 for the K=4 over N=2 distribution by calculating its σ2AV=1 average variance seen in Table 107 from Eq112 as   

113.)            Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image029.png  

And from Eqs108&112 we derive a simple formula for the average diversity, DAV, as

114.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image030.png



We demonstrate the correctness of this formula by using it to obtain the DAV=1.6 average diversity of the K=4 over N=2 distribution in Eq109 as 

115.)            Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image031.png 

Now we want to test the hypothesis that the entropy of a thermodynamic (random) distribution currently formulated as Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW is properly specified and best understood as the DAV energy diversity of the distribution. We can do that, considering that the kB term in S is a constant, by comparing DAV to the lnW variable in S=kBlnW for various K over N random distributions. We use a well-known shortcut formula for W.

116.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image032.png

Note how this formula calculates the W=5 number states of the K=4 over N =2 distribution seen in Table 104 as

117.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image033.png   
The lnW term in Boltzmann’s entropy, S=kBlnW, is then

118.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image034.png


A further shortcut for ease in calculating lnW for large K and N values can be gotten from Stirling’s Approximation. It approximates the natural logarithm of the factorial of any number, n, as

119.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image035.png

This approximates lnW of Eq118 as  

120.)  Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image036.png 

To demonstrate how accurate the Stirling’s Approximation is, especially for large K and N, we see that it computes lnW for a K=145 over N=30 random distribution as lnW≈75.71, which compares well to the exact lnW=75.88 calculated for it from Eq118. Realistic thermodynamic systems of random distributions of K energy units over N molecules have large K and N. So below we compare the lnW of large K and N distributions as computed from Eq120 to their DAV average diversity computed from Eq114.

































  Table 121. The lnW and DAV of Various K over N Distributions

The Pierson’s correlation coefficient between DAV and lnW for these large K over N random distributions is .9995, nearly a perfect 100% correlation, as illustrated visually with the near straight line scatter plot of DAV versus lnW below.

Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image037.png

Figure 122. A plot of the DAV versus lnW data in Table 121

The .9995 correlation between lnW and DAV for random distributions is very telling in that it is for large K over N distributions that are representative of realistic thermodynamic systems with their large K energy unit and N molecule parameters. Any way that one might choose to compare lnW and DAV including random computer generated distributions of K and N with K>N consistently produces a very high correlation, always greater than .996, in all of our testing.

This tells us that Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW entropy can be replaced by DAV for the fit of the lnW based Boltzmann S=kBlnW entropy to empirical thermodynamic data must be the same as the DAV diversity fit with negligible error because of the high, near 100%, Pearson’s correlation. And this tells us that the entropy of a realistic thermodynamic system can be specified as the energy diversity or energy dispersal or spread of the K energy units over the N molecules, which is much more intuitively sensible physical quantity than Boltzmann’s lnW based S=kBlnW entropy given that the lnW, logarithm of the W number of states of a distribution, has absolutely no meaning as a physical quantity. Indeed the quantitative fit of this DAV energy dispersal characterization of a thermodynamic system to the qualitative energy dispersal description encouraged in the Wikipedia article entitled Entropy (energy dispersal) is quite remarkable.        

This and further arguments we shall put forth make clear that Boltzmann derived entropy as his lnW based S=kBlnW formula because it was the only mathematical function available in his time that fit the thermodynamic data because Simpson’s D diversity was not developed and available for science until 1949, many years after Boltzmann’s death, and even then as a measure of biodiversity for ecologists and sociologists, which lacked ready dissemination to the physical science community doing the theoretical research on entropy and thermodynamics.

As Boltzmann and his work are highly respected in science, right up there with Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell and Albert Einstein, we must bolster the argument that he was wrong and the diversity expression for entropy correct in every way we can. This demand requires us next to proffer an argument that starts with the introduction of another mathematical property of multinomial distributions called a configuration.

It is simply the collection of all states that have the same number set representation. For example, the states of [0, 4] and [4, 0] of the K=4 over N=2 random distribution have the same number set, (4, 0), which is a configuration of that distribution. Note that we write a configuration in parenthesis, (4, 0), rather than in the brackets we used for the [4, 0] and [0, 4] states of the (4, 0) configuration. The K=4 over N=2 random distribution has three configurations, (4, 0), (3, 1) and (2, 2), which the W=5 states of the distribution belong to as  

The 3 configurations of the K=4 over N=2 Distribution

(4, 0)

(3, 1)

(2, 2)

The W=5 states of the K=4 over N=2 Distribution

[4, 0]

[3, 1]

[2, 2]

[0, 4]

[1, 3]


Table 123. The Configurations of the K=4 over N=2 Distribution and Their States

A quick look back to Table 80 makes it clear that a configuration has the same σ2 variance and same D diversity as all the states that comprise the configuration.


Variance, σ2 

Diversity, D

(4, 0)



(3, 1)



(2, 2)



Table 124. The Variance, σ2, and Diversity, D, of the Configurations of the K=4 over N=2 Distribution

Now note carefully in the table that the average variance of σ2AV=1 and average diversity of DAV=1.6 of the K=4 over N=2 distribution are respectively the same as the σ2=1 and D=1.6 of the (3, 1) configuration. On that basis the (3, 1) configuration is understood to represent the entire set of configurations that make up K=4 over N=2 distribution in a succinct way as the Average Configuration of the distribution.

The Average Configuration of a random distribution represents the entire distribution comprised of many configurations with a single configuration much like the mean of a number set, μ=K/N, represents the entire number set of many numbers with a single number. Consider the K=24, N=6, (6, 4, 2, 1, 5, 6), number set. It has a mean of μ=K/N=4 that represents the many numbers in the set with the one number, 4, in a succinctly and simple way. In parallel, the (3, 1) Average Configuration represents the entire K=4 over N=2 distribution in terms of its many configurations of (4, 0), (3, 1) and (2, 2) being represented in a succinct and simple way with the one configuration of (3, 1). And that is because the Average Configuration has the same values of σ2 and D respectively as the σ2AV variance and DAV diversity of the entire distribution.   

If the Average Configuration is truly representative of the distribution as a whole, it should exhibit the salient properties of the distribution, which are not only its σ2AV variance and its DAV diversity but also the Maxwell-Boltzmann energy distribution that is an empirical property of every realistic thermodynamic distribution.  

Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image038.jpg

Figure 125. The Maxwell-Boltzmann Energy Distribution

If the Average Configuration of a K over N distribution can be shown to exhibit the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, it will go a long way in supporting diversity as the correct formulation and understanding of entropy rather than Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW.  While we developed the Average Configuration for the random distributions of K candy bars over N children it is also valid for thermodynamic random distributions of K discrete energy units over N molecules. The equiprobable distribution of K candy bars over N children comes about from grandfather tossing the candy bars to the children blindly over his shoulder when done repeatedly is a perfect mathematical model for the equiprobable distribution of K energy units over N molecules that comes from repeated collisions between molecules and the random energy transfers they bring about for the simplest thermodynamic system of gas molecules moving about and repetitively colliding in a container of fixed volume.

The K=4 energy unit over N=2 molecule distribution has too few K energy units and N molecules for its Average Configuration, (3, 1), to show any resemblance to the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of Figure 125. We need to use distributions rather with higher K and N values starting with the K=12 energy units over N=6 molecule distribution. To find its Average Configuration we first calculate the σ2AV distribution variance from Eq112.

126.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image039.png

The Average Configuration of the K=12 over N=6 distribution will have a σ2 variance with the same value as the distribution variance of σ2AV=1.667. The easiest way to find Average Configuration of a distribution is with a Microsoft Excel program that generates all the configurations of this distribution and their variances to find one whose σ2 has the same value as σ2AC=1.67. It is the (4, 3, 2, 2, 1, 0) configuration, which is the Average Configuration on the basis of its having a variance of σ2=1.667. A plot of the number of energy units on a molecule for this Average Configuration of (4, 3, 2, 2, 1, 0) versus the number of its molecules that have that energy is shown below.


Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image040.png

Figure 127. Number of Energy Units per Molecule vs. the Number of Molecules Which
Have That Energy for the Average Configuration of the K=12 over N=6 Distribution

Seeing this distribution as the Maxwell-Boltzmann energy distribution of Figure 125 is a bit of a stretch, though it might be characterized as a very simple, choppy Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. Next let’s consider a larger K over N distribution, one of K=36 energy unit over N=10 molecules. Its σ2AV distribution variance is from Eq112,

128.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image041.png 

The Microsoft Excel program runs through the configurations of this distribution to find one whose σ2 variance has same value as the σ2AV =3.24 distribution variance, namely, (1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). A plot of the energy distribution of this Average Configuration is


Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image042.png

Figure 129. Number of Energy Units per Molecule vs. the Number of Molecules Which
Have That Energy for the Average Configuration of the K=36 over N=10 Distribution

This curve was greeted without prompting by Dr. John Hudson, Professor Emeritus of Materials Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY and author of the graduate text, Thermodynamics of Surfaces, with, “It’s an obvious proto-Maxwell-Boltzmann!” And next we look at the K=40 energy unit over N=15 molecule distribution, whose σ2AV distribution variance is from Eq112,

130.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image043.png

Our Microsoft Excel program finds four configurations that have this variance including (0, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6), which is an Average Configuration of the distribution on the basis of its σ2=2.489 variance. A plot of its energy distribution is


Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image044.png

Figure 131. Number of Energy Units per Molecule vs. the Number of Molecules Which
Have That Energy for the Average Configuration of the K=40 over N=15 Distribution

And next we look at the K=145 energy unit over N=30 molecule distribution whose variance is from Eq112,

132.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image045.png

There are nine configurations with this σ2RC =4.672 variance including (0, 0, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 10), which is the RC on that basis. A plot of its energy distribution is


Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image046.png

Figure 133. Number of Energy Units per Molecule vs. the Number of Molecules Which
Have That Energy for the Average Configuration of the K=145 over N=30 Distribution

As we increase the K and N of our example equiprobable distributions we see that the plot of their energy per molecule versus the number of molecules with that energy more and more closely resembles the shape of the realistic Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of Figure 125. Larger K and N distributions yet make for energy distributions that more and more perfectly fit Figure 125.  

This development of the empirical Maxwell-Boltzmann energy distribution from the Average Configuration not only supports diversity formulated entropy as the proper form of entropy but also provides an intuitively sensible microstate picture of a thermodynamic system. Specifically it depicts a K energy unit over N molecule system as consisting of Ω=NK molecular energy permutations that develop over Ω=NK time durations through Ω=NK collisions between molecules over time with the time duration between all collisions assumed to take the same amount of time. The random energy transfers from the collisions produce on average all the various Ω=NK equiprobable permutations over time as represented succinctly and simply by the Average Configuration in its having the average properties of the system including its variance, its diversity and its Maxwell-Boltzmann energy distribution.

This picture fits the empirical data well enough to be understood as either an alternative explanation of entropy in terms of diversity that improves Boltzmann’s statistical mechanics by making it more intuitively digestible or one that overthrows Boltzmann with finality. The latter interpretation makes the most sense given that Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW entropy is gibblegabble conceptually in failing to explain entropy as a physical quantity other than by its mathematical equivalence to energy diversity or energy dispersal as the DAV function to which S has a .9996 correlation.

This is not to cast Boltzmann’s genius to hell. His predecessor giants in physical science, Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell, proved their respective laws of gravity and of electromagnetism by their fit to observed data. And so did Boltzmann with his S=kBlnW entropy equation that fit the thermodynamic data. But Boltzmann’s lnW based entropy formula fit the data only because of its capricious chance correlation to mathematical diversity, something Boltzmann couldn’t possibly have known about because the proper diversity functions weren’t developed by Simpson and available to science until 1948, long after Boltzmann died. Credit for genius where credit is due, though, for the correct specification of entropy as diversity a century later now would have been impossible without Boltzmann developing his S formula first.

The understanding of entropy as diversity from the foregoing analysis is not complete. To solve the problem of entropy in perfect detail, yet another diversity function that also has a very high correlation with Boltzmann S=kBlnW entropy must be considered. To develop it we begin by expressing the K variable of a number set we have been using repeatedly in a formal way now as

134.)                Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image047.png

For the (6, 5, 1) number set, for example, which has x1=6, x2=5 and x3=1, we see K= x1+x2+x3=6+5+1=12. This allows us to define the μ mean or arithmetic average of Eq95 as  

135.)                  Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image048.png

Next we want to express 1/N in terms of the weight fraction of a natural number set. It is just the fractional measure of xi of a number set, the ratio of the xi number of objects in each of the N subsets of a number set to the K total number of objects in the set. For the K=12, N=3, (6, 5, 1), number set that has x1=6, x2=5 and x3=1, the weight fractions are p1=x1/K=6/12=1.2, p2=x2/K=5/12 and p3=x3/K=1/12. In shorthand we would write the pi weight fractions of (6, 5, 1) as (1/2, 5/12, 1/12). The weight fraction of a number set is given generally as

136)                 Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image049.png

The pi weight fractions of a number set necessarily sum to one.

137.)                 Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image050.png

For example the weight fractions of (6, 5, 1) as (1/2, 5/12, 1/12) sum to one. Now the (1/N) term in the rightmost summation of Eq109 can be understood as the average weight fraction of a number set. We take the average of a number set’s weight fractions by adding its pi up and dividing by the number of pi, which is N. For example, the weight fractions of the N=3, (6, 5, 1), set are p1=1/2, p2=5/12 and p3=1/12. They sum to 1 from Eq137, and dividing this sum of 1 by N obtains 1/N. So the average weight fraction, which is given the symbol,Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image051.png, is for the N=3 set, (6, 5, 1), Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image051.png=1/N=1/3. Or generally for any number set, the average weight fraction is   

138.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image052.png

This allows us to express the μ mean in Eq135 in terms of the average weight fraction,Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image051.png, as

139.)          Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image053.png

This interprets the μ mean of a number set as the sum of “slices” of its xi with each “slice” of “thickness”Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image051.png, the average weight fraction. This form of μ computes the μ=K/N=12/3=4 mean of the K=12, N=3, (6, 5, 1), number set as

140.)           Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image054.png

All of the above is spelled out as preface to our defining a new average of a number set called the biased average, φ, (phi). In parallel to the μ arithmetic average of a number set being the ratio of K to N as μ=K/N, we define the φ biased average as the ratio of K to the D diversity of a number set as    

141.)             Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image055.png

For the K=12, (6, 5, 1), set, which has D=2.323 from Eq2, φ=K/D=5.167. Note that this φ=5.167 biased average is greater than the μ=4 arithmetic average of (6, 5, 1). Next let’s express the D Simpson’s Reciprocal Diversity Index of Eq83 via Eq136 as   

142.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image056.png


This has us specify φ=K/D in a way parallel to μ in Eq139 as a function of the pi weight fractions of a number set of Eq136 as

143.)            Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image057.png



This has us interpret the φ biased average as the sum of “slices” of xi with each “slice” of “thickness” pi, that is, of a thickness of the actual pi weight fraction rather than of the Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image051.png=1/N average weight fraction as was the case for μ in Eq139. Note that the above form for φ in Eq138 obtains the φ=5.167 biased average of (6, 5, 1) as

144.)            Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image058.png

This makes it clear just how the φ biased average is biased in its exaggerating the contribution of the larger subsets in a set to the φ biased average of a set. With regard to our perfecting our understanding of thermodynamic entropy, the φ biased average is just an introduction to another diversity based biased average, the square root biased average, ψ, (psi), which is the foundation of the proper microstate specification of temperature and of entropy. The ψ average has the form of the sum of slices of the xi of a set of thickness, pi1/2, which is the square root of the weight fractions of a number set. So in parallel to Eq143 for the φ biased average, 

145.)               Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image059.png

We have placed a question mark on this introductory definition of the ψ square root biased average to indicate that there is something not quite right with it as it stands. What isn’t right is that the pi1/2 weightings don’t add up to 1 as they must to form any kind of an average of the xi of a set, that proviso just being in the intrinsic nature of an average. This problem can be illustrated with the (6, 5, 1) set, which while its pi weight fractions of (1/2, 5/12, 1/12) do add up to 1, the pi1/2 square roots of these weight fractions, (.7071, .6454, .2887), don’t add up to 1. Rather their sum is .7071+.6454+.2887=1.6412. Because they don’t add to 1 they can’t be used to weight the xi in forming an average of them.

This problem is readily resolved by normalizing the pi1/2 to get them to add up to 1, which is done by dividing each of them, (.7071, .6454, .2887), by their 1.6412 sum. This obtains normalized pi1/2 of (.4308, .3933, .1759), which do add up to 1 and, hence, can properly weight the xi of the (6, 5, 1) set to form its ψ square root biased average as

146.)              ψ = (.4308)(6) +(.3933)(5) + (.1759)(1)= 4.727

The sum of pi1/2 function that divides the pi1/2 to normalize them is expressed in a general way as

147.)             Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image060.png

It refines the ψ{?} questionable function for ψ in Eq145 by dividing the pi in its numerator to normalize each pi1/2xi and obtain the ψ square root biased average correctly as

148.)         Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image061.png


And we can express ψ in an alternative way via the pi=xi/K weight fraction relationship of Eq136 as 

149.)            Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image062.png


Now much as the φ=K/D biased average was the ratio of the K number of objects in a set divided by the diversity index, D, so also we can understand a diversity index that is the ratio of K to the ψ square root biased average and called the Square Root Diversity Index. 

150.)        Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image063.png



Next we want to show that the G average diversity of a thermodynamic distribution, GAV, also has a high correlation to the lnW term in Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW and as such, along with DAV, is a candidate to replace Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW as the proper diversity based function for entropy. This is a tricky correlation to compute, however, because the form of G  in Eq150 is not amenable to developing a simple function for its average value, GAV, as we did for DAV in Eq88 as DAV=KN/(K+N−1). 

Because GAV is the G of the Average Configuration much as was DAV the D of the Average Configuration, we can obtain GAV for the K over N distributions for which we have the specific number sets of the Average Configurations, the K=4 over N=2 distribution and those in Figures 127-133. Below we list those K over N distributions along with the lnW from Eq118 and the D and G of these distributions Average Configurations, DAV and GAV respectively, from Eq114 and Eq150.































                                                                                                   Table 151. The lnW, DAV and G­AV of Distributions in Figures 101-107

The correlation between the lnW and DAV of the above distributions is .996. Though quite high, this is less than the .9995 correlation between lnW and DAV that we saw in Table 121 for K over N distributions of higher K and N. What is noteworthy is that the correlation between lnW and GAV for the K over N distributions in Table 151 is also quite high as .994, very little different than the .996 correlation between lnW and DAV for these distributions.

As the correlation of DAV with lnW went from .996 for these low K over N distributions to .9995, near 100%, for the high K and N distributions back in Table 121, so we can assume reasonably from the closeness in the lnW correlations for DAV and G­AV of .996 and .994 that for high K and N distributions the correlation of GAV to lnW would also be in the range of .999 or near 100%.

Thus we see that either diversity function, DAV or GAV, can replace Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW entropy from both having a high correlation to lnW. What will have us choose GAV over DAV starts with specifying the two average diversity functions respectively from Eq 150 and from Eq141 as

152.)                          Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image064.png 

153.)                          Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image065.png

In standard physico-chemical theory, temperature is taken to be the average kinetic energy. By the equipartition theorem this is directly proportional to the μ=K/N number of energy units per molecule. But a μ=K/N temperature specification must be seriously questioned from the perspective of the reality of how temperature is actually physically measured with a thermometer.


Let us understand the K energy units of a thermodynamic system of N gas molecules to be distributed over them with xi energy units, i=1,2,…N, for each of the N molecules that move about in a container of fixed volume. Because the molecular energy units are divided equally from the equipartition theorem over kinetic, rotational and vibrational energy, the velocity of the molecules as a function of the kinetic energy is proportional to the square root of the x­i number of energy units on each molecule. This has each of the molecules collide with the thermometer that measures the temperature of the system at a frequency equal to the molecular velocity, which is proportional to the square root of the xi number of energy units on the molecule. Hence the smaller energies of the slower moving molecules in the Maxwell-Boltzmann energy distribution of Figure 125 collide with the thermometer less frequently and are, hence, recorded less frequently as part of the temperature than the higher energies of the faster moving molecules that collide with the thermometer and are recorded more frequently.


This necessarily develops temperature as an average of molecular energies weighted toward the higher energies of the faster moving molecules because of their greater velocities that cause them to have a higher frequency of collision with the thermometer. As the velocities of the molecules are directly proportional to the square root of the xi energy of the molecules, the average molecular energy, which is temperature, is the square root of the xi energy weighted average, which is the square root ψ average energy per molecule of the thermodynamic distribution, ψAV.


From this we see that the diversity of the distribution measured in terms of the ψAV temperature is, from Eq126, GAV=K/ψAV rather than DAV=K/φAV, which has us choose between GAV and DAV, both of which have a very high correlation to Boltzmann’s S=kBlnW, the GAV diversity index of the distribution. Now let us see how this changes the form of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics usually expressed as ΔS>0 to one expressed in terms of an increase in energy diversity.


To that end consider two molecular systems initially separate from each other, the 1st one with K=12 energy units distributed over N=3 molecules, which from Eq112 has the energy units distributed in the average configuration as (6, 4, 2). The 2nd system has K=84 energy units distributed over N=3 molecules, which from Eq112 has its energy units distributed as (34, 26, 24).


Now we bring these two systems in thermal contact with each other to form a composite system of K=96 energy units distributed over N=6 molecules with the energy distributed initially as (6, 4, 2, 34, 26, 24). Its G square root diversity is from Eq150, G=4.39. Now as the molecules collide and energy is exchanged, the system comes to equilibrium with its average configuration from Eq112 as (11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 23), whose G is G=5.85, an increase in G diversity upon thermal contact of


154.)              ΔG=5.85−4.39=1.46


Note that this calculation is of whole systems rather than part systems as is done in classical thermodynamics with the change in G being from a fixed K=96, N=6 initial state not in equilibrium other than for its two component subsystems and with the final state understood as the average configuration of the composite system. This expresses the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics in the general form of               


155.)              GfinalGinitial = ΔG> 0


The sense of entropy as energy diversity or energy dispersal is very general in the physical-chemical world. All thermochemical processes that have a classical thermodynamics ΔS increase in entropy exhibit ΔGAV increases in energy diversity. Temperature equilibration between say two pennies one initially at a hotter temperature than the other penny as dictated by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics results in greater energy diversity or energy dispersal as the energy is spread out in a more balanced or even way between the two pennies at equilibrium.


The greater entropy of a system at a hotter temperature within a given phase - crystalline, liquid or gaseous - is readily understood as the greater energy diversity that exists when more energy units are dispersed over the system’s same number of molecules at a higher temperature. And a change in entropy that results from a change in phase is readily understood as the change in energy diversity that results from the phase change. For example, when a system changes from crystalline to liquid, the entropy change, as measured in classical thermodynamics, is an increase and easy to explain as an increase in energy diversity from the reduced constraint on molecular motion in a liquid relative to the ordered molecular motions of a crystal.


And the same interpretation of increased energy diversity as increased entropy is clear in a liquid to gas phase change where the molecular motion is less constrained and more diverse in the gas phase relative to the liquid phase. Entropy change as energy diversity change is obvious in all chemical reactions, which is what representing the spontaneous entropy increase as ΔGAV>0 denotes. We leave the further detailed work of specifying entropy as energy diversity in all thermochemical reactions to the specialist professionals in the physical science community. Next we want to look at a diversity decreasing process.


16. Incarceration

Alas poor Peter, set up by brother Don and the FBI power available to the LCMS. It is better to imagine what prison is like than to ever have experienced it firsthand, a horrid personal end of time.

As the years passed Junko grew up as Junko and married Greg, the pained son of a DC policeman whose hyper-devout loony Catholic wife would punish Greg and his seven siblings for their sins of disobedience by making them kneel on a hardwood floor in their undershorts on grains of uncooked rice in front of a small well lit statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Greg was like a faithful dog who found a home with us in marrying Junko. He responsibly took out an insurance policy for $200,000 just in time for the birth of their son who was nicknamed Champ in best hopes for the darling little guy, an endearing rascal from the day he was born.

Greg’s traffic accident on a wet slippery road just months after the baby came left his face carved to pieces and sewed back together again at the hospital to transform him into an odd combination of a frozen faced part Howdy Doody, part Frankenstein character. Moderately terrified of women to begin with like most American men, Greg translated his increased ugliness, for he was strange looking to begin with from the Blessed Virgin endorsed torture of his childhood, to the possibility of his being completely rejected by Junko, who was always strikingly pretty and young looking even after aging past her twenties. Whether from that motive just guessed at by us or a truly brave sense of making Junko and Champ relatively rich with insurance money, Greg blew his brains out with a newly purchased shotgun from Walmart leaving behind the child and the $200,000 that was payable by the insurance company just two weeks after the minimum two year waiting period of a payoff for death by suicide.  

Because Junko and Champ came back into our family after Greg died as though she had never left, I was the effective recipient of the $200,000. Gold was the family investment for it seemed a solid place to put the money. As soon as I got into the market, the very first week the value of the $100,000 invested increased by $20,000 as gold shot up for whatever strange reason. This was a marvelous profit especially for me who had by this time long ceased to work as a professor after I came to hate the job as like being in prison, I thought, along with hating my Department Chairman boss, Dr. Katz, as my prison guard. How prophetic this feeling like being in prison I spoke to Ruth about over the phone from the university nearly every day. “I hate this job. It’s like being in prison.”

Or so I imagined for I had never been in prison as I spoke those words, just imagined what it would be like and how much my job felt like what I imagined it to be.

“Great timing!” praised the stamp and coin dealer in upstate New York I had bought the gold coins from. “You know, you could have made ten times that if you had bought gold futures!” And so Wendell the millionaire stamp and coin dealer talked me into investing our money in futures, first gold and silver futures and then from Wendell singing their praises, stock market futures.

Around this very time there was unbeknownst to me an msnbc article about a notorious stamp scam on eBay that pointed to “a long time upstate New York stamp dealer” as the mastermind without mentioning his name. The story was never followed up on in press and the scam was never prosecuted. And that was because Wendell, the only person who fit the description, had very tight connections with the FBI in the Albany area and with the mayor of Albany, Jerry Jennings. Unfortunately I knew nothing about this darker side of glad mouth Wendell when I entrusted the family nest egg to him.

Soon there was but $16,000 left of the money which Wendell returned once I started getting angry about the losses that included Wendell’s hefty commissions. That anger had me eventually arrested by the FBI because I shouted it at Wendell across state lines. Soon after a lawyer got almost all the money back for the family in a civil settlement because Wendell did not have a stock broker’s license to begin with. Below is the lawyer’s letter of the settlement to the family.

Description: Description: C:\Users\The Matrix Gang\Desktop\Oconner Letter.jpg

As a side point, this lawyer was the scummiest sneakiest mother’s boy family predatory faggot the world has ever produced. In an ideal world all lawyers would be thrown to pythons to be slowly eaten and digested en masse in one of the better Quentin Tarrentino movies ever made.

The civil suit won in our favor though too late to save me from being charged with threats to do bodily harm to scam artist Wendell and then sentenced at age 56 despite no prior felony or even misdemeanor criminal record to a year and a half in federal prison. I was given the maximum time because of my less than agreeable attitude towards everybody in the justice system, police, US marshals, prison guards and judges in court.

I had no sense of guilt. The money just disappeared, the bulk of it from trades I had not authorized. It was an obvious scam. On the one hand he took hefty commissions on all the trades he made and on the other hand the money was lost so quickly that I was sure that he was just pocketing it without making any trades. Why weren’t the feds going after him and checking all his books thoroughly instead of doing their best to crucify me for angry words thrown at a con man obviously proven so by our winning the civil suit against him?

It didn’t help that I was a political activist, openly anti-war and anti-authoritarian from the sixties who had written numerous articles for local newspapers against President Reagan’s illegal contra War in Nicaragua, against police brutality and against war and weapons.  That plus my constantly proclaiming that my accuser was the bad guy, not me, automatically made me the bad guy to be given a maximum sentence to. Whatever the garbage about being innocent until proven guilty, once the cuffs are on and the cell door closes in pre-trial detention, you’re assumed guilty and any contradicting that sign they place around your neck that says kick me just makes matters worse.

The only attitude permitted once you’re in their grasp is: I deserve the daily dose of torture you are handing me. Anything else makes you a select enemy of these medieval butchers, every one of which takes great pleasure in inflicting pain on other human beings, his actual guilt or innocence, presumed or otherwise, being utterly beside the point.

In real fact, I was completely astonished by the viciousness of every person I came across in the justice system, police, US marshals, federal judges and prison wardens and guards. The shit on TV programs like Lockup is as misinforming as the Silvia Brown, Montel Williams commercials for pain relieving copper bracelets, the disjunct between reality and the fairy tale airbrushing of prison life so extreme that my telling the simple story of the horror and torture done to human beings in prison makes one seem half mad as somebody shouting furiously about the rape of 10,000 nine year old altar boys by Catholic priests might have been viewed before the truth of the matter came out unarguably in recent years. But whatever the effort to hide the child molestations by priests, nine year old boys are natural objects of sympathy, not the case for convicts in America, for I was not singled out, and if so a bit, only because of my resistance to the daily torture.     

As I recall and try to write down my recollections, the memory of it is so unthinkably horrible that to say the truth is both too painful and so bizarre that to say what was done is to be deemed a cowardly exaggerator and dismissed immediately.

I am asthmatic. They knew it. My medical records were clear. But I was resistant. I refused to plead guilty for the longest time. There are numerous ways to induce an asthmatic attack in an asthmatic. And they employed them in every way possible with fresh paint on the cell bars, poured floor wax outside my cell, extended exposure to air conditioning.

I can’t breathe, I’m suffocating. I can’t breathe. This brings laughter. I collapse on the floor. This brings more laughter. I ask for medicine at the Ray Brook federal torture center. You can breathe, says the doctor. You’re talking, aren’t you?

It was like some unintended forerunner of water boarding, suffocation to bring you down, to get you in line. They are all asshole sadists in the prison system whom were they were all skinned alive without an anesthetic no moral wrong would be done. If this judgment seems excessive after all factors in the lives of prison staff as human beings are taken into account, it is at least a measure of the horror done to me and also what I observed was done to other convicts, most of them younger than me and worse for them because they lacked the psychological defenses I had with my age and experience in life that protected my spirit from the worst of it.

Sent to Talladega Federal Prison down in Alabama, the Southern District disciplinary prison for the feds, my thoughts the last four months before being released were of looking forward to getting out so I could jump off the first bridge I came to, committing suicide in prison being extremely difficult despite my going on a four month hunger strike that dropped my weight from 215 lbs. to 165.

The treatment in this place I was sent to after effectively being forced to plead guilty as a way to get out of Albany County Jail where I was systematically tortured with my asthma was not imaginable. First of all, the people down there were quite nuts, out of touch with reality. Talladega is a place where they send big troublemakers. Housed there were the remnants of the Waco massacre and the Cubans from the Mariel boat release by Castro who took over the Atlanta Federal prison for a week burning American flags on the roof of the prison.

When I got there at age 57 with my unusual PhD in biophysics and a dozen or so semi-radical political newspaper articles under my belt and in my record, I was addressed by one of the prison guards with: “Calabria, you’re the most famous person we’ve ever had at Talladega.” If he was saying it in mockery, I would have laughed in approval of the jest. But this low ranking guard meant it and he could only have gotten that idea from the higher ups, who were just as stupid, crazy and sadistic.

I showed the guards and higher prison officials no respect because you die in your heart if you bow down to a tyrant sadist. Their response was commensurate with how much I annoyed their monkey level egos and lack of personal self-confidence.

When you come out of the chow hall in prison, you are searched, patted down, to make sure you are not carrying any food out with you to eat later in your cell. With me the searches were held by a special person said to be the warden’s hangman. The searches got progressively closer to my privates each day until coming close came to actually touching my testicles, at which point I swung hard at the jerk. Soon six guards swarmed over me and threw me down onto the concrete. To make it clear the level of violence in this “attempt to restrain me”, the wound opened up on my knee was not treated medically after the assault and took three years to stop oozing after I got out of prison.

The cure for this level of resistance is to put you in with one of their designated hitters, meaning a large black faggot convict to rape you. This one by the name of Bishop, a former army enlistee and Columbus, GA. cop busted for dealing drugs while in uniform, traveled with the captain of the punishment cells from federal prison to federal prison as the captain’s gorilla on a leash for special cases like me. There was no subtlety in their intent or strategy. The cops (common slang for prison guards inside prison) would come by my cell with Bishop every day and ask him, all smiles and laughter, “How’s Calabria coming, Bishop?”

He wasn’t coming too well. I was not about to be raped without dying in an effort to resist. After a week of threats from Bishop and his constant inching up on me, I was getting worn down. The corker was the night I had a dream that showed Bishop entering my bedroom back home where Ruth lay in bed. I hesitated to push back hard before this because this jackass’s arms were bigger around than my thighs. But past some point you don’t care what happens and the dream was clearly that point had come.

I slept on a mattress on the floor because my prostate condition at my age, then close to 60, caused me to get up often at night to urinate and climbing back and forth from the top bunk over the guy in the bunk below and waking him up every one of the five or six times you do it through the night causes problems that can be avoided by taking your top bunk mattress and sleeping on it on the floor of the cell you’re locked up in with this guy 23 hours a day.

That night of the dream, I rose up off the mattress with murder on my mind, I walked over toward Bishop’s lower bunk and kicked a cup of Kool-Aid he had next to his bed, splattering his drink into the air and some of it over his face while addressing him from my subconscious in a death threat tone: “Bishop, you don’t like being in this cell with me, do you.”

“No, I don’t,” he said, coward that he was as are all bullying dominant faggots are including the bulk of repressed faggot conservative bullies on the outside. You push back hard and they back down.

The three or four days in the cell with him after that, though, were wearying. The dagger has been shown him and after that it’s just two guys in a cell with the predator looking for an opening to smash your head against the wall. At the end of this period, I was visited by the dirt bag prison psychologist and taken out of my cell to talk to him, you know, client to doctor. The relief in stepping out of the cell and away from Bishop got to me.

So I said to this asshole, and all the psychologists in prison are overbearing assholes whose interest in you is not a twit different than the rest of the prison staff, to break you down and get you to submit to their control, I said to the jerk, my emotional machinery driving me to a state of mind I never wanted to go and never thought I would go, “I’ve had it. I submit.” I actually said those words, plain spoken and crass. I was beaten. I just felt beaten. I quit.

After that I was taken to another cell by myself, away from Bishop. I felt cold and alone there. Always in prison just about every minute, I thought about my family, about Ruth and the kids and worried about them all the time. Oddly after surrendering to the shrink, I stopped thinking about the family. I felt it like they were a million miles away from me and my thoughts and that I could care less about them. Selfishness came upon me so abruptly and powerfully I couldn’t miss it for what it was. I submitted and I instantly lost my self-love. And once you lose that, there’s no love left for anybody else.

It was the “this is the way the world ends, with a whimper, not a bang.” of the poet, T.S. Eliot. But not me, for emotions came over me for resisting this horror net being pulled over my soul as quickly and spontaneously as my initial surrender to the psychologist. It took me all of twenty minutes to extract the knife in my heart. Rather go out with a bang.

Playing his part with perfect timing in the script, the psychologist returned to the cell but a few minutes later after my epiphany to allow me to cement my reversal with  “Fuck you, asshole!” It did the trick. My “me” who was the real me, the old me, came back. My family came back into my heart. I didn’t care if I died. Who would? Who should? Your happiness in life is the people you love. Better to be dead than to desert them like that, a separation worse than even their deserting you. Better to be dead.

The bad boy turned good boy had turned bad again. The punishment for that was my assignment to another faggot cell mate, Bishop’s boy friend. I can’t remember his name because I never went into the cell with him.

“I’m not going. Fuck you all to death.”

The standoff was brief before they called in the goon squad the next day, four guys dressed in swat team protective gear, padded vests, face masks and clubs. The “come out and make it easy on yourself” bullshit went on near the whole day with what seemed like thirty to forty prison personnel outside my cell taking turns trying to talk me out. Video cameras were rolling as I alternated between telling them in simple terms, No, and roaring at them to go fuck themselves to keep my spirit of resistance up.        

Finally the goons came in. I wasn’t hurt, I was surprised. I had seen others resist cooperation with the prison bullshit and be invaded by the goon squad. One of them, a large, not so bad black guy, not so bad because even though a bit of a racist in him in giving me a hard time verbally because I was white, he resisted the cops, (slang for prison guards), which I gave anybody who did credit for.

But when the goon squad got into this kid’s cell, they started twisting his shoulder hard in some way. I couldn’t tell exactly what they were doing because I was at a distance in my own cell, but he started screaming, telling them to stop, saying he wasn’t resisting, why were they doing that? He kept screaming and soon started begging for them to stop. They did. I lost all respect for him after that. He changed. Once you make you play, you’re in it to the death. That’s the only way you survive prison. That’s the only way I survived it. 

Otherwise they steal your soul and it wanders over the earth for the rest of your life separated from the rest of you, turned into at best and not very good, a robot, lot’s of them around most made into one by a boss at work rather than a cop in or out of prison. Or worse you’re turned into a zombie, a devil, just like the predatory bastards who sucked the soul out of you to begin with. There are lots of them around too.

They had the cameras rolling, possibly from Ruth calling up the FBI office in Gadsden to scream about my non-stop horrible treatment, and that made somewhat of a difference in how they rushed into my cell. I am guessing but that’s not impossible because there were a few dozen people involved in taking me down that day and some of them seemed more professional in stance than the uniformly asswipes the feds use as prison personal down there in Alabama.

Whatever, after dragging me out of that cell, they put me bodily in a cell that had a large concrete block in the middle of the cell on which I was soon “four pointed.” That’s when your arms and legs are shackled onto that cement block with you face down on it.

In the solitary punishment cell next to me was a black kid with the odd nickname, odd I thought anyway, of Murphy. I caught from the occasional conversations going on between him and the cops that was locked up in punishment because he put his bed clothes into the microwave setting them on fire. Remember Talladega is a disciplinary prison where the object of the discipline is to drive you nuts, so it’s not unusual for someone to actually go nuts and stick their bed sheets in the microwave.

I can’t see Murphy and he can’t see me. He talks through the wall. I say little back not wanted to waste my energy already being drained by the four pointing, which gets quite uncomfortable on your body parts after a dozen hours of being chained fast to a concrete slab. 

“Don’t worry,” Murphy keeps talking in a supportive way despite my relative silence. “I did six years at Lompoc, the worst fed prison in California, and I know the rules. They can’t keep you four pointed for more than 24 hours.”

“I doubt they’ll be so kind,” I replied, with a light laugh in my voice.

“No, no, they have to,” he continued, insisting on being right as all convicts do when they argue over anything, no matter how petty.  

A day and a half into this torture and I am still chained down on the concrete, Murphy shouts out to a guard he is friendly with, “Hey, what are you going with this guy? The book says the limit is 24 hours.”

The cop replies, “Some people need more.” Murphy leaves me alone after that.

After three days of being four pointed, they let me up but keep a belly chain on me. That’s one with exaggerated super thick links like out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon pulled around your waste with your hands clamped on the chain down below your belly button. My feet are shackled too, the bite on the leg cuffs cutting into my ankles 24 hours a day despite the fact that I cannot go anywhere in this five by ten foot well sealed cell.

Two days of this on top of the three days down on the concrete slab start to drive me crazy, make me angry. I manage to slip the belly chain off down through my legs and now start swing it around my head and crashing it into the tiny thick glass window of the cell, calling the cops all the names they deserve, punk faggot bastards, to ease the tension of this total lock up that would drive even Sampson mad.

They come into the cell at night after I conk out and before I even realize they are on me, five of them, My hands get cuffed in what is called a “black box”, handcuffs in which your hands can’t rotate, sort of like one of those stocks that people’s heads and hands were put in during the middle ages. Your hands are always stiffly pointed forward with no movement possible. It gets very painful.

That’s because the metal edges on these cuffs cut into your wrists if you don’t hold your arms and hands in just the right way. This is very tiresome to do for a long time during the day, but indescribably horrible when you get so tired towards night that you go to sleep, doze off, involuntarily. Then the weight of your arms and hands falling wherever they might when you go to sleep brings the metal on the cuffs into a cutting situation with the tender flesh that surrounds your wrist bones. And after five or ten minutes of crashing deep sleep, you wake up screaming from the bite of the black box cuffs into your wrist.

I was no more than 30 feet from the guard station in this punishment block where there was always at least one guard present at all times. Nobody ever responded to my periodic screams through the night, most obviously enjoying this medieval punishment done to me. After two days of this, the deep groves in my wrist were steadily oozing blood serum. The cops came by to check on me twice a day, four of them including the asshole faggot cop who touched my privates at the chow hall to begin with. I cursed them all as they mumbled words with smiles and sniggers to the effect that the cuffs were not on too tight and within regulations.

The third day of this torture they came with the Filipino prison doctor, a P.A. or physician’s assistant, this guy the only human being I ever met in prison on the other side of the cell door. An immigrant he was happy to have the job and not make waves against the guard staff, but seemed uncontrollably shocked by the shape of my wrists, nearly fainting against the cell wall. He insisted that the cuffs be loosened. They refused making idiotic excuses. He insisted again. Who knows where I’d be today if he didn’t for the cuts on my wrist healed only slowly. Worse, the belly chain that was on for nine days did its job well on my shoulder blades for the rest of my life. I stayed resistant for a few more days until I had a dream that said if I didn’t relent, I’d be a cripple forever after.

When I told them I had enough they put me in another cell. I don’t know what might have happened to me next if fate and Ruth hadn’t intervened in a completely unexpected way, at least unexpected by me. They had put my story put together from bits and pieces I had managed to communicate to them and put it on a website we had on the Internet. It had been picked up by a blind journalist by the name of Jim Knipfel who wrote for the New York Press back when it actually had a bit of genuine political content as an alternative newspaper.

The article Knipfel wrote that Ruth sent me by prison mail wasn’t very flattering, I thought, but I always was a bit of a megalomaniac. Most important, though, because they open all the mail you get in prison, the warden and his staff saw the article too. Remember, this was Alabama where the average IQ isn’t up at 100. To them NY Press was as threatening as NY Times. So after that with two months to go before getting out, they turned around in their treatment of me 180 degrees to spare me further torture on my way out. It was right at this time that I cracked the code for information by seeing the central error in information theory that provides the basis for understanding meaningful information.

Still I so bruised physically and emotionally from the torture I had been put through that the thoughts of jumping off the nearest bridge to the prison on the day I got out still flashed repeatedly through my mind. As things turned out, I worked my sprit back up angrily once I saw the bastards were backed off by the newspaper article, paying back even Bishop in a way so imaginative and vengeful, I’ll have to write a separate novel about the revenge someday.

The day Ruth came down top Alabama to get me out, she was thoroughly scared of the last year and a half’s experience of my imprisonment and counseled me to surrender any ideas of political revolution and be a good boy. She had obviously had the crap beat out of her by every kind of predator out there, bosses at work, fellow workers of the aforementioned devil type and by lawyers sought by her to get our money back and file appeals for me that never worked.

She and I had an enormous fight as soon as we started driving down the road from the prison. The anger and flailing back and forth was seen by another driver on the highway, who cell phoned the Alabama State Police. One of them stopped our car. I was dressed in prison issue poor fitting work jeans. When the trooper started to give me a hard time outside the car, Ruth jumped out and ripped into him to leave us alone and mind his own business. The cop never made inquiry of me on his phone to I find out had just gotten out of federal prison an hour before this happened, which would likely have sent me right back behind bars as I was on probation at that moment with an order to report to a probation officer in Albany, NY, within 72 hours.

It wasn’t all an adventure. Life had changed. What can you tell your wife and kids after being raped repeatedly psychically for a year and a half even if you escaped the very, very worst?    

Driving back to Albany from Talladega, I already had a plan of what we would do. The talk amongst veteran convicts in the prison yard was that probation just invited the cops into your house to fuck with your whole family as they had with you in prison. I had 72 hours to report to my assigned probation officer up in Albany. That meant according to my plan that I had 72 hours to drive from Alabama back to Albany with Ruth, draw the $30,000 the family had left from the settlement out of the bank in cash, get everybody packed and ready, Junko, Bear, Princess and Champ, and head back south to Brownsville, TX, to cross the border into Mexico.

Of the kids, only Peter III stayed behind, in part because we had had bitter words during my prison stretch from his fear of public opinion that his father was a federal felon whatever the ridiculousness of the charges. And in part because he had entered school at Univ. of Albany, taking $10,000 of the settlement with him as starter funds, something I had no problem with except for the way he just took it.         

Six in the family packed into our three year old Ford Taurus racing towards the Mexican border to beat the clock. There was a problem getting into Mexico with the car because our papers were muddied somehow. I had a $100 bill ready to bribe the border guard in the interior of Mexico along with a cock and bull story that this was election time, 2000, and that Ruth, who was in the driver’s seat crossing the border, was a newspaper correspondent traveling down to Mexico to judge the feelings of the Mexican people about the coming presidential election in America.

Neither the bullshit story nor the money was necessary. Ruth was unarguably beautiful and the attitude of the border guard, an older gent with a face like a good looking older gent in an American made movie about Mexico, was to just want to put a verbal kiss or two on her.

“What do you mean you’re a newspaper correspondent? You should stay at home and cook the food for your family!” he said with his head stuck half way through the car window, big smile on his mustachioed face. I was still very much in young love with Ruth after 25 years and felt a bit annoyed, but, Jesus, he let us through, no money asked or taken. What a relief it was to be in Mexico!

It was a relief to be in Mexico, a relief to be in Mexico, a relief to be in Mexico. And in more ways than just having crossed the border from the horrid United States of America where cruelty reigns, not my speech to you, but a clear reflection of the cruelties I had had inflicted on myself and saw thousands of other convicts endure in the last 16 months. What a relief to be in Mexico!

The route we followed, blindly for this was the first time we were in Mexico, eventually took us to Victoria City, not your typical tourist town. We found a cheap motel on the outskirts of the city stuck in the middle of an orange grove, bright orange and green colors all around us right in the middle of the harvest season. I wrapped the place around me like a warm blanket in the middle of a New England winter, my first real resting place since the moment I had been released from prison at Talladega.

We bundled ourselves, all six of us, into one large room, three in one bed, two in the other and Bear, 14 at the time, on the floor. Through the night I hear people occasionally fucking loudly in both rooms adjacent to us. I don’t care. I love the place. In the morning I want to stay there forever. The young woman in charge of the place thinks I’m crazy. One more night and then go, she says. It takes me that much time to understand this motel was four hour place where men check in for not so many pesos to screw their girlfriends, not where an American family goes on vacation or even on the run. These places are so common in Mexico that every other motel there is a four hour joint.

Mexicans like to fuck. The women are almost all pretty to some degree. They just look like girls are supposed to look, like females. That’s how you tell the difference in gender in Mexico, one half of the population is pretty, and they’re the females. I had seen this in my younger days before meeting Ruth in Europe, women generally attractive, but that was all the more so in Mexico where civilization has that much less of a grip on people’s souls than in Europe. 

We lived in many places in Mexico that year, one of them down in Tuxtla where many of the people are of Chiapas Indian blood. It was impossible not to be aware of how attractive all the people were, lovers and families, lots of beautiful children with outwardly loving parents, lots of four hour motels. I remember remarking to Ruth who was in quick agreement that you there were more young lovers walking around in Tuxtla on a Saturday night holding hands than you’d find in every city in America combined for an entire year. The emotional dysfunction you find in social relationships in highly civilized, love starved America is very much less the case in Mexico. While you can show how this comes about with mathematical precision as we’ll do in later sections, a few months in Mexico makes it clear that something is drastically wrong up North they aren’t showing you on TV.  

Indeed, in the USA love is something you watch on television. In Mexico, whatever its relative poverty, people actually have some real emotions for each other. And they are happy people for it to the extent that the poverty aspect of life there doesn’t crush them. And they look it. There is an obvious relationship between the orderliness that makes for economic efficiency and prosperity in our essentially repressed British sociosexual culture and the cost of that control on the vigor that people have to have to pursue love and make it happen successfully. If you doubt that, take a run to Mexico with your eyes open outside of the resorts that cater to Americans.  

There is much, much more freedom in Mexico, forget the constant junior high civics class lectures on our free and fair society that ooze out every minute in the American media. The cops down there don’t care what people do unless they’re directly out to attack the Mexican ruling class. One night we got lost on an out of the way highway running down the upper East Coast of Mexico. What started as a not so bad road turned into one with potholes the size of bomb craters. And as night fell on this unlit deer path marked on the map as a major road with no other cars coming after 9PM in either direction, we pulled over to the side of the road to shut down for the night.      

Soon we were awakened with the arrival of two cars that parked right up next to us. Four or five not very neatly uniformed men, obviously police, got out as did I to greet them with the six words of Spanish I knew by that time.

“We are Mexican police,” they made clear in English as broken as my Spanish. “We are Mexican police! Will you give us some money?”

It was not highway robbery, it seemed, but more rather a panhandle, and done very politely. “Will you please give us some money?”

I distributed about ten dollars to the bunch of them in peso notes to the sounds of “Gracias, gracias!” followed by their hand waving and blurred verbal instructions to follow them. One cop car in front and one in back, off we went into a small town and were directed towards a parking space not far from the police station where the message was communicated that it was much safer for the family here than out on the pitch black road where we would be at risk to bandits.

That was our repeated experience with the law in Mexico, human beings with uniforms on, but still human beings, a fucking relief from police state America where every cop acts like he or she is trying out for a Gestapo part in a movie. This is not to say that that Mexico is Heaven or Utopia. The place can be dangerous. It wasn’t for us because I was physically capable and I had teenage Bear by my side at six three with a size 13 shoe size and as joyfully violent as his dad when challenged head on.

I had a saying pop into my head after six months in Mexico that encapsulates the male zeitgeist in Mexico: Mexican men will kill you for your money and they’ll kill you for your women, but they won’t kill you for the pure sadistic hell of it as is the common attitude in the United States where every It’s true. And this primitive Darwinian social ambiance extends to the attitude between the sexes, generally male dominant except in the upper classes where the relative submissiveness in the male required to climb the ladder of hierarchical success isn’t that much different than in the States.

I don’t like advertising other writer’s wares, but a sense of the positive effect of a less controlled environment on social relationships spelled out mathematically in later sections is shown in a piece on Salon on Russian sociosexual relationships that says pretty much what we found in Mexico when we there back ten years ago.

I should add too what is public knowledge in Mexico but never uttered a word about in American media that drugs are like beer in Mexico, everybody indulges. To get marijuana or cocaine in Mexico just jump into any taxi in any city and ask the driver where to buy it. The upper classes do coke, the more expensive stimulant, and the lower classes are relegated to smoking weed. When I say upper classes, I mean school superintendents and federal policemen and everybody in between. This is not stated from rumor but from repeated observation and experience. 

In Juarez, Mexico, if you want smoke, you take yourself into a standard bodega downtown where you will find three or four city police in uniform eating tortillas for lunch and you tell the guy behind the counter how much you want. A few years back Mexico was going to decriminalize marijuana but the American DEA who get their kicks and salaries busting college kids and ruining their lives with jail or the threat of it said no, and the Mexican upper class who suck up to the ruling class in the US to survive, quickly backed down.

This is not to tout doing dope as a panacea for the world’s ills. While I like it from time to time and it is a great relief medically for my asthma at the worst times, I’ve gone a couple of ten year stretches in my 50 years of adult life without drawing a single puff and it’s no big deal. Life’s a lot more than chemical ingestion. But the point is that there’s much more freedom to do what the hell you please in Mexico and that other than our terror of running out of money down there and a few fistfights that got a bit dangerous, though no problem in retrospect because we won them, Mexico was a delight to be a fugitive from federal probation in.   

After a little more than a year, the money did run out. What to do, because there was no way for us to work in Mexico, was an insolvable problem. In desperation, we came back to the Brownsville-Matamoros border crossing. And there to the horror and tears of everybody in the family they pulled me out and handcuffed me, I was arrested and heading back to prison one more time.            

From the border crossing I was taken to Cameron County Jail in Brownsville. A noodle brained, baby faced prison guard Lieutenant there immediately started screaming at me. He obviously had my federal prison record in hand and expressed outrage that I had dodged probation by fleeing to Mexico with my family. I told him to go fuck himself and that he could kill me for all I cared before I was going to take that kind of shit.

They then put me in a cell so teeny tiny that to describe it honestly in terms of its dimensions sounds like made up propaganda against the prison system by an ardent political activist deceptively trying to make a point to stir up trouble. Paint a picture in your mind of a steel bunk with a mattress on it as narrow as a sleeping bag. At the foot end of the bunk was one end of the cell. At the head end of the bunk was a toilet. Now conjure up a floor space adjacent to the bunk with no more area than the bunk itself. If my math is right, that’s a cell 8 feet by 5 feet with a toilet squeezed in at one end of the floor.

I am put there with not one but two other prisoners. Doubters as to the existence of such a “holding cell” should check out the interior of the Cameron County jail for themselves. The further rub was that one of these prisoners was a young fellow who had murdered a girl from Brownsville that many of the jail guards had known. I am 60 by this time. He is 20 and has just been brought back from Florida in chains to stand trial and they seemed to hate him as much as they did me. The third fellow was a jerk about 50 years old who could barely walk who was taken capture coming up from Honduras where he led some kind of child pornography ring and was nutty and stupid enough to brag about it and further out of his mind thinking that the feds might let him go on some technicality because his charge was a “minor” one just of child pornography. 

We took turns sleeping on the bunk, one of us, with the other two squeezed closer than same sex lovers on the concrete floor. Try that with a genuine cripple who has his crutches in the cell with him. This went on for three days as the standard entry beating up I had been through a number of times that teaches the potential problem prisoner to act right or be smashed through the floor boards. 

To be honest, the physical difficulties of three guys in a sardine can were tolerable considering what I’d experienced my first time around in prison. Bad was the surliness of the kid murderer who was very proud of something, likely the murder itself. We appreciate the physical vigor of a champion boxer on TV but are taught that violence is altogether a terrible trait to have out of the boxing rink. This is not the case. The number of cases I saw where the light was erased from a young prisoner’s eye from lethal intimidation from a guard or from another prisoner as set up and encouraged by a guard was too many to count, a true horror to watch a once vigorous young man die in spirit.  

Those who were once human spirits dropped like the proverbial flies. Lose in a fight and live the rest of your life as an invertebrate organism like a starfish and a very unhappy one at that. This is preface to my telling you that I set the boy murderer straight at the critical time of such a challenge. Better to die than to concede to such. Better yet to make it clear to a punk nutcase that I’d have no trouble removing his eyes if he threatened one more time.

The day after that happened, my setting him straight, the guards took the proud boy murder out of his cell and when he came back the all white uniform they specially gave him to wear to warn guards that he was a hard case was covered in blood. Scarlet stands out on white in a memorable way. It looked like they had torn his ear off. They didn’t bother to change his uniform. It was extra creepy in that small space with him, all the blood stain rather sickening. Part of me felt sorry for him from empathy from my own torture by guards but another part was happy he’d been neutered and was no longer any threat to me in such close quarters.

Next stop because of my asthma was a hospital ward effectively run by the designated bully favorite of the guards. Two days of his taunting me under the protection of the guards and I jot on a piece of paper some fag referenced term making fun of his name while he’s off taking a shower the specifics of which I can’t remember after ten years. And when he returns and reads it and is about to get aggressive towards me, I short circuit his move by taking my ballpoint out and making it clear that when and if I have to swing it at him it will be with it aimed at his eyes.

“Guard, guard, this guy’s crazy! Get me out of here!” shouts the designated hitter to his designator, the guard outside the cell certainly no better than his instrument of abuse inside it.   

To make matters significantly worse, I landed in the Cameron County Jail on Sept. 3, 2001. If that date does not ring a bell, note that it proceeded 9/11/01, aka 9/11, by 8 days. On that fated day the rumor circulating amongst prisoners just before noon was that some sort of small airplane had run into some kind of tall office building in downtown Brownsville. Whoever had overheard the guards talking about Osama Bin Laden’s hit on the World Trade Center had got the details wrong, but all the prisoners were excited about this some sort of a bizarre major accident that had happened. 

This was also the day they dragged me off to a dormitory, literally dragged down the hallway because I did not want to be kept in a County Jail where the feds can do the worst on you as sort of a mini rendition where they don’t have to take any blame for what’s done to you. The prison dormitory that held many beds for prisoners had a TV and though the blacks lock up what’s usually on TV insisting generally on MTV and such 24/7 and no different on this day, I managed to switch to a news channel to watch the 707 meet the WTC and erupt into an explosion of flames several times to repeatedly fill my heart with delight and relief every time I saw it until the clamor to get back to hip hop got too threatening.

Of course 3000 lives snuffed out gave me nothing but nausea in retrospect, especially insane considering the religious idiocy of an Allah promising 20 virgins apiece as the reward in Heaven for this biggest mass murder of all time. But at the moment it felt like maybe there really was a god up there, just for me, to have made this attack on the Wall Street run federal government of the United States who had tortured me in prison, chased me down to Mexico and was getting ready to torture me all over again.

I had no idea who this Bin Laden guy was, but it was clear that he hated the United States as much as I did at that moment and that part was fine by me. You live or die by your emotions and this attack by a fellow hater of America, whatever his gripe, was just what I needed to keep my emotions above the critical level below which the spirit dies never to know a drop of happiness again in life. 

The euphoric rush from the 9/11 attack did not last long that day. Dormitories in a prison are like the hierarchy in a workplace but where order is maintained by power, brute force in prison including gang enforcement of where you sit in the hierarchy. My position as newcomer and old and white down there in Hispanic Brownsville was low man on the pole.

It started quickly. I was touched by a prisoner lecturing me on the rules and regs of the dormitory. In prison that’s taboo, at least for an experienced prisoner. Scoff, shout and sneer at me, that’s bearable and worth walking past with no retaliation for the most part. But touch is a big no-no in prison where same sex relationships are basically enslavement enforced by violence with terminally devastating effects.

In my prior tenure in prison, what got me shipped to the Talladega disciplinary was slapping one prisoner in the face at the Coleman hellhole down in Florida who insisted on pulling my tucked in shirt out as a fun thing while waiting in the chow line. That jackass was a New Yorker, half Sicilian like me and half Jew unlike me. What a combo! This asshole had been raised on day care and Ritalin and it showed. I slapped him hard in the face which got me transferred to the punishment cell unit. I got the only real respect from a prison guard from this, a black assistant captain who showed me a Polaroid taken of the jerk whose face I’d slapped with the imprint of my hand, all four digital fingers noticeable, on his face. “You must have been pretty angry at him.” said the African American cop grinning. 

They then put me in a cell with two assholes, one a half Indian, half black case out of Steven King who later revealed that his black father had started sodomizing him when he was 12 years old and that he had a half dozen prisoners who were his “slaves”, very non-subtly implying that he was going to make one out of me too. This guy was very strong in the arms and nearly broke my neck by the time the fight was over and I barely got through it, so much so that I forget who I was, swimming in the hell of identity death, for three days until I got a reviving letter from Ruth.

I started the fight with the asshole and that’s what saved my spirit. The real revival was my catching a glance of him four days after they took him out the cell. He kept his head down after first sighting me walking past.

When dominant fags expose themselves as such, if they can’t beat you to the point of death of your masculinity, you make a fool out of them because all dominant faggots are cowards under the big bad bully top coat of paint. I had this happen twice. It’s the same with closet dominant fags on the outside like Ruth’s brother Don. Cowards like that only fight when they know they can win, never for honor because they have none.                                                                               

Anyway, back to Cameron. It was the same thing. Touch me and you are challenging me, boy. But who stepped up to the plate was not the puffy punk who touched me but the prisoner enforcer in the dormitory, white, well-muscled, maybe 24. He’s back down more than a few with his size, but it means shit to me. Threatened I react not by standing up to somebody, but with instinctive violence, the kind you can really hurt somebody with if you get the first punch off well. 

Once I played hold ‘em poker in Vegas against a wise ass who fiddled with the emotions of the other players but was honest enough to make an open crack that his mother taught him to always lie. Four or five more hands later after I had come clearly under his radar he opened up again with a remark to the effect that honest men are dangerous. I’m honest to a point of stupidity at times, but the dangerous part when sufficiently rattled is there too. Anyway the white boy weight lifter had no real spirit for violent resistance even from a 60 year old and started screaming for the wizened Mexican–American woman upper level guard who ran this dormitory part of the jail.

She takes me out of the dorm room into the hallway and cuffs one of my arms to a ring up on the wall and gives me a chair to sit on. “I can break you in there or I can break you in there,” she says. I object half angrily and touching her emotionally with real argument possibly because she was of obvious Mexican heritage and I had just spent the last year in Mexico getting a sense, true or not as a generalization that most Mexicans are human beings deep down.

She walks away and leaves me there for hours. Two times trustee good boy prisoners come by with trays of food for me. Both times I refuse them. If I eat or drink I have to shit and piss and either beg the guard to be unchained from the wall to use a toilet or shit or wet my pants. And I make sure to spend a good part of my time standing up because otherwise the chained arm raised high the wall when I sit will hit the serious pain level and make me beg or crack. I also avoid conversation with the designated hitters that come by to distract me by cute talk and see if I’m weakening. These jerks are no different than the guy or woman at work who sucks the boss’s ass and plays the part of disguised henchman towards less submissive workers.

After five hours of this goes by and I am still intact and haven’t messed myself though a bit hungry, the woman prison guard comes back and saying only, “You’re out of here.” unchains me from the wall to turn me over to two federal marshals who start a long journey that will eventually take me by car and plane to the federal lock up in Brooklyn, New York.

This is two weeks after 9/11. New York is bizarre. You could see the shattered stubs of the World Trade Center from New Jersey as the prison bus approached Manhattan. Downtown police are everywhere on the street and the only people on the street. Even the bus driver of our prisoner transport bus is questioned thoroughly in military style and tone. I had lived in New York for years and driven a cab there in this part of town and the contrast to what I remembered as normal was eerie. It would have been frightening perhaps except that the wreckage and its aftermath were signs for me personally that the god of righteous rebellion was on my side to keep my spirits up, important because like I said, wanting to jump off a bridge was the last personality that had been formed by my first stint in federal prison hell.

I’ll skip the injustices and pain at this Brooklyn holding pen, minor compared to the worst that had happened to me and the worst that was to come. The only thing of note was the behavior of the NY area federal marshals towards the prisoners, outwardly violent in tone if not physically with a sense conveyed that they felt the convicts were somehow personally responsible for 9/11. The rest is so bad and so lengthy I’d rather not remember it and just hurry up and get to the mathematics of it.

Let me begin this second excursion through hell by asking forgiveness for not telling it as a fun to read story. In Albany Federal Court up at Wendell’s home territory where this all began, while completely in chains, arms and feet tied up in metal, and in front of all of my family except for Peter III I was beaten bloody by two asshole US marshal goons, my nose bleeding profusely and kicked in the hip so hard so many times that I could barely walk for the next six months. We eventually filed suit on this because the whole family, five of them, witnessed the beating, but it was impossible to advance the suit in court because the authorities did everything to hide the names of the two punk-ass US Marshalls who did the dirty work, names without which you couldn’t get the suit into court.

These two jerk sadists, which they all are, then transport me to a county jail in Utica, NY, laughing with the Sheriff’s Dept. personnel at intake and telling them that I gave them a hard time and to “watch out for me.” This is code word instruction for what followed. During this county jail rendition,  I was on one occasion held down by two guards while a third pried my eyelids open and the fourth poured pepper spray into my eyes for four minutes. This is an interesting torture that results in one involuntarily screaming for the next two hours from the pain in the eyeballs and then wondering for the next two days whether you’ve gone completely insane. What kind of a jerk cop can do these things? 

Or how about being put in a jail cell, this was at Otisville in upstate New York towards the end of my prison stay, with a broken window, in January, in my underwear, with just a sheet with the outside temperature at fifteen below. This is an interesting torture in your finding yourself moaning involuntarily from the freezing cold little different than you would if a baseball bat had been taken to your bones. That went on for sixteen hours during which they tried repeatedly to get me to beg them to stop, but I told them with repeated “fuck you” that I would rather die while I prepared for that death in my heart rather than kiss the asses of these sub-human morons all of whom should be shuttled some real and permanent hell fire.   

There’s more, for stuff like this went on and on endlessly. But past some point of telling, the repeated torture stories get boring to listen to or too hard to believe. So I’ll stop here by concluding that outside of joints like the one Martha Stewart vacationed at shown on TV to show prisons to be fair and kind for public relations purposes, federal prison for those who resist the intimidations is no different than Abu Ghraib. There’s nothing but medieval torture in the jails of America.

The prison guards are all creepy sadistic jerks who screw their kitty cats in the ass for love in their personal lives following their hard day’s work beating up on prisoners, most of whom are minorities put in jail for the non-violent crime of selling marijuana, at least half the prison population. And as to the judiciary itself, I had the appeal of my conviction reviewed by none other than Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor and turned down despite the glaring incongruity between our civil court win against Wendell Williams and my criminal sentencing for my anger towards him for taking our money for three long agonizing years, an act that should have gotten me, so we were told by two knowledgeable lawyers, at most, 30 days in the country jail for harassment especially considering that he was fundamentally in the wrong.    

On the other hand, I don’t regret the experience for society makes no sense without the prison experience. There is no justice in America, only punishment for disrupting social order. That is what Trayvon Martin got caught up in from the other side of the game. As far as I and anybody mixed up in the so-called justice system are concerned, burn the prisons to the ground. There’s nothing in it worth reforming.

In a later section called A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS we consider a society of the future where there are no prisons, only one central law and one punishment, the banning of all weapons and punishment for disobeying that one rule of death. That’s a balance of power that’s real to make it hard for jerks holding badges and guns to destroy your life by sadistic whim and to please a decadent ruling class of which millionaire Wendell Williams is a perfect example at his level in the hierarchy.

At one point at Talladega I did a survey of over a hundred prisoners asking them if they would flip a coin to release them if it landed on Heads and to send them to their death if it landed on Tails. Only eight said they wouldn’t flip. There is no torture like American prison no matter the whitewashing of its horrors and moralizing of its justifications in the mass media.          

17. Natural Selection

Natural selection is one of the core dynamics of evolution, the other being genetic randomization via mutation and sexual recombination. We will explain natural selection mathematically because of the controversial issue evolution has become in America. Specifically we start with a formula from the banking industry for interest that accrues in a savings account rates that all agree on. It was found in all junior high math textbooks back in the days when banks actually gave interest.

156.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image067.png

The x0 term is the initial deposit in the savings account with; x is the amount of money in the account after t years assuming no more money was added; and g is the annual interest rate or growth rate of the money. If in a savings account that has an annual interest rate of g=5%=.05 you start with x0=$100 and keep that money in the bank for t=2 years, that initial x0=$100 will grow to

157.)                Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image068.png    

You could also get a savings account with a quarterly compounding or daily compounding of the interest. This changes the formula in Eq156 to

158.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image069.png

The m term is the number of times a year the interest is compounded or paid. So with the same initial deposit of x0=$100 and same interest rate of g=5%=.05, if the savings account had quarterly interest paid, which is m=4 times a year, the money in the account would grow in t=2 years to 

159.)                    Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image070.png

And if a savings account had interest compounded daily or m=365 times a year, the $100 you originally started the account with would grow over t=2 years’ time to 

160.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image071.png

An alternative formula for the daily compounding case is

161.)               Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image072.png

The letter, e, stands for the number e=2.7183. So with x0=$100, g=5%=.05 and t=2 years we calculate from it the x=$110.52 for daily compounding we saw in Eq160 but as    

162.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image073.png

Eq161 is the formula for exponential growth. It not only applies to the exponential growth of money in a daily compounded savings account also but also to the exponential growth of a population of living organisms, whose annual growth rate, g, is assumed like annual interest rate for money to be constant, a reasonable simplifying assumption. This formula only applies when, like dollars in a daily compounded savings account growing also off new dollars the same day they come into existence from compounding, the biological organisms in question reproduce also off of newborn organisms the same day they come into existence. This happens with bacteria type single celled organisms, but not with multicellular organisms such as man unless the “birth” of an organism is taken as the coming to be or development of a sexually mature organism at adolescence. It is that consideration that fits the exponential growth formula of Eq161 and we will importantly keep that in mind when we finish our algebraic manipulations of the exponential formula of Eq134 beginning with a consideration of two populations of organisms, #1 and #2, that both grow according to Eq161 as    


163.)                    Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image074.png

164.)                    Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image075.png


The x10 and x20 terms are the initial sizes respectively of the #1 and #2 populations; g1 and g2 their annual growth rates; and x1 and x2 their sizes at any time, t, in years.  The sum of the x1 and x2 sizes of these populations at any time t can be calculated from the above equations to be.  

165.)                          Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image076.png

We bothered to obtain this x1+x2 sum because it allows us to also track the fractional size of each population over time, that is, the x1 and x2 sizes relative to the x1+ x2 sum of the population sizes.   

166.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image077.png

167.)             Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image078.png


Now consider these two populations made to exist and growth together in a niche that has a limit on the total number of organisms the niche can support of

168.)           Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image079.png

K is called the carrying capacity of a niche, the limit of the number of organisms it can support in terms of the space and the resources the organisms need to survive. This K carrying capacity restriction on the growth of the two competing populations obtains Eqs166&167 when K is substituted for x1 + x2 as 

169.)           Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image080.png


170.)          Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image081.png


We further stipulate this x1+x2=K condition of a niche telling us that it is always filled to its K carrying capacity to apply also to the initial population sizes of x10 and x20.

171.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image082.png

This expresses Eq169 via x20=K−x10 as    

172.)            Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image083.png

This expression for x1 is further simplified by dividing all terms in the numerator and denominator of the fraction on the right by Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image084.pngto get 

173.)          Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image085.png


And in parallel for the x2 size of population #2 of Eq170,

174.)         Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image086.png


A graph of these two populations living together in one niche of carrying capacity of K=100 organisms with initial sizes of x10=1 and x20=99 and with growth rates of g1=2 and g2=1 shows the x1 size of population #1, in blue, and the x2 size of population #2, in red, to change over time according to Eqs173&174 as

Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image008.png

Figure 175. Competitive Population Growth or Natural Selection


The #1 population in blue, which has the higher growth rate of g1 =2 is seen to flourishes over time while the #2 population in red, which has the smaller growth rate of g2 =1, dies out or goes extinct in the niche. We can simplify the functions on which the graph is based on by specifying the growth rate difference for population #1 as g1−g2 and giving that difference the symbol F1 called the fitness of population #1 

176.)                      g1 − g2 = F1          

And similarly for population #2, its fitness, F2, is

177.)                        g2 − g1 = F2 = −F1

For these and any N=2 competing populations, the population with the greater g growth rate or the positive F fitness, here F1=g1−g2 =1>0 eventually takes over the entire niche and the population with the lesser g growth rate of the negative F fitness, here F2=g2 − g1 = −1 <0 will decrease in size and eventually die out or go extinct in the niche.

It is important to note that the annual growth rate, g, of biological organisms differs from that of money in being made up of an annual birth rate, b, which increases the size of a population, and an annual death rate, d, that reduces the size of a population. For population #1 the g1 growth rate is the arithmetic difference in its b1 birth rate and d1 death rate as    

178.)                        g1 = b1 − d1     

We clarify the b1 birth rate for the exponential growth of biological organisms via Eq161 to be that for sexually mature organisms produced or adolescents. Hence the “birth” process includes for humans not only the arrival of a newborn but also its development over time to adolescence. And similarly for population #2,  

179.)                        g2 = b2 − d2

This understands the F1 fitness of population #1 to be from Eqs176&178      

180.)                 F1 = g1 − g2 = (b1−d1) − (b2−d2)


And similarly for population #2 from Eqs177&179  


181.)                 F2 = g2 − g1 = (b2−d2) − (b1−d1)

This mathematical description of natural selection perfectly fits its description in non-mathematical language by the Harvard grandmaster evolutionist, Ernst Mayr.

“.....it must be pointed out that two kinds of qualities are at a premium in selection. What Darwin called natural selection refers to any attribute that favors survival, such as better use of resources, a better adaptation to weather and climate, superior resistance to diseases, and a greater ability to escape enemies. However, an individual may make a higher genetic contribution to the next generation not by having superior survival attributes but merely by being more successful in reproduction.” Mayr, Ernst, One Long Argument: Charles Darwin and Modern Evolutionary Thought, Harvard Univ. Press, 1991, p.88).

Also we should give a tip of the hat to the classical population biologists, Sewell Wright, R.A. Fisher and J.B.S. Haldane, whose mathematical work following WWI also gets you to in this section’s evolutionary dynamic of Eqs173&174 graphed in Figure 148, though in not as simple a way.

The advantage of having a mathematical formulation for natural selection is not only in showing the simple mechanistic origin of natural selection but also in giving a clear understanding via the F fitness function of the primary behaviors of humans of survival, reproduction and combat or making war that evolved over time. Focusing on population #1, we see this clearly by expanding F1 of Eq180 to     


182.)           F1=b1−d1−b2+d2    


Must put in the differential equation


Population #1’s chances of its F1 fitness being positive, F1 >0, and of its flourishing are greatest when its members behave in such a way as to maximize its F1 fitness. This optimization of F1 mathematically entails minimizing the d1 death rate in F1=b1−d1−b2+d2 through proficient survival behaviors like eating and staying warm, which maximize the life span of the members of population #1. And it entails maximizing the b1 birth rate in F1=b1−d1−b2+d2 through proficiency in reproductive behaviors that include not only physically mating but also raising any newborn that results from mating to sexual maturity as satisfies the nuances of the exponential growth equation brought up after Eqs161. And it entails, when a rival population for the space and resources of a niche is present, combat behaviors that maximize the d2 death rate of rivals in F1=b1−d1−b2+d2 either by killing them off or, mathematically equivalent, by driving them out of the niche aggressively. (The minimization of the b2 birth rate of rivals for optimizing the F1=b1−d1−b2+d2 fitness is sufficiently insignificant for to be ignored.)


The behaviors that accomplish these fitness goals of successful survival, reproduction and combat arise in humans mostly from learned behaviors appropriate for specific environments, most often that are part of a population’s culture. The ultimate neurobiological basis of these behaviors, though, are the feelings of pleasure and displeasure that motivate the survival, reproductive and combat behaviors, which emotions are evolved phenomena. That is, behaviors like eating and staying warm employed to preserve one’s v*=1 life considered earlier in Eqs60-66 as minimize a group’s d1 death rate are motivated as we saw by their respective pleasures and displeasures.


Nor can one miss, though we have not considered the functions for it yet, the pleasure of heterosexual sex evolved to maximize the b1 birth rate in F1 that results from mating activity in the birth of a newborn; romantic and family love that propitiates the development of a newborn to adolescence; and the displeasures of humiliation and guilt that often lead to violence associated with the frustrations and failures of sexual and family love. And the pleasures of glory in successful combat and the displeasures from the failure to win, which maximize the d2 death rate of rivals by murder or conquest or by driving them away, are equally obvious to anybody who has experienced such aggressive competition in war or serious courtship competition or even in its mildest form as sport.


It would have been difficult to mathematically derive the fitness emotions of hunger, food pleasure, feeling cold and getting warm, sex and anger that motivate the behaviors that optimize F1=b1−d1−b2+d2 because numerical measures for these survival, reproductive and combat emotions are lacking. It is hard to put a number on the pleasure felt in eating a good meal. In modern times, however, money facilitates fitness optimizing behaviors like eating, is most certainly quantifiable and is pleasant to get and unpleasant to lose because money facilitates success in survival, reproduction and combat. That is why we developed our functions for the emotions first using getting money and avoiding losing it as the end goal of behavior before than extrapolating the money based emotion functions derived in Sections 2&4 to the survival emotions in Section 6. 


We drew the above conclusions on emotion and behavior using N=2 competing populations because the fitness function for it is succinct and simple as F1=b1−d1−b2+d2. To show how natural selection is a diversity reducing process in contrast to the 2ns Law diversity/entropy increase in energy dispersal, it is better to use a larger N number of competing populations. A function for the xi population sizes of N=6 competing populations that is perfectly analogous to Eqs169&170 is

183.)  Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image087.png


Let us specify the K carrying capacity of the niche as K=96. Population #1 has an initial size of x10=2 and a growth rate of g1=1.25; population #2, x20=4 and g2=1.2; population #3, x30=6 and g3=1.15; population #4, x40=24 and g4=1.1; population #5, x50=26 and g5=1.05; and population #6, x60=34 and g6=1. The change in the xi population sizes over time is graphed below with the sizes on the ordinate and time in years on the abscissa.


Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image088.png

Figure 184. Size of N=6 Competing Populations vs Time in Years

Only population #1 with the highest growth rate of g1=1.25 is left after t=100 years and flourishes in the niche. The rest go extinct. In Darwinian terms population #1 is selected for and the rest are selected against. The change in the D diversity in the niche over time is from Eqs83&183,   

185.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image089.png




A graph of the above for the N=6 populations in Figure 184 is given below. 

Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image090.png

Figure 186. Diversity Index, D, of the Niche versus Time


Note the end point reduction in diversity on the ordinate from D=3.74 to D=1 as indicates that only one population, #1, flourishes in the niche or is selected for. Hence there is no diversity in the niche at the end of the selection process as is made clear by the D=1 diversity index of the niche. Clearly natural selection is a diversity reducing process,

187.)              ΔD < 0

Now we have seen two general kinds of process in nature. One is a randomizing process that increases diversity like the entropy increasing process we described in the last section that increased the diversity specified as the G square root diversity index, ΔG>0 of Eq128. Recall an initial set of elements as molecular energies, (2, 4, 6, 24, 26, 24), increasing in diversity from G=4.39 to the G=5.85 of its (11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 23) end point set. This contrasts to the organismic elements in the niche that started out with the same distribution as (2, 4, 6, 24, 26, 34) with a diversity of D=3.74 decreasing to a D=1 diversity in a (96, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) end state distribution of organisms over populations. 

Both processes, of diversity increase and decrease, are mathematically well defined mechanisms entirely general in nature. So broad is randomization as a diversity increasing process that it is the other central component of evolution of the random production of new individuals and populations via mutation including sexual recombination. Those new populations with g growth rates different from the parent populations they were derived from are the driving force for change in evolution for such superior new population are selected for over the population it developed from by chance to become the next successful type of organism.

This makes it clear that there are really three kinds of general processes in nature, diversity increasing, diversity decreasing and those that have both diversity decrease and increase associated with them, as does evolution taken as a whole. Indeed such processes of all sorts are what evolution consist of, be it biological evolution, business evolution, the evolution of scientific thought and even chemical evolution as seen most obviously in phase changes from the liquid, amorphous, state to the crystalline state of matter. 

18. Ruth’s Inheritance

My original prison sentence was for 16 months. When I got out on probation I packed all the kids in the car except Peter III, six of us by that time, and headed for Mexico. It was made clear from common chit chat between prisoners while I was inside that probation just brings the prison guards into your home as probation officers and that their fucking your wife and even your kids was not uncommon. Having already had a taste of the hidden horrors of prison life I had no eagerness to find out about the hidden horrors of probation. We withdrew the last $30,000 left from the money recovered from Wendell from the bank, threw the cash in a cloth bag and drove speedily from New York to the Mexican border, crossing it before my first contact time with my probation officer came due.

Mexico was a relief. The people there are still quite human relative to the emotionally non-communicative robots most Americans are turned into by the time they’re 30. When the money ran out after a year’s time we crossed back over the border. It was on Sept. 3, 2001, a week before 9/11 when I was arrested at the Brownsville, TX, border crossing. The treatment of all prisoners by the feds following 9/11 was horrible. I remember 60 prisoners shackled hand and foot being made to stand nose to asshole in a holding cell in Atlanta no more than 8 feet by 15 feet wide for six hours. This was also the time when I had by nose bloodied while completely shackled and hip kicked so bad I limped for a year.                   

The thought of the horrors at a county jail in Utica where the feds placed resisting federal prisoners like myself to have them beaten and tortured is so bad that I’ll skip the specifics other than to say that I faked being suicidal with all the skill and charm of Sir Lawrence Olivier to get out of that house of horror. From there I was sent to Fort Devon’s Federal Psychiatric Hospital briefly, the same place they sent the younger Tsarnaev, but sent away quickly to another prison when it became apparent that I was faking my mental problems, though not until I was diagnosed as having a terroristic personality, that presumably because of my complaining about my torturous treatment in prison in an extremely angry and vengeful way.

When I finally got out in 2003 after my added on sentence of a year and a half for skipping to Mexico, but with probation ended, the Albany Police Dept. started parking a squad car in front of our apartment every day for two or three hours, which had us scooting back to Mexico ASAP just to get out of Gestapo controlled America, the cash enabling this flight, about $35,000, coming from my mother who had died while I was in prison and left some money behind.

One day while we were in Juarez right across from Texas, Ruth on a spontaneous urge crossed the border and headed to Lubbock to see her 93 year old mother whom she had not had contact with in over 20 years. A surprise knock on the door had her mother immediately start yakking about Don and showing Ruth his latest email to her that was gushing with love for his mommy. Don boy had not remarried since Paula divorced him 21 years earlier and no mention of a girl friend was made for this quintessential mother’s boy.

Ruth said when she got back to Mexico that it was a divine pleasure abusing her mother for a half hour after which she informed the girl at the front desk of the old folks home her mother was staying in that her mother was a notorious child abuser. The only other thing of note was a cryptic piece of advice her mother gave her in the middle of all this: “Never say what you think.”

We debated what the old bag meant by this. The conclusion reached was that my un-beloved conservative mother-in-law was senile at age 93 and mistaking her daughter for a standard good conservative daughter gave her the advice that all Texas Bible thumping fundamentalist mothers give their daughters, don’t ever be honest with anybody. It was a double chuckle because we felt she revealed so much about those creepy people unintentionally.

Come a few years later after ambling back to our Post Office Box half broke we got a letter from Don Graf’s law office informing Ruth that her mother had died and, and, and…left Ruth $30,000!!! But not so fast with the exclamation points. While Ruth’s three siblings also got $30,000, her money was left in trust with lawyer brother, Don Lee, to be dispensed at his discretion.  We hurried down to Lubbock.

In his office the message was clear: “You’ll never see a penny of the money unless you leave Peter.” Later shyster Don actually wrote Ruth a letter saying he never said that, as though putting it in writing was some sort of valid evidence. But whomever might believe or disbelieve he said it, in hard fact over the next seven years he paid out less than 4% of the $30,000 and the bulk of that, $1000, after Ruth emailed Don telling him when we were desperate for cash and almost out on the street that I had stolen all the family money and run off and left her.

Finally it became clear what mother Graf meant when she said, “Don’t ever say what you think.” She wasn’t saying what she was thinking at that time, namely that though the money was nominally left to Ruth, a plan was concocted with Don to make sure that she never got a penny of it unless and until she left me, a punishment for Ruth’s sins from the dead.

Nonetheless, Ruth tried her best to get it. After two years of getting nothing, we returned to Lubbock to take the case to court. But not one of the hundred lawyers in town would take the case. Queries to Texas lawyers outside of Lubbock repeatedly said that he what he was doing was “black law” illegal, but also that coming to Lubbock from out of town to represent her would chew up all the money in traveling expenses and that an outside lawyer trying a case in Lubbock would have little chance of winning against a homeboy attorney. Frustrated we left with nothing. I think once or twice he paid $100 for an initial dental exam for her, but never anything more even for dental and medical expenses.

Two years later we came back to Lubbock and tried again to hire a local attorney, with no success, rather getting back stupid refusals tinseled with “I love Don” reasons and such. After seven long years, we came back a third time and Ruth decided to try to take the case to court representing herself. Surprisingly it was accepted by somebody named Judge Parker. Could this work? We got to Lubbock this third try in October, a week or so before Obama took the 2012 election and the case was accepted shortly after. However, first there had to be a mandatory pre-trial attempt at mediation. This was scheduled the end of Junko, a seven month wait to get the ball rolling. The mediation took six seconds. Brother Don declared it an impasse. Next Ruth was told that a court date would be set. A month after the mediation ended with nothing done, no date has been set and we are quite sure when and if it is set that it will be the far distant future.

The expression is, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” But even if not delayed, we are sure it will be denied in this city said to be the second most conservative in the country where a Biblical inspiration graces the front page of the local newspaper every day. Of course this injustice isn’t at the level of the tolerated murder of Trayvon Martin and the myriad injustices laid on minorities every day by the courts, but it is a very clear instance of rule by corruption rather than rule by law, which has become so endemic in today’s America.

When I was in prison, I had a dream one night in my lonely cell saying that I had been set up by the Graf family through the FBI. Of course a dream is a dream is a dream and just a dream. But such a set up is not impossible. You find out from people in prison who actually were set up by the FBI that corporations and similar powerful social institutions have a lot of influence over what the FBI does just like major businesses in a city have a lot of power over what the local police force does. The Whitey Bulger trial makes clear that the FBI is hardly free of corruption.

And a religious institution the size of the LCMS, (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod), two million strong, is a large enough to influence the federal justice system.  While I never embraced the message in the dream as bedrock truth, for a dream is a dream and just a dream, the horrendous game of drive the sinning daughter crazy with a dangled $30,000 inheritance from the grave never to be given, makes you wonder. If murder were legal, for all the pain he has put my wife through for the last 40 years, I’d do it slowly.    

All this was happening during the time of Zimmerman’s acquittal for murdering Trayvon Martin, so the thought of the dedicating the mathematics to Trayvon Martin came to mind in titling it as The Trayvon Synthesis:  A Mathematical Unification of the Physical, Biological and Human Sciences.

Ultimately we decided it might be seen as our taking too much advantage of Trayvon’s death to get publicity for our political ideas so we cooled it, but the thought of dedicating it to him does have merit, so we’ll repeat here what we initially wrote on this blog.         

We name this treatise the main part of which is a scientific explanation of the control, unhappiness and violence in modern life after Trayvon Martin, a victim of the worst that America has become. It is important to confront these issues in a technically precise way because only the exactness of mathematical language and trustworthiness of mathematical logic can dispel the media propaganda that obfuscates the exploitive control imposed on the 99% by the 1% and the unhappiness, violence and perversion of human nature that comes from that control.    

A unified science that spells out this dark picture of life is made possible with a most interesting mathematical function, Simpson’s Reciprocal Diversity Index, which is able to generate new defining equations for information, entropy, evolution, hierarchy and human emotion that make it clear that the behavior of everything including people is based on natural law rather than on God’s law, whether of Allah, Krishna, God the Father, Zeus or whatever bogey man is used by a society to distort the reality of social control and its unhappy consequences. 

The Vatican’s recent generous offer of time off in purgatory for followers of Pope Francis’s tweets should make it clear other than to those with premature dementia that religious belief is a mark only of gross stupidity. Only scientific reasoning can develop the truth about life needed to show the best way to live it. In that regard The Trayvon Synthesis is a religion of sorts itself as a comprehensive explanation of reality and a guide to living life best, though as based on scientific fact rather than the misinformation, misdirection and black magic emotionality of the superstition based religions used to control people’s feelings and behaviors for the benefit of the ruling class of a society.            

The Trayvon Synthesis shows man to be a once free hunter-gatherer culturally evolved now to an Orwellian state of unhappiness alleviated only in perverse ways by compulsive overeating, legal and illegal drug taking, religious and ideological delusion, entertaining distraction and unprovoked aggression that runs the gamut from Zimmerman’s execution of Trayvon Martin to commonplace cyber-bullying, workday cruelties, parental abuse of children, homophobia, gun facilitated mass murder and emotionally driven strife and war between nations sure to escalate eventually to the nuclear level.

The prediction of global warming by science years ago that has been continuously denied by the right wing to maximize corporate profits has been clearly proven by today’s heat caused natural disasters with the blame for the deaths of the 19 young firefighters in Arizona and those in Hurricane Sandy to be laid directly on Wall Street.  In no less scientific a way is a nuclear apocalypse predicted by this science to come unless its vision of A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS is vigorously embraced by enough people to make it a reality.

Fox News Republican anti-science ideology is inherently flawed and must lead to ruin because it ignores undeniable scientific truths especially when they are in conflict with the conservatives’ predatory intentions and deceptions. There is no real freedom in an America where democratic representation is bought and owned through massive campaign contributions from the ruling class with 28% of the money for elections provided by .01% of the people. Democracy is endlessly touted as wonderful in America only because the ruling class controls it, additional evidence for America’s basic disregard for democracy clear in our 1.5 billion dollar support of the military coup that just overthrew democracy in Egypt. Power rules in every society ultimately through policing forces including the military. Arguments against this defining characteristic of social hierarchies exist only to fool the workers who give their time and the soldiers who give their lives from erroneously thinking their pains in life have some noble meaning.          

The Republicans should particularly never be trusted, for even their occasional display of respect for truth and decency is never anything but a maneuvering to ultimately gain unchallenged power, something we should fear with great alarm and will deeply regret. It should also be made clear, though, that both political parties, the Republicans as patent slave drivers and the Democrats as reformers of a tinseled slave society that is fundamentally flawed, are dominated by self-serving politicians on the leash of the ruling class who provides their indispensible campaign funds and favorable media exposure. 

Fairness and equality are only possible in a future WORLD WITHOUT WEAPONS in which the balance of power promised but never seen in modern societies is actually realized as is spelled out in a later section. There is no justice, only order enforced by rules and punishment, in an America that has the highest lock up rate in human history, mostly of minorities for non-violent crimes. This absence of justice is quintessentially evident in the courtroom damning of Trayvon Martin predicted at a rally in Las Vegas in 2012 where the Calabrias spoke and made clear that the only path to justice for Trayvon could be in forming a new political party free of corporate influence that will elect as president in 2016 a candidate that rebellious citizens can put their trust in to throw the ruling class entirely out of power, Ruth Calabria, why not, if nobody else suitable were to come forward. Calabria, an interesting character also is an amateur guitarist who put his political ideas to music in folk-rock form on YouTube.   

Other than for fools and out and out racists it should be obvious that the expert testimony on Trayvon Martin screaming for his life was suppressed by the law and order judge, which opened the door for a parade of well coached witnesses claiming they recognized the cries as those of Zimmermann, which they somehow recognized by hearing similar cries from him before, a doubly ridiculous proposition given that Zimmerman had to be unafraid during the encounter as the one holding a fully loaded, fully accessible, high caliber automatic pistol. You scream in terror when someone is pointing a gun at you and about to murder you, not when you’re the one holding the gun. And seriously adding to this was the Stand Your Ground Law, encouraged by the NRA to license gun carrying right wingers including those in police uniforms to kill almost at will, which the judge patently demanded the jurors take into account, resulting in an acquittal of the murderer as made clear in the juror interview given on TV after the trial.  

A brief note here about my conservative mama’s boy brother, Don Graf of Lubbock, reinforces that there is epidemic injustice in America today. I should also highlight here the sexual dysfunction reasons the conservatives are so intent on subordinating females to the level of dogs in a cage. I’m privy to revealing the “highly classified” secrets of fundamentalist men because I grew up with them and even unfortunately wound up married to one in my twenties, a hypocritical minister of the Ted Haggard kind for whom no insult would be excessive.

My mother, wife of my Bible thumping equally hypocritical minister father, gave the quintessential advice of a conservative mother to her conservative daughter in mild dementia on her death bed while forgetting that I was the one of her children who was a runaway heretic from the clan many decades past, of “Never say what you think.” My sibling brother, Don, taking mother’s advice to heart is a liar at all times. He has to be, not just because that’s part of the essential requirement for admission of lawyer Don to the bar, but because unmarried and completely unattached to a female now for 30 years after his trophy wife, Ruby, abruptly divorced him, he has so much to hide and is so closed mouth, of course, about his generally sadistic intentions.

This coward is getting away with the theft of my $30,000 inheritance from my child abusing guilt burdened mother because as a big time shyster attorney he is an integral long time member of the judicial hierarchy in Lubbock that includes the Lubbock County Court that’s trying the case, delaying it at present for nearly a year now without the slightest real move towards conclusion. No justice here. Indeed if Don Graf had his way he’d get away with murdering me too, no different than the lawyers representing Zimmerman were complicit in the murder of Trayvon Martin by cleverly twisting all the real evidence in the trial. 

Whatever their good PR from bullshit TV series that portray them as honorable, most lawyers including the pathetic looking males and smooth-lying girls with their tits half showing as lawyer judges, too, and lawyer politicians and lawyer TV talk show hosts and their lawyer expert guests, wouldn’t hesitate to eat a baby alive screaming and bloody for personal gain and the paycheck they get for their work from their capitalist bosses. Right after clerics who sodomizes nine year old altar boys and prison guards who sodomize their charges psychologically and otherwise in the reality of the horror of prison in America, lawyers come next in line to be exterminated as a professional class in the WORLD WITHOUT WEAPONS of the future.             

We should applaud Ed Snowden in his personal revolution against control for making it clear, minimally, that our government tells big lies about spying on its allies, their supposed friends, which greatly raises the likelihood that it also tells big lies to the American people, their supposedly beloved citizens. This extends to the ruling class lying to us also in the news and fictional programming in the media they control with advertizing dollars.

You can contribute to our scientific and political efforts to change America and keep the nuclear nightmare from becoming a reality by clicking here.

19. The American Dream Test Tube Baby

Peter III was a true miracle in more ways than one. Ruth and I really were serious about never bringing any more children into the world. How Peter III was conceived unintentionally back in 1980 is a tribute to the sex drive and its pleasures as motivating the creation of a new human organism independent of the creators having any sense of the cause and effect nature of the process.

Happy it happened is the greatest understatement. The first time I saw him in the hospital room in Ruth’s arms, it seemed the while room was filled with sunlight. I nicknamed him Buster the first time I saw him because his bright tone and baby smile and kicking all about made it seem he’d just bust up the world. What he gave to Ruth and me personally was a miracle, too. Two strong willed people have a tendency to fight. In a way that seemed to have a purpose, for the fights invariably ended with sex, and the sex just does bring a couple together. Ruth used to say that a man and a woman couldn’t possibly stand each other without sex. It was certainly the case with us anyway for without exaggeration the daily arithmetic average of sex for us was somewhere between twice a day and three times a day and not infrequently up in the five times a day range. It wasn’t that hard to do because she really was quite beautiful and there was added stimulation from her testiness over the absence of her three kids from the first marriage and the Graf family driving her crazy with letters written by her mother purely with the intent of provoking guilt and fear via conditioning her mother had put in her in Ruth’s childhood with the frequent pants down corporal punishment.

Junko’s situation didn’t help either. The last time the Rev. Haggard brought the four year old back from visitation, her eyes were blank and she stopped talking and started crawling around on the rug in the living room of the trailer we lived in meowing like a kitty cat. It was terrifying like something out of the movie, “Incubus.” We survived the ordeal by spoiling her thoroughly. This kept her happy and her face pretty. If you tried any form of discipline, her face dropped into a dummy’s face, which was sad and worse than sad, terrifying, like watching the death of a child every time it happened. Spoiling her, agreeing to everything she wanted, kept this from happening and we were more than happy to do it. It took quite a toll, though, for whatever ordeal we thought they put her through on that last visitation weekend, she didn’t trust people any more. So her demands could often be cruel in some way, and very wearying, and also very grating, particularly on Ruth, who was first in the line of fire. Sex, lots of it took a lot of the pain away.

When Peter III came along, the sex stopped. The two of us just worshipped the baby. He was nursed on demand by Ruth and was very demanding, so much so that her elbow hurt her chronically through the two and half years she nursed him, this from being so often in the position of laying on the elbow while laying down to give him her milk, his favorite position. When Peter III was old enough to eat solid foods, he used to pick just the meat from the dishes Ruth served. She’d make chicken soup, he’d pick out the chicken and leave the pasta behind. She’d make lentils with pork in it, he’d pick out the pork and leave the lentils behind. Every dinner meal was a meat and carbohydrate filler. Every dinner he’d eat just the meat. Nobody ever corrected him.                                

You couldn’t for he fulfilled all the fantasies two loving parents could ever have. He said his first word when he was five months old. “Burr!” he cheeped out looking at the sky through the living room window and pointing to a bird flying up above. And he started walking at nine months. I played the guitar in those days before an asshole NY State Trooper broke my wrist with violent handcuffing for bullshit dismissed in court two weeks later. Peter III would bounce up and down in his diapers to the music before he was even one year old.

I had a Seiko watch back then that cost me $200.  One day Peter III picked it up and started walking herky-jerky swinging his arms and the watch back and forth like babies do while moving closer and closer to the flagstone fireplace. Ouch, I thought, any second the watch goes smashing into the rocks. But quick decision, his joy in his toddling around with the watch waving about with this huge triumphant grin on his face trumped any caring I had about the watch surviving. It did anyway, as fate would have it, blessing me for my devotion to his happiness.        

He learned to read, could read every word of “Go Dog Go” when he was three, was tested at the 12th grade reading level when he was five and at the same age scored 170 on his IQ testing. And he was as handsome and bold as he was smart.

He also greatly saved our sanity from the pain Junko us through. None of it did either Ruth or I regret for the product came out well. Lots of love and three kids later at age 41, though she still was a bit selfish and scheming, most women would gladly change places in life with baby face pretty Junko, an astonishingly instinctive mother, despite her being battered by the bastards when she was three years old.

She finally started speaking again three years after that murderous visitation. I picked up the Montessori Phonics Method to teach deaf children to read for her. In spending hours reading to her from fairy tale books, Junko got the gist of words and started to speak again. Before that she communicated with drawings. She was very gifted, likely because it compensated in some way for her not communicating with words. Her main stack of drawings was repetitive, the images done in sequential cartoon frames of a checkered cow sternly wearing eyeglasses and then the coming of rain. When she learned to speak, her explanations of the drawings that finally came out through my asking many questions were remarkable. The cow was Rev. Haggard and the rain that never stopped was her fear that never stopped, fear put in her by a severe beating nominally for talking and squirming in church.

There was more. Junko never slept with a pillow. She just wouldn’t. The corker on her story was that after she was beaten, the mother of Rev. Haggard, as well as I could make out, put a pillow over her face and told her that if she ever told anybody what happened, they’d smother her with a pillow. After she came out with what had happened, she started tossing the pillow up in the air again and again and laughing. And after that she began to use a pillow every night to go to sleep on. Either that’s a story too good to be real that I made up to make clear how horrible this group of outwardly pious fundamentalists were or it’s the truth.

Whatever you may believe, (and it did actually happen) Junko was very difficult to raise because she never gave any love back for the love given her. Very thankfully this gradually changed once she reached adolescence and very much so after she started having kids of her own, but more to the point, Peter III was such a relief, more than a relief for when a child does not return your love, which Junko didn’t and Peter did, it makes you think you’re a horrible parent in some way. So Peter III was a miracle in that way, too.

I never really knew why they locked me up. One thing it did was destroy the family in part, that part being Peter III  While I talked about the possibility of Don Graf with the considerable influence he had with the LCMS, (he was a church trustee), and the influence the church had with the FBI being the cause, or the power of millionaire Wendell or the fact that I was an outspoken political activist in the area who had written a number of anti-war and police brutality newspaper articles, part of me thought that it was just because we were such a happy strong family, all the kids so good looking and smart, that it naturally aroused jealousy in whoever we came into contact with, including the authorities, whom I showed little respect towards because my political view was that they were always nothing but the strong arm lackeys of the higher up yet assholes who held the money power in town.                 

My going to prison turned Peter into a jerk. He had been the embodiment of the American Dream, first admitted into one college when he was 13 having gotten the highest SAT scores it had ever seen at any age. My going to prison was a heart ache for everybody. The experience is not meant to take place in the context of the prison officials trying to keep families together, the oft spoken fairy tale of it, but of breaking families apart. To talk of his change from the most vibrant young man I had ever come into contact with to a fearful fool is not the point. No father wishes to cut his own son down. Rather it was how viciously mean he became to me, and worse, to Ruth, who, truly along with me, would have died for him a thousand times.        

It is not that he did not turn out well from his own perspective. He married, a born again Christian phony bitch, but better than nothing, if I look at it from his perspective, and he’s currently at age 32 the Asst. CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for an East Coast investment bank large enough to have part sponsored the entry of FACEBOOK as a publically traded company. But his viciousness towards us, stealing $10,000 from the family and making friends with my and his loving mother’s worst enemy, Don Graf, and all for the sake of personal advancement by hobnobbing with power. He became the perfect successful embodiment of the American Dream and at the same time a horrid creature for whom nobody who knew him well could have any respect. He was as if recreated in a test tube by forces like chemical forces that could not be resisted. Whatever got to him shortly after I went to prison, only Pope Francis probably knows, he lost his happiness and began to live his life with the primary objective of materializing his contempt for me in line with public opinion towards a convicted felon as his main means to emotional survival.

Nonetheless, if I thought him happy I wouldn’t care. I’d still give my arms and legs for him and so would Ruth. But in turning into a test tube American Dream success story, his heart and likely a couple of other central organs passed away irretrievably, he becomes just another American Dream test tube creature that supports this hierarchical social system that causes all the unhappiness in America and needs to be taken down. Of course, I hope like Abraham addressing Isaac’s problem that fate if not God intervenes to make for a happy ending. But in the meantime of that wishful thinking, damn him like the rest of the worst.        

20. Up on the Gold Mine

The first place we went after baby Junko was beat up on visitation was Potter Valley, CA. For a fellow with long hair and a beard like me the year and a half we managed to stay there back in the days when the place was a very conservative pear growing village was a small miracle. Being good with my fists was helpful, but in the end not getting along with the volunteer sheriff in a personal way drove us out of town, for like running into an agent in The Matrix, you always run from an asshole law enforcement officer with a chip on his shoulder if you want to survive.

Where to go was no small problem for an asthmatic. Too much of this in the air or in the next apartment you rented could kill you. We left California and scooted up to Oregon and rented a house in some place called Elkton. The neighbors and landlord were bad, but the clincher that said look for another place was electric heating that all but took my lungs to burnt toast. I more or less collapsed and sent Ruth and Junko out on our pickup truck with a camper on the back to find a cabin up in the mountain to rent. This was in early February with lots of snow on the ground so no easy task.

Ruth called me on the phone from California a week later and said that she couldn’t find a cabin to rent but did find somebody who wanted to sell her a cabin on 40 acres up in the mountains for $3600. That price sounded ridiculously low even for back then. Something had to be wrong. So I told Ruth to offer $1200. For that price I’d take a chance. The seller said $1600 when Ruth got back to him and we settled for $1400.

There was something wrong with the place even for $1400. It wasn’t that the door to the cabin had been majorly chewed up by wood rats and had to be replaced, which we did quickly the second day we were up on our new place. It was the three Forest Service marshals who came up to the cabin on the third day and told us to immediately get off the place, one of them, the oldest of the three, looking very sheepish, one of them, very arrogant and laughing and the third one writing us up on some piece of paper while explaining that we had bought a mining claim, not real property, and that unless we were actively mining gold ore out of the mine shaft on the place, we were in trespass against the US government and would have to vacate immediately.  

Ruth had gotten $10,000 from the divorce a good chunk of which had kept us going the year and a half we were in Potter Valley. Subtract out the $1400 from what was left and we were pretty much out on the street if they took away our new property, whatever the hell it was.

I’ll skip the bullshit they tried to slide past us about the law and get to the crux of the scam pulled on us city slickers by the bastard who sold us the property. VanArsdale had owned it for many years and used it as a hunting lodge for his buddies without ever mining a gram of gold and that with the Forest Service’s tacit permission because all these folks, marshals and VanArsdale and his hunting buddies were all long time residents of this teeny town in northernmost California called Fort Jones.

When word came from higher ups in Washington to take over the claim and burn down the cabin because the pot growers were starting to use the national forests as weed farms – this was 1976 – VanArsdale’s mining claim plus cabin soon to be burned down had zero value to him and he was happy to dump it to a couple of fools for $1400. The Forest Service people had breakfast with the VanArsdale clique every day at the one Alice’s Restaurant in town, twice on Sundays, so everybody was quite in on the joke, except us, of course. They gave us a week to leave.

I dashed down to the local library and looked up everything I could on mining laws – this was in the days before the Internet – and quickly bought a pick and shovel and hammer and chisel to mine me some gold with along with some rope to string up a makeshift fence with around the front end of our 40 acres while hammering NO TRESSPASSING signs on the trees the rope fence was hung on every 30 feet or so. When the pricks came back the following week in full uniform I was waiting for them with the mining instrument on the ground on my side of the rope fence and our 12 gauge, unloaded though they didn’t know it, and a Kodak camera with film in it. I told them they’d be in trespass if they came across according to the 1866 Mining Laws.

I took photos of them on one side of the rope fence making it clear that if they crossed I’d take pictures of them on the other side too, and who knows what with the shotgun as they didn’t seem to want to take a chance with given that I didn’t look or talk much like a pacifist, my scraggly long hair and beard making me look just uncertain enough to do God knows what if they stepped across.

We hung on for four years up there at 7500 feet and it cured my asthma enough to allow me to head back to civilization. I used every trick in the book to hang on. I had never voted in any election nor have I since then, but that was the year that Nixon replacement Gerald Ford was running against Jimmy Carter, who like anybody who ran against Gerald Ford had to win. I wrote to the Carter campaign committee and told than I would campaign for Carter with all the small miners in CA, none of whom I knew and all of whom were four times crazier right wing leaning than Ted Cruz and Randy Paul put together. They sent me a ton of campaign paraphernalia, some of which I dutifully mailed around to the few hundred small miners in California.

Carter lost California but won the election and I was instantly quick to write to Morris Udall, his Secretary of Agriculture who oversees the Forest Service to put in a massive complaint to the harassment I had been getting while also letting him know that I was a tireless campaigner for Carter without whose win Udall would not have had his cabinet position. The harassments I complained about were so vicious and insane that to delineate them would make me look like a liar or an exaggerator for nobody could possibly think that the Forest Service would do things like burn down 160 acres surrounding my 40 acres to drive me out or have the Air National Guard of California fly sorties over our cabin roof while breaking the sound barrier and such.

The extreme craziness of what they did, and those two things were but a sample of the endless craziness, came about because of my head to head confrontation with the top cop for the Siskiyou National Forest, a bald six foot six total asshole by the name of Harry Fry. The first time he came up, I was out of town and Ruth and Junko up on the claim all by themselves. All she had to say was that he was very rude. This was early in our relationship and I was very much in love with her physically and enraged. The next time he came up, no shotgun in my hand, I read him the riot act in front of one of his underlings who quickly got into the squatting position to avoid the punch that seemed right on the tip of my right arm and ready to fire if Fry dared provoke it. He got the message and didn’t, but making an ass out of him like that brought on possibly the most imaginative government harassment that ever came out of a federal officer.

You remember the scene in Apocalypse Now where the attack helicopters dive bomb accompanied by Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. Six of them over Gunsight Peak coming  down on me, Ruth and Junko sunning ourselves on a promontory out in front of the cabin. Ruth and I gave them the finger while trying to shout the lowest trash insults loud enough to be heard over the copter sounds. The worst was during hunting season when the Forest Service assholes dressed up like hunters and spent three weeks just the other side of our NO TRESPASSING signs firing off 500 rounds of ammunition to the tune of 500 watt screaming of dying people from psych war tapes. Most of these jerks were former Vietnam artillery officers and didn’t distinguish between their former enemy and a family with a five year old in tow. Disgusting, I always think when I recall it. After the intervention of Udall they couldn’t get me off legally and resorted to that sort of crap.

In the end it got too real and we had to leave. They started shooting live ammunition closer and closer to us. The night before we left, the day before Halloween, 1979, the shotgun pellets came close enough to knock the pine needles off the branches of trees two feet above our heads on our cabin porch. It was time to go anyway. We had so much run out of money that we were living on the sourest tasting wild apples and one Crisco biscuit and an egg each a day. I was up there long enough to get my lungs back in shape enough to return to civilization. In three weeks I was back at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and in three months had my PhD and an offer to join faculty. Just before the school year started I scooted down to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda close to DC who were paying my salary on a research grant and paid a visit to Forest Service National Hdqrs. to give Harry Fry hell to his superiors as now Dr. Calabria. It was fun reversing rank, but I’m sure it did no good. Fair and honest government? As amusing a thought as Fair and Balanced Fox News. 

21. We Meet the False Messiah

Much as living on the mining claim was an eye opener as to the realities of government, so also were my prison experiences especially as coupled with the Bush presidency which was so blatantly Orwellian that it laid bare all pretext of America as the land of fairness and honesty. The beginning of 2008 we found ourselves, what was left of the family, five of us, living in Acapulco, more or less resigned to never coming back to the States.

There was one English speaking channel on cable TV down there, international CNN, and much of what was on it revolved around the presidential election, the primaries that pitted Hillary Clinton mostly against a black guy named Barack Obama that whatever our cynicism seemed to be a real fighter for all the things worth fighting for that the little people had nobody to help them with.

He was attractive. We were sucked in. We started sending out emails in support of him from down there in Mexico to a point where we were pumping them out 10 hours a day. Then at a critical moment we just upped and headed for the Democratic Party Convention in Denver where we thought Clinton, whom we thought nothing of for her husband putting all the cops on the street and building all the prisons and killing the welfare safety net for the poor and starting all the massive homelessness you see for people today, would somehow steal the nomination Obama had rightfully from the primary vote. And, yes sir, we would give Obama all the wisdom and knowledge we had about the worst in people that he had to protect himself from.            

Our first stop off place was at Obama election headquarters in Denver where we met Victoria, who struck us as complacent about politics as Barbara Bush. This was black upper middle class interested in electing a person whose coattails would get her and her group more political power, plain and simple. On the way out of town I dropped off a note for her saying that the right wing would eventually hang Obama up the top of the basketball backboard and tar and feather him to the derision of all after they dragged him down. That sentiment was reinforced by our seeing his performance on TV as he got closer and closer to the nomination by taking all slaps in the face given him by TV moderators like George Stephanopoulos with a smile, not a fighter instinctively.

It didn’t matter, though. We had come all the way from Mexico to back our champion and we weren’t going to be stopped by quibbles. So we packed our bags and headed to West Virginia where we thought we could somehow make a difference in bringing in the state’s primary votes for Senator Obama. It was a most interesting and revealing experience.

At first we were all for Obama. Ruth challenged Bill Clinton speaking for Hillary in Fayetteville, WV, challenged him on Hillary’s effort to get universal health care as all political posturing with no results other than her preening her populist feathers in public. She wound up with three quarter million hits on a YouTube CBS video called Bill Clinton Argues with Voter, the point Ruth was trying to make being that Hillary was just posturing in populist style in working for the people to get a health care bill she knew was impossible to get to begin with. And Champ, eleven-years-old then, appeared on TV for Obama in a taping that the station manager said was the best political commercial he ever saw. Champ with his super high speed processor of a mind was also the author of a number of centrally important technical ideas in Distinction Mathematics.

But after getting a close up feel for Obama’s campaign people down in Charleston and getting close enough to him the day before the voting to get a one on one feel for the guy, we smelled him up to be the worst kind of politician, the kid who had all his lines down beautifully to fool the desperate into thinking he was the one chosen by fate or by God to save their asses from the worst that the bad guys up at the top were dishing out. Problem was that as you can’t miss in the section on social hierarchy in the mathematics part that follows this story, Obama was just looking for his perch on the totem pole and that nothing dramatic was going to happen, unless you were gay, which is not relevant for those who see love, the boy and girl biological kind, as the end point of fighting to the death for freedom for.

So we switched in the middle. As much as we despised Hillary, compared to the Palin-McCain disasters she was Mary mother of God. So we wrote up a piece and sent it to the chief political correspondent of the San Francisco Chronicle, a woman whose name escapes me at the moment. Oh yeah, Carla Marinucci, and she published it though getting our names screwed up, as Holding out for Hillary. It suggested in mockery that Obama was basically a mush bag who would run the White House via the advice of his wife, mother-in-law and whatever was said in yesterday’s newspapers. He retained so many of Bush’s appointees, especially in the military area, that you could as well called him despite the constant harangue from the right wing, Bush-Lite.   

Look, it’s not that Obama’s exceptionally terrible. That would be unfair. You have to understand how the game works to understand the players in the game. The Republican Party is the chief political arm of the rulers up the top of the slave colony. And the Democrats are there as reformers of the slave colony, to make changes in the traditional ways things work to make it more efficient. They’re not there to change pseudo-democratic capitalism but to make it work better, sort of like veterinarians on an animal farm who are there to make sure the animals are healthy enough to pull the wagons and give good meat for farmer’s Sunday table, not to free the goddamn animals. And every candidate politician allowed to prance on ruling class media spouting hope for the middle class or the working class and given ruling class campaign money is thoroughly inspected to make sure they’re God loving, rule obeying preachers sure of the great opportunities for success and happiness possible in the capitalist slave colony. That’s the smell and the simple truth of Obama and the Clintons and Biden and the rest of them, a better slavery for all Americans, not a meaningful end to it.

One good thing we did grab hold of in the election was a journalist by the name of Ken Bazinet. He caught Ruth’s CBS YouTube video and starting a correspondence with us and because of it was affected by our honest attitude. A practicing Catholic liberal, he never got the real point of us any more than Elmer, just affected by the glare of our shine. He had been working for Mort Zuckerman of the NY Daily News for a long time, the liberal billionaire. We thought he postured too much in the middle, just another bleeding heart reformer who aspired to revolutionary status but only as another bright badge he could pin on his chest to make his mother back in Fall River, MA, endlessly proud of him. We teased him, we insulted him, even in public, but we stuck with him because he was the only major media journalist who would tolerate our spitting in the face of niceness.

All the major media journalists are posturing assholes checked out at least as thoroughly as the asshole politicians. Bazinet was one such but the best of the lot, not just because he stuck with us but because he was let go by Zuckerman past some point and drifted off to the utterly insignificant Kiplinger Report as their political editor , there to say equally irrelevant and untrue things in an even duller way. But Ken helped us out once in a very critical way and for that he deserves an endless round of applause.

In our drifting about we threw the dart at some place called White River Junction. The only motel cheap enough for our wallet was unbreathably moldy for this asthmatic and almost out of money, we were at wits end until the kids dug up a motel across the CT River that in the off season was charging some tiny rate that delighted our homelessness terrified hearts to all hell. It mattered little to us that it was in Hanover, NH, at first connecting with it. But that seemed an unexpected windfall of opportunity when we found out that we were all of two miles from the great Dartmouth University, and by a free bus to take there from the motel no less.

Soon we were off to a weakly seminar scheduled by the Math Dept. at the school, but only to find out when we got to the room it was numbered for that it was cancelled for that week. Next to that room was the office of somebody named Barnett, a math professor. By sheer coincidence as we turned to walk away, up came this Barnett character. And he was a character. A small personality decorated with substantial institutional power. These are people who tend to be scared of the confident on first contact. And I was and am a generally confident character. And on top of that I had Ruth with me, who presence certainly didn’t make me any less confident. And on top of that, by this time, November of 2009, I was getting quite confident about the mathematics.

As you would have seen the foregoing mathematics, past some point of interwoven logic and connecting with reality like the Law of Emotion we develop from scratch deriving the universally accepted Law of Supply and Demand, you are very sure you are right. And when yours truly plus wife is the discoverer of said new and significant mathematics of human emotion, you are very confident, especially as a scientist talking to another professional, forget about that Barnett was a math professor at prestigious Dartmouth and that I was an ex-con near penniless drifter, albeit with a PhD in biophysics.

Part of Barnett’s problem is that he was homosexual. I don’t mean that this impaired his abilities as a mathematician. But that it colored any objective evaluation of the wonder of the math I was trying to tell him about relative to his own accomplishments, whatever they may have been. I wasn’t out to pick a fight. I wasn’t there to beat him up. But he took it that way, was defensive, and started saying basically that I was stupid and my ideas all wrong without giving 30 seconds of time to listen to them.

I wasn’t offended any more than I could be if somebody from Dartmouth said my thinking that nine times nine was eighty one was ridiculous. So I did what anybody in my position would do, make gentle fun of him for trying to argue that the world was flat or that 9X9 was other than 81. Both Ruth and I, having no firm idea that he was gay, thought he was ridiculous. In the end he literally ran away from us out of the math building and off on his bicycle. A brief conversation with a Dartmouth student we ran into while exiting the campus confirmed that Barnett was a “bit of a screwball,” the student’s phrasing, not mine.

Somehow and for whatever reason he had in his mind, Barnett notified the Hanover police of our presence in the gilded city of Hanover, where the only two institutions in town are the university and the Hanover Police, the former having the power of ownership over the latter. Champ, at this time was twelve, and being home taught by me, entirely within the law. This was even within the laws of New Hampshire, for they said that we couldn’t be considered with regard to his schooling as residents until a 30 day period was up, which it was not.

Nonetheless after checking my federal record as a felon, the cops took Champ away at gun point and gave him to a foster family of two childless obese people, the male hippo of which worked for an armaments factory, all this a good 100 miles from where we were, which made contact in the short run all but impossible. I went crazy. Putting your kid into other adults’ hands is murdering them. They don’t take kids away for the most part except in the most unusually brutal cases other than that the kid isn’t being raised as a obedient machine part for the slave colony.

The judge acted angry from the minute we walked into court as though I had personally skinned Champ alive rather than home taught him with all the wit and care than a PhD in science who had the highest student evaluations in the history of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute might. The court hearing and a couple of interactions with the Child Protective witch so delighted with me as the big catch of the day made it clear that we were never going to get Champ back. Junko was shrieking. I was devastated particularly because it was made clear that it was me that was the reason for all this.

Not knowing what else to do I figured that if I was out of the way, Junko would get Champ back, much better for Champ and much better for Junko. And as for me, I was over 65 at this point and ready to retire even though I had neither zest nor emotional proclivity for jumping into the cold November CT River in a way that I would intentionally suck in enough water to make the final act short and sweet and successful.

It’s a very creepy feeling walking along a dark lane at 5AM telling myself not to forget to breathe the water in deeply as I hit the water now just 20 feet away. At near the last minute I had a little voice tell me, “Wait a little bit.”

Great! I was so relieved. I think the message from Mount Olympus was more along the lines of wait until noon, but in any event, I turned around in that forest patch that looked something like the worst scene in the Disney version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, with unspeakably enormous relief.

What awaited me when I got back to the motel room was an email from Bazinet. I had written him in the middle of the night about the evil that had befallen us and my abrupt solution to it and asked him to keep an eye out for the family, which he had sort of gotten to know well over the 100 or so emails we had exchanged over this and that sociopolitical topic. And, lo and behold, he sent back a great few lines indicating his dismay and encouraging me to seek a less fatal kind of solution. At first I wrote him back that I didn’t think there was any other solution considering that the bastards were about to effectively murder Champ by sending him off to the typical faggot creeps foster parents.

But then I realized I had some ammunition in my hands given that Bazinet was, after all the fucking Chief White House Correspondent for the Daily News, you know, a guy who sits in the White House briefing room where we saw Bazinet on TV a number of times. So I forwarded his email to the witch ruler of Protective Custody along with a very angry email message of my own telling her that I would expose this child murdering horseshit to the world through Bazinet of the NY Daily News and also, with a head fake for the sake of Champ’s survival, with Maureen Dowd of the NY Times, whom I absolutely did not know.

It worked. The call on the phone from the witch, Amanda by name if I can recall it without vomiting, said Champ would be home by noon, case dismissed, be gone from Hanover and be happy. That’s a true story by the way even though all the rest of this is fiction.

As to Bazinet, he never wrote us again other than to tell us to never come near him, for the very stigma of having been a target of the Family Police made us out to be bad people in the eyes of this very Catholic, unmarried, priest like, and God knows what else, journalist. Shortly after Ken got dropped by the Daily News and sent off to the limbo state of the Kiplinger financial news letter thingie, never to get a bit of respect from the public or other media again. In a way we were happy because, let’s face it, he failed the grade. You either are a true rebel against the slave colony or you’re a jerk. And Ken definitely wasn’t in the former category anymore than any of the talking robot lady journalists in the see my tits, hear my news, low cut dresses.

You winder, we attack so many kinds of people, all the “good” people like journalists and priests and the semi-scared “small business owners” that who’s left to make a revolution? Well once there were `10,000 or so Occupy activists who had the approval of over 37% of the American people at first, but were broken up by cruel wrist breaking with the handcuff arrests. And if you take a ride on any public bus system in America, you’ll see lots of hurting people who do not smile endlessly as they speak like the actors and actresses that populate televised fiction and news programming, and near infinitely more of the unhappy sufferers than the actors and celebrities of various stripes faking endless gushing happiness at living the wonderful American Dream delusion as though it were the very real thing.                    

22. Gun Crazy Lubbock

You might wonder why we didn’t make a play for Ruth’s large inheritance earlier instead of running around the country all the time with our pants half pulled up. We tried twice in 2008 and 2010, but found it impossible because she couldn’t get not even one of the 100 or so lawyers in Lubbock top represent her against her brother, also a lawyer and one that none of the other lawyers in town wanted to get near for fear that Don Graf would somehow destroy their careers in town, which he would have.  

This last time we are trying, Ruth is representing herself. Our going to Lubbock the end of 2012 had a number of interesting nuances. A bastion of religious delusion and all the companion right wing idiocy and doubletalk that goes with it is Lubbock. Having asthma for most of your lifetime may be thought a curse on the one hand, and I suppose it is, but on the other hand it takes you into situations you would otherwise never go. One of them, most interesting and informing, was our four years up on the gold mine.

In Lubbock when we first got there it was cold. My asthma couldn’t take the electric heater in the cheap motel we were staying, so I looked for a public place where the heating was not a pulmonary antagonist. I chose a McDonald’s because they have free WIFI and the price is right with the money you have to spend on food, the eating of which allows you to hang out in the place all day to stay warm. I was still conspicuous as all hell in this fairly small Mickey D’s across from the South Plains Mall, so after a couple of days there finding out it was the perfect place for me and my laptop to bivouac I made it a point to tell the day manger there that I was a journalist from New York with asthma down in Lubbock to do a story on the gun loving folks down yonder.

The article I handed her was the one I’d written in the Albany afternoon daily Knickerbocker News back before it merged with the Times Union and was on topic: Weapons ban should be part of our culture. That and my wearing my one good shirt and one good Sunday pair of pants every day and with my puss looking as good as any movie actor or TV journalist, all of them striking me as a bit prissy these days, got the overweight Paula Dean looking lady who managed this McDonalds to tell me that I could set up a tent and sleep overnight there if I wanted to.         

I wasn’t the only one who hung out at this McDonalds. Pretty much in the same one place in the restaurant where you could sit that had a plug in it also resided in the morning hours a group of good old boys. I am not using that term loosely or in any kind of a derogatory way. These were a bunch of guys, some just post middle age, a couple of them in their eighties, sometimes four of them but more often more, all the way up to a dozen on some mornings, who sat around discussing things, sometimes local, but often news items, in ways that make Fox News seem sensible.

Obama was the most commonly brought up topic of conversation. Now I am no great fan of his, mainly because he is too agreeable with the real powers that be whatever his populist rhetoric, but the attacks on him that went on endlessly and ridiculously were so out of synch with reality that any sane person would be forced to feel sympathy for the president. If an errant spider crawled up on the table alongside a McMuffin, they’d blame Obama for it. That’s an exaggeration, for those of you who lack a sense of humor, but, in truth, what was actually said was never far from that level of ridiculousness. Most of their comments on Obama and on people and things in general were so repulsive, on the one hand, and juvenile, on the other, that if not for the need to keep my asthma in check as Ruth and I worked out way through the Lubbock Court system, I would have run from them as one might from a domicile situated directly over the town dump.

Near the end of the first week, one or two started saying hello to me when they came in the morning, politely. It was hard not to respond. You have to understand that this group of GOBs (good old boys) were all of an outstretch arm away from me. You could not avoid saying “Good Morning” back. The true ice breaker was one of the more intelligent looking of these morons telling me that he had an HP laptop too, and weren’t they great dependable machines.                            

After being assaulted with their piety and patriotism drenched hate talk I couldn’t stand anymore just sitting there and saying nothing. So throwing caution to the wind I push the weapons ban article under the nose of the two antiquated cowboys closest to me and said in as diplomatic language as I could muster: what cha think of this? And I stroll off to the McDonalds men’s room to give them a few minutes to read it. This was not long before the nefarious Portland, Oregon, mall murders came into the news in December (2012). 

As I had been polite in introducing myself into their hate talk quilting bee, so they were polite back in a Texas kind of  way in making clear their total objection to the article while whipping out their Texas Drivers Licenses, the two closest to me to show me the CONCEALED GUN PERMIT stamped on them, their self-impressed smiles shining.

“Well I’m happy to see that you’re both carrying,” I said. “If somebody were to walk in the door (to McDonalds) right now to get me, I’ve got you fellers here to protect me.”

I said that, believe it or not, trying to be diplomatic to these gun carrying idiots, not sarcastic. I mean, who the hell was going to come through the door at McDonalds with guns blazing. But possibly because of the friendly tone in which I said it, believe it or not, they accepted it as though I could possibly have meant it. They had little sense of humor, which was the only weapon I had to convey my deep down contempt for them no matter how hard I tried to see some best in them as possibly being some form of human being with some saving grace.  

I thought this at the moment and say this now not as your standard liberal who can’t ever like somebody with a conservative label. While I’m very much against commonplace right wing fag baiting hating bullying of any kind, I think as a professional biologist that male homosexuality is an inherent perversion of reproductive instinct and personally disgusting. The thought of playing with some guys balls or getting within ten yards of his asshole provokes the same visceral response as would scooping a drink of water from a just used toilet bowl. Don’t get me wrong, each to his own in this hard life. But still you instinctively think little of anybody who would drink from a just used toilet bowl even if at a distance you could care less what the guy did as long as he didn’t get too close to you or your kids.

The sexuality of the GOBs differs little from whatever perversions they think are hidden in the hearts of the LGBT. The second day of breaking the ice had one of them passing me a rough drawn cartoon of a guy looking at a large breasted slutty looking naked girl with a string tied around his cock attached to the trigger of a gun. The guy gets a hard-on that pulls on the string and blows his brains out. Cool for 12 year olds, but moderately disgusting for grown men. How the fuck female conservatives put up with that attitude towards sex is beyond me. Married these guys get but far from any sense of love of women, or even of sex. These are such juvenile jackasses that I’d bet a million the last fundamentalist woman to have an orgasm was Mary Magdalene.

These are two unnatural if not perverse perspectives on woman, the one a lack of reproductive interest in them, no love there, and the second a total denigration of women, especially concerning their sexuality, no love there either. Just what you’d expect from the male slaves in our highly evolved, cleverly hidden slave colony, all of them made fools out of with a bit of the other for homosexuals with institutional power over women who treat them with the same contempt as conservatives, indeed many of them are homosexual themselves, repressed and active. And these GOBs of all ages who giggle about sex and endlessly put down women just that with the inclination towards it tied down with social and religious condemnation.         

I should add, never one to suppress a handy insult towards my brother-in-law that he was the same sort of conservative obvious in his hate for his sister, Ruth, once she refused to be that part of that game. Who withholds inheritance funds from a 72 year old younger sister during hard economic times other than a woman hating repressed faggot? And the repressed modifier is generous.

I’m saying these guys with guns have no balls, had them chopped off from their lockstep obedience to authority via fear of the whip engendered by constant pounding with corporal punishment in their childhood by asshole conservative parents who could get respect and attention from their kids only by beating them black and blue. It’s its own form of rape, little different in effect than what so many clerics do to children in their sway. When they grow up, they depend on guns to make up for their lost manhood like amputees depend on artificial limbs.     

This love of weapons and bullying violence extends to their embrace of weapons and war up to and including nuclear war as brought up in the newspaper article passed around. The “It’s God’s will” excuse for not trying to do anything to prevent the world’s end came up repeatedly whenever the tangible likelihood of nuclear war became unavoidably apparent in our discussions. A recent survey said that 40% of Americans believe these are the “end times”, lots of them Christian conservatives like those I was talking to.

The God’s will mantra in my take on it is pathetically effeminate for any grown man to lean on, something more what delicate ladies might excuse themselves with. Makes you wonder if all the red state Wrangler wearers wear pink panties underneath their Wrangler jeans. You have to interpret the God’s will excuse properly as I can’t do anything easy about this problem that I think has a good chance of becoming reality so I’m not going to try any of the difficult things needed to make an effort to prevent nuclear war, fuck the kids and grandkids, mine and yours, who will suffer an unimaginably horrible death from it. God will put the mercurochrome on their wounds up in Heaven and that’s good enough for me, Lord be praised.

You know that it’s all bullshit talk when the pro-life fundamentalists are all for the life of a single cell zygote that comes about from the one thing all these uptight phonies are incapable of doing well, sex, but they step aside on anything that affects real human life that requires balls and guts to do beyond carrying a gun and pressing its trigger at the local firing range twice a week. I’m against using guns, but that conservative attitude towards kids’ suffering whether from nuclear attack or mass murder makes me angry enough to want to slap these jerk bastards all in the face hard to wake them all up. 

At one point in the dialogue the #2 concealed weapons permit GOB tried to imply that my rejection of gun use was tied up somehow with cowardice on my part. I was quick to show him the broken knuckle on my right hand from the last punch I threw a few years back when my honor was challenged. I have nothing against defensive aggression for the protection of oneself and family. In the days when our kids were little I took on a hired thug up in Troy, NY, who had caused great upset for the family by setting a chair, believe it or not, outside our bathroom window trying to goad me into a fight he felt sure he would win. And to top it off, this jerk by the name of Dickie Yaddo hired by our landlord to torture us, ultimately made my two year old son in diapers start crying from the tension and fear the jerk was causing. My response was to call him down by going up to his porch on the second floor and writing FAGGOT with a red magic marker on his white naugahide chair and then near ripping his eyes out of his head in a fist fight after he took the bait.  

So the point of a total weapons ban isn’t to castrate nature’s natural protective aggressiveness needed for self-defense, but rather to keep the fights that erupt between antagonists to injury no worse than what you get in the mixed martial arts cage. If that sounds rough, there’s no comparing a bruise from a punch thrown to someone’s head to a bullet wound to the head. My broken hand healed after I broke a knuckle in it in my last fist fight. And I saw Dickie Yaddo a year later and the worst that happened to him was that he was wearing a pair of eye glasses. That’s compared to the hole torn in Gabrielle Giffords head that never healed, not really, poor woman. And none of those kids shot with that automatic weapon at Newtown will ever come back to life, idiotic prayers to a God that doesn’t exist that provided some soothing to the horribly distraught parents of Newtown notwithstanding.

You can’t get rid of aggression in living creatures as Nobelist Konrad Lorenz made empirically clear in his masterpiece, On Aggression. But people can greatly reduce the destructive effects of aggression by limiting the weapons used to fight with to just their fists. If you need a gun to feel like a man, you’re not feeling confident about yourself without a gun and not really much of a man.    

The thought came to me after two weeks of this round in circles bantering to widen the scope of my discussions by talking to a broader variety of people from Lubbock that happened to be available, I thought, right across the street from McDonalds at the South Plains Shopping Mall. So I trotted over and went directly to the mall management office manned by this quite attractive example of West Texas pulchritude, the receptionist’s looks incidental to her handing me the business card of the right person to speak to, the mall manager, a woman by the name of Beth Fridges.  

I spelled out my story in brief for the receptionist and asked her to pass it on to the manager as best she could. “I’ll be back tomorrow to see if there’s any interest in allowing me to set up a small table in the mall from which to interview shoppers about their feelings about weapons,” I said quite naively really not appreciating the extent to which this area was in love with weapons and callous about people being murdered by them “Maybe the mall manager might be interested in the idea of banning guns in the mall,” was my last thought thinking about the overabundance of mall mass murders that have plagued the country over the last decade.

As soon as I stepped out of the mall office, though, I noticed that Beth Ridge’s business card included her email address, which immediately got me to send her a note telling her what I had just told the receptionist but with more detail in the argument as to why she should allow my interviewing shoppers about their thoughts about gun control. I really didn’t think down deep that it would hit home with her, for the sociopolitical issue of gun control is quite distant from the bottom line concerns of mall management excepting the rare occurrence when a mass murder happens in their very own mall. I included my awareness of that disparity in the note I sent off to Beth Fridges, whoever she was, to subtly let her know that if she were agreeable to this experiment that I would greatly appreciate the exception she was making to the normal business protocol. 

A bit astonishingly, the day following my sending her the email about the possibility of banning guns in her shopping mall, news of the Portland, Oregon shopping mall shooting that killed three popped up atop the Goggle News top stories list. Though no believer in transcendental intervention into earthly matters the coincidence did strike me as an encouragement to send Beth an immediate follow up email, that much more aggressive in pressing the need for a dialogue between me and her mall patrons on mall mass murders and mall gun restriction. I offered my services as a pollster of mall shoppers and employees to gauge their attitude toward some kind of gun restriction in the mall as I had seen at the Amtrak/Greyhound station in Albuquerque, NM, and even in the Walmart in Lubbock.

My emails soon got back a politely worded reply from Ms. Fridges denying me access to the mall for interviews. At one level it made sense to me from a business perspective in its not being directly helpful to the mall’s bottom line and also from the mall being in red state territory where gun rights are as sacred as baptism and Easter religious services. But I thought the ignoring of the mall shooting problem as emphasized in a timely fashion by Portland mall shooting was a little shortsighted.

I spent the next day back at McDonalds passing the first few morning hours chatting on the Internet with a semi-famous old acquaintance about my semi-humorous failed attempts to raise consciousness about the gun problem with Lubbock gun worshippers. I no sooner finished this moderately pleasant way of passing the time while waiting for a court hearing over Ruth’s inheritance to materialize when I did my regular hourly check on Goggle News and caught the first bulletin on the school shootings in Newtown, CT.

This early announcement made mention of only some shooting, not killings, and didn’t at this time say whether any kids had been shot or killed. I was astonished now even more than I had been after the Portland shootings and feeling now by its coincidence with my communications with Beth Fridges on gun control that the God I had absolutely no belief in was calling on me personally to do something about gun control, spontaneously sent off another email yet to Beth the mall manger.

Hi Beth,

Thanks for your kind reply. Interesting that this AM that I am reading of yet another shooting in a public place, this time in an elementary school in Connecticut. It’s a shame that the bottom line in business obviates any active interest in such an endlessly bloody problem. In Lubbock there' is no venue of street traffic that allows for the problem's person to person examination though I certainly have no problem understanding your company’s policy in this critical area.

I get the sense that you do personally understand the enormity and criticality of the problem I said (flatteringly and hopefully.)  I'll be over at the mall every now to casually pick up a conversation or two on the matter without in any way being obvious or intrusive, no different than the dynamic of two people shopping at the mall picking up a conversation on whether the Houston Texans might win the Super Bowl. I hope that wouldn’t violate your policy concerns, and will assume that to be the case if I don’t get a patently restrictive reply back from you.


I pushed it despite her earlier rejection because somebody has to push it hard if anything is ever going to be done about it. Later in the day I saw on TV that 18 kids had been slaughtered. I raised five of my own, now ages 41 down to 15, and was literally sick to my stomach about it, queasy and on the verge of vomiting for the rest of the afternoon. 

On the bus ride back to the motel later that day the news of the Newtown massacre was broadcast over the radio on the bus so what had happened came up readily in conversation between a half dozen of us bus passengers sitting close and across from each other. Four Lubbock residents expressed angry thoughts towards the 20-year-old perpetrator. One talked of torturing him by putting fish hooks in the guy’s eye lids and hanging him off a cliff by the fish hooks.

“The guy’s already dead,” my impulse was to say aloud, “what the hell good would that do” for the kids or for preventing the next such mass murder from happening. Self-protection urged me to keep my mouth shut especially after the gun nut interactions I had already had with the GOBs at the McDonalds, but the horror of the event kept me from containing myself and I spoke out with: “what about gun control?”

“It’s the person who does the killing, not the gun” came back the standard conservative reply from this quite obese girl in her late twenties sitting across from me.

“Yah,” I responded, up for an argument, “but the people who do such things aren’t in control of what they do to begin with. They’re just unhappy souls so miserable about their own lives that killing is the only release for the pain they feel.” I said this quite sure that whatever the psychobabble interpretations of the killings in the media that Adam Lanza had killed the kids to pay back the residents of Newtown whom he blamed for his unhappiness in life from the way he felt they had treated him while he was growing up, teachers, neighbors, friends of his mother and surely the wealthy cold mother herself, whom he shot to death before heading for Sandy Hook Elementary.    

But the girl continued pressing her outrage at the morality of the deed when I said that rather than at the issue of the gun without which the bloody deed could not possibly have taken place. “So what if he was unhappy?” she moralized, “I’m unhappy too. In fact I’m unhappy all the time. But I don’t go around killing people.”

“If you went to the next level of unhappiness, where that guy was as is obvious in his twisted super pained face, you would be at the kill level,” I countered. That’s not exactly true I must say in retrospect. Mass murders are almost always done by males, not females like the person across from me on the bus. That’s because men have a distinctly higher propensity for violent aggression in them by nature.  But overall the point is correct. Past some point of unhappiness for people, often because they are failures in social and sexual relationships, men become unhappy enough to want to relieve their pain by suicide or homicide and what the mass murders really are, suicidal homicides, killing the pain of life by taking your own life, but also taking others along with you to maximize the pleasure of your last moments of life.

Surprisingly I had no sooner finished my thought than the overweight girl half agreed: “Well sometimes I would like to kill my husband.” That was the late twenties fellow sitting next to her on the bus, the one who said he would love to torture the Newtown killer with fish hooks.

The wife continued in a quite serious tone, “I thought about stabbing him to death the other day when he was taking a bath in the bathtub.”

She started expressing her rage towards her husband in the first sentence out of her mouth in an almost humorous way as though it were an acceptable part of “normal” marital discord, but as the words flowed from her mouth, her tone became more grim than she had intended and I and others on the bus fell silent upon catching it.

It just reinforced the point that Lanza and unhappy people generally are prone to shipping their aggravations off to others via violent actions once they get bad enough and if they can find victims to do it to. I shut my mouth for the rest of the bus ride, though. The woman’s husband made it clear in dribs and drabs following her pronouncements that he was a veteran of Afghanistan and had killed a five-year–old boy in the war who was strapped to an improvised explosive device. I could see he was very emotional when he said it and wanted no more part of that line of chitchat, happy when their bus stop came soon after and this obviously unhappy couple got off the bus.

Back at the motel Ruth and I watched the full tallying of the 26 dead in the Newtown slaughter and saw Obama finally opening his mouth about gun control. It’s good to hear, I thought, but even as the president speaks it is clear that that he’s not going to do anything real about it except the usual which is to pontificate like a minister to show everybody he cares. But there’s no reality about what he says, no heartfelt anger, as per usual from this populist’s mouth.

In England where there’s a complete ban on guns there are 60 gun deaths a year and the small toll in lives from guns is similarly very low in completely gun controlled Japan. This compares to the USA where there are 11,000 gun homicides a year and 20,000 gun suicides. Every counter argument for the tolerance and glorification of gun ownership is specious in the face of those numbers, as utterly ridiculous as the conservatives’ arguments against global warming and evolution.                                                            

Do they care about the blood soaked bodies of 20 first graders? In truth, however harsh this judgment on them may seem, they don’t, at least not from my conversations with people down in the conservative kingdom of Lubbock.

Nothing made this clearer than what happened next at the South Plains Mall. I waited for my latest email to Beth Fridges to generate some explicit permission from her for me to raise the gun issue at the mall. I didn’t feel comfortable about wading into any interviewing there without some form of explicit permission or approval from her saying yes, Dr. Peter, we care about that senseless slaughter of mere babies that could not possibly have taken place without the killer having access to a military style assault rifle. Go try your best to raise awareness and start a dialogue on it. 

But it didn’t come and I felt I would be legally defenseless if the mall chose to prosecute me for whatever in this conservative town especially as Ms. Fridges had already refused me permission in plain and clear English to actively interview anybody. I remarked to Ruth that night how much this Jesus soaked shopping mall cared only about using Jesus in the form of the Christmas Carols blaring out on its mall walk speakers to sell goods, fuck the bloody bodies of the two dozen murdered.

All of these thoughts, many of which judged Beth Fridges poorly because she hadn’t replied to my last email, prompted me to go over to the mall and try to strike up a conversation with her on the matter. Maybe she really was a sensitive caring soul controlled by the dictates of the out of town corporate owners of the mall. And so I went over to the mall office the Monday morning after the Newtown child murders.

When I got to the office this time, no receptionist was there, nobody was there. Then four people seemed to converge on me from nowhere. Terse and tense was the exchange. “This is not the place for this kind of activity,” said Ms. Fridges.

“Well I disagree philosophically entirely, though it’s your prerogative not to allow it,” implying that the slaughter of 20 six year olds with an assault rifle should be motivation enough for anybody to try their best to consider some solution to the problem of gun facilitated mass murder.

“Especially not in this city,” she continued as though I had said nothing making it clear that the city fathers potential muscle over her position and career was a significant factor that trumped any consideration of the mass deaths of children.        

In the end, while she went out of her way not to deny me the right to chat with shoppers at the level of two folks in the mall casually talking about Super Bowl prospects, she made it clear that “if anybody complains you are harassing them security can be called to take care of the situation.” At that the smile on the face of security guy standing next to her broke into a threat expression to make it clear that I was at risk not just for instant eviction at any moment now and in the future, but also for God knows what else. 

The hostile tone in Ms. Fridges made it clear whatever the nuances in the words she was tossing about that I was not going to be able to raise the gun issue in the mall with any sense of comfort and therefore not going to be able to raise the issue at all. Taking discretion as the better part of idealism I did an about face and walked out of the South Plains Mall once and forever.

All of my interactions with people in Lubbock made it clear that there was no hope of conversation with conservatives there that could lead to any improvement in the mass murder game. The most conservatives could offer is prayers for the dead, cheap and meaningless. But there were lessons to be learned from my experience with the callous fundamentalist nutjobs I encountered.

Conservative Lubbock is the quintessential example of decadence. It tells us what decadence is. Everybody in Lubbock addresses anybody with the slightest perceived rank above them as “sir.” This is obedience town. The place is filled with cathedral sized churches and the message from all of them is OBEY. People in this town don’t do what is smart. They do what they are told is right to do, what is commanded by authority and by their rules. And they believe what they are told are the right ideas to believe.

Instances of gross stupidity abounded in the months our family was in town interacting with people. Bus drivers took me far out of my way a couple of times, not out of meanness but out of the inability to meet a problem not in their book of rules and regulations with an intelligent solution. One fellow who attended Texas Tech, the oddest outlet of technological instruction combined with conservative fundamentalist ideology not only told me that he felt evolution and creationism were on an equal footing scientifically but that he thought that only about 35% of professional biologists “believed” in evolution.    

But decadence has not to do just with the stupidity that arises from knee jerk obedience to authority but also with the unhappiness that causes. Here people’s faces are patently ugly almost without exception and I doubt that any city in America has a density of gross obesity greater than Lubbock. To sit in the South Plains Mall with your eyes open is to see the fattest people in the world lined up in the food court stuffing their faces with sizable platters of food to add another layer of fat onto their already walrus sized bodies.

That is not to bully people because they are overweight but to finger obesity level eating as a manifestation of unhappiness, of sucking on food pleasure to balance the misery of living in such a highly controlled town. If you want to know where America is heading under its ever increasing conservative sway, this is the place to see, a joke at one level, but a distinct horror at another, a horror made clear in the totally callous attitude I witnessed on the horror of the Newtown child slaughter.

I gave up any idea of interviewing people about gun control at the mall. Interestingly a couple of weeks after my giving up on any attempt to change opinions on gun control in Lubbock, after stopping into the South Plains Mall to use the bank and then get some hot soup at the Chinese food kiosk because that day was particularly cold, who ambles over but the management of the mall along with a Lubbock police officer to tell me that I would be charged with trespass if I didn’t leave. They all seemed so thrilled with this action as though I had come to rob the place rather than make change at the bank and get some soup.

Of course, I said, no problem, all Fridges had to do was tell me clearly not to set foot in them mall the last time I talked to her or by email and that would have been the end of it. But they seemed to take more delight in this “arrest” type of warning considering that every God fearing citizen in Lubbock considers every liberal they might encounter to be a criminal of one sort or another.

On my way out of the mall the cop quickly catches up with me and says, “I’ll walk with you on the way out.”

“No problem,” I reply, “Always good to have company.”

I hand him a copy of that fellow’s weapons ban article. “Here read this.”

He takes it, glances at the title and then gives the usual conservative rejoinder to any mention of gun control: “People kill people, not guns.” But he says it in an obviously friendly tone to make it clear that he was just stuck doing his job as a lackey of the business community as all cops are and had no bad feelings toward me. In a way you can’t blame the littler people because almost all of what they say and think is force fed into their sponged brains with classic media propaganda methods we’ll explain next with mathematical precision. 

23. Behavioral Selection

Another most important diversity decreasing process is behavioral selection. Let’s see how it evolved in man’s mental machinery. Consider a –U*v* survival need arising, say hunger, that can be resolvable by any one of four food prize awarding dice games. Game #1 is played with lucky numbers, |4|, |7| or |10| with a Z=1/3 probability and pleasurable hopes of success of E=(1/3)U*v*; game #2 with just |4| or |7| as the lucky numbers with Z=9/36=1/4 and E=(1/4)U*v*; game #3 with |7| alone and Z=6/36=1/6 and E=(1/6)U*v*; and game #4 with |4| alone and Z=3/36=1/12 and E=(1/12)U*v*.

The diversity of possible behaviors when the hungry person first contemplates these four ways of trying to satisfy the –U*v* hunger and achieve the U*v* eating pleasure that is rattling around in his mind as he daydreams of eating can be calculated from the D diversity as in Eq143 with the Z probabilities in the four games of 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/12 expressed as relative probabilities (that sum to 1) as p1=.4, p2=.3, p3=.2 and p4=.1.

188.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image091.png


This suggests 3 significant choices available, the Z=1/12 option for the |4| game too insignificant to even ruminate over. Of the three remaining a sensible person would select the Z=1/3 game with the |4|, |7| and |10| lucky numbers. He would do that, of course, because the expected value of the food payoff of (1/3)U*v* is greatest and is sensed as such not only from numerical calculation but also from the projected pleasure of that choice being the highest. Note also that in selecting that game and discarding the others, the diversity of choice drops to D=1. Hence even in behavioral selection we see as in natural selection a decrease in the diversity of choice understandable as the selection operator even without having a dynamic function as in Eq185 to get us there.

Now we can ask why would decision making follow such a path as selecting the option with the highest expected value and anticipated pleasure. It is because, as is clear in this example, that selecting in this way gives the greatest chance of getting the food needed to stay alive, as produces the lowest possible d1 death rate and the highest possible fitness, F1=g1−g2 =b1−d1−b1+d2, of Eq182. In short, that is why people choose hedonistically or, more analytically, select behaviors that have the highest probability of success and pleasure. In raw Darwinian terms, those who did select behaviors in this way survived from generation over generation from having a higher g growth rate than competing populations whose members did not select in this way.

Another clear lesson that can be seen from this is the powerful parallel between natural selection and intelligent selection. Though the former derives from differential growth, that is life and death and reproductive processes, and the latter from mental process that include both calculation and differential pleasure sensing, the broad form of the two is so close as a reduction in diversity that it is very easy to confuse the one for the other, especially in the pre-science days prior to Darwin when natural selection had not been understood. And even today it is so easy for uneducated people whose thought processes have been trampled by televangelist types to think that the selection of the living forms that currently exist was brought about by an intelligent mind than by the life, death and reproductive processes of natural selection.

The foregoing also serves as an excellent introduction to how the mind works when confronted with a –U*v* survival need, be air to breathe, warmth needed, food to eat or pain to be alleviated. Most often these –U*v* unpleasant calls to behave so as to negate them successfully to U*v* pleasure have behaviors waiting for the person often in a menu of possibility that can be chosen from as to which has the highest probability of success.

But that is not always the case and for that reason we want to bring up three important general cases that can alleviate –U*v* need when no immediate satisfaction seems available. The first is what we can call composite behavior or constructive behavior, which is assembling a successful route from partial success elements that in the end add up to success. This is very much like needing to roll three lucky numbers rather than one as considered back starting with Eq30. This is certainly better than nothing, the only problem being when as we saw back in Eq46, time and energy are wasted in succeeding at the first parts of the construction only to have the end point behavior fail to produce much disappointment or when the behavior is to avoid something fearful, much dismay and even shock in failure. Nonetheless people do try to make something happen bit by bit and hope for the best when that path is all that is available.

A second general behavior is destructive or aggressive behavior. This obviously has its merits when one is hungry because someone is withholding food that can be eaten or can’t breathe in the extreme case of someone pushing a pillow down on one’s face or is in pain because another person is causing the pain with a beating. The aggressive behavior that releases the needed food, knocks the pillow away or subdues or drives away or even cripples or kills the attacker resolves the –U*v* survival need and pleasurably transforms it to –(−U*v*)=U*v* and also in resolving the −UU*v* meaningful uncertainty provides for the relief and excitement that generally characterizes successful aggression.

One may also, in the simplest terms, think of the person being forced to play the v penalty game. He can avoid paying the v penalty, as made clear back in Eq8, by rolling a lucky number of |4|, |7| or |10|. But he can also avoid the penalty by aggressing on whomever it is forcing him to play the game to begin with.  

And it must be pointed out that aggression can also be not just defensive as is suggested with the above examples, but predatory as when violence or the threat of it causes another to provide survival needs as is the general case with patent ball and chain slavery. Such bullying done for practical results, it should be noted, is inherently pleasurable for the perpetrator, which answers the question of the motive that such people have. These, it must be stressed include slave owners, the lot of whom have existed over the last five millennia of civilization unquestionably in almost all civilizations and empires, save America where the accusation of exploitation by the ruling class of the worker class is questioned, whatever its reality, the point here being not so much the question of existence of exploitive enslavement of whatever kind, but of the certainty that it is pleasant for the slave master because of the economic benefits it certainly confers and also on other emotional satisfactions it brings about whose subtleties we shall leave until later.

Social connection by aggressive enslavement is, of course, not the only social route to satisfying –UU*v* survival situations. Consider a child whose needs are routinely satisfied through the actions of its parents. Let’s recall the appropriate expectation function of Eq80. 

80.)                E=ZU*v*=U*v*−UU*v*

The U*v* as specified in an E expectation is the child’s desire for pleasure, let’s say if a baby, the warmth of the mother or food to eat. Since the child, it is assumed, cannot provide its own satisfaction of its needs, it has feels little of the –UU*v* improbability or anxiousness in getting what it desires or wants. Instead all it needs is to have the wish or desire for satisfaction of U*v* expressed to the parent figure to have it realized as R=U*v*. In that sense the expectation is entirely

189.)              E=U*v*

It is a wish alone without the meaningful uncertainty of UU*v*, what in an adult we would call “wishful thinking”, desire without recognition of the difficulty in actually realizing the item desired or wished for. This also affects adult thinking when the item wished for cannot be done without. Take the situation of hunger and thirst felt out in the desert, a –UU*v* with U*≈1 given a near complete lack of food and water that borders on pain and a U≈1 as the near impossibility of attaining it out in the desert. The mind burns with the thought of food and water, but mathematically there should be no expectation, no hopes, of getting any for under this circumstance

190.)              E=U*v*−UU*v*=(1)v*−(1)(1)v*=0

There should be no expectation of getting water or food by any means and, hence, a sense of despair that makes for giving up on any behavior to attain satisfaction. But the displeasure or pain of the –(−U*v*) is unforgiving under most circumstances, and the wandering search continues anyway. But often this would be done under such desperate circumstances with prayer, whether to Allah for a Muslim stuck in the desert or to God or Jesus, if a Christian, or to whichever favorite Hindu God for an Indian. Prayer is the equivalent of asking a parent figure for help. In essence it is wishful thinking that negates the –UU*v* meaningful uncertainty or anxiety that kills hope. Or if not completely negates it, reduces the uncertainty and in doing so allows for a possibility of success, Z>0 in E=ZU*v* in Eq80.

This comes about most basically from the instinct under impossible situations to ask a more powerful person, like a parent, or a parent type deity like God the Father for assistance. You can also see it as a person rolling the dice to win V=$2700 and having one roll for Z=1/3 and mumbling all manner of prayers as he throws the dice essentially with the thought of increasing his or her probability of success to a higher level. This, of course, is impossible, for the dice follow not the law of God but rather the laws of elementary probability theory as played out especially by the Law of Large Numbers. This is to say that while prayer may offer some emotional sustenance as a placebo in some circumstances, the chances of it producing an obviation of the laws of mathematics as to increasing the likelihood of a win are nil, whatever the instinct under difficult circumstances to ask or beg for help under needful or desperate circumstances.

24. The Development of the Ego

The cost in asking the help of another, even a real person, is not an empty one. A person’s ego, what they think of themselves, their identity, depends on a number of things, a main one being social dominance or lack of it in a relationship a person is in. This is whether it’s a romantic, workplace, family or school relationship or a fantasy one that connects a person to God in his or her expectations and in behaviors like prayer and other forms of devotion like contributing money to a religious organization.

Dominance between two people ultimately depends on relative probabilities of success. Often it is who can win in a disagreement or competition that arises in a relationship or who can accomplish a task better, with a higher probability of success. Often this boils down for two people to which one has the higher pi probability of success in a fight. If person #1 has a probability of p1=.9 of winning and person #2, of p2=.1, person #1 is said to have an edge of 

191.)              Δp= p1−p2 = .9−.1 = .8

And person #2 conversely has a vulnerability of

192.)              −Δp= p2−p2 =.1−.9 = −.8

To see how this affects one’s significance in the relationship and from that their ego or identity, note that the set of probabilities, (p1, p2), that constitute the Δp edge and vulnerability of the parties involved has associated with it the relative error of r2 of Eq99.. This r2 is called the perfect error because it is solely a function of the pi weight fractions of the set as

193.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image092.png                 

This expression for r2 is not derived here but rather simply just demonstrated for expediency sake with the N=3 number set, (4, 4, 1). We saw earlier following Eq133 that (4, 4, 1) had a relative error of r=.471, which gives it a perfect error of r2=.222=2/9. With a pi set of (4/9, 4/9, 1/9), the r2 perfect error of (4, 4, 1) is calculated from Eq193 as
194.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image093.png

This demonstrates the validity of Eq193. For an N=2 set of the probabilities of two persons in a relationship winning in a conflict against each other, (p1, p2), as weight fractions of an N=2 set, r2 is from Eq193.   

195.)              Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image094.png

This measure obtains the number of significant people in the N=2 person relationship from the D diversity index as a measure of the number of significant subsets in a set as a function of the perfect error as  

196.)       Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image095.png     

In competitions between N=2 persons where the probabilities of winning are p1=.9 and p2=.1, the D diversity is

197.)        Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image096.png    
Rounding off D=1.22 to D=1 tells us from our analysis of significance and insignificance in the previous section that there is but D=1 significant person in the relationship, the person with the greater p1=/9 probability of winning, the other person with the slight p2=.1 chance of winning being insignificant.

There are two important ramifications of this. The first is that the mathematically insignificant person feels insignificant in the relationship, a generally unpleasant feeling. And the second is that if the insignificant person cannot leave the relationship and a fight actually arises, the insignificant person will submit to or comply with the wishes of the significant person without actually engaging in a fight. The reason for this is that person #2 has little chance of beating person #1 in the fight and that the cost of submission without a fight is assumed to be less than the cost of losing as a result of a fight. Of course, in most relationships there are other factors than just competition and we will get to those in due time.

Let’s first, though, look at a relationship with a probability set that is closer in value, say (.6, .4).         

198.)        Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image097.png   

This suggests that this relationship in which any competition is more evenly has 2 significant persons, each with their own identity and ego.  It also tells us that if a disagreement comes down to a fight that the less capable person will still fight because he or she still has a chance to win, important if there is a prize for winning and a penalty for losing.

Simple algebra tells us that the critical point for when one person becomes insignificant and readily concedes in any disagreement in the relationship is at p1=.788 and p2=.212. This point of the dominant having a Δp=.577 edge over the subordinate is given the symbol of ΔpCR, the critical edge. But this critical point is not firm at all quantitatively. Rather one can say in a looser way that when two people are closely matched, they are above some ΔpCR point and there are two significant people in the relationship, both with individual identities and strong egos, and that the one does not concede readily to the other when there is disagreement. And that when they are not closely matched, they are below some ΔpCR critical point where one person is significant in the relationship and has a strong identity and ego and the other is relatively insignificant and has a weak personal identity and ego, rather depending on the dominant as to identity with a sense and feeling that I am part of the other person, my identity of him or her. They are the significant one in the relationship.

The variability in the value of the critical edge, ΔpCR, and significance is best understood as depending on Dβ rather than D. For example, for the (.8, .2), Δp=.6 edge situation, D=1.47, which suggests only D≈1 significant person in the relationship. There are a number of other important factors that are most obvious in the relationship between a parent and an infant child, which under the best circumstances consider each other as equal no matter the actual huge Δp in any scenario of competition, which is irrelevant in the relationship because of the coinciding of the interests of the child and the interests of the parents under healthy non-pathological circumstances. Specifically a normal or ”good” anticipates a child’s U*v* fitness needs and provides for them and/or reacts to the child’s UU*v* difficulties in resolving their own problems either by recognizing those difficulties without being told or by empathizing with the child’s expression/s of anxiousness or fearful expectations as in the child’s crying or complaining actively. This precludes the parent from allowing the child to feel displeased or unhappy from any serious loss of significance or identity or ego.               

Military and prisoner guard relationships operates at the other end of the spectrum, where the very fact of rank, one person being ahead of the other by the merest edge determines who must submit to whom without a fight, any sense of empathy being absent in the relationship. The potential complications in all relationships are obvious including some considerable horror that parents can inflict on their children, not uncommon in hierarchical societies.

So important is one’s sense of identity that people with weak egos tend to great pretention, kidding themselves and others, as to their power by associating themselves with and including themselves in groups are thought to have power. These includes groups with actual power as with the “my country right or wrong” right wingers who have no basis for thinking themselves capable of winning in a contest. And it also includes many, many people who think themselves superior because they are Christians in America, with the attitude that they have all powerful God on their side, however unlikely that an unseen super-person actually exists. That is, one reason for people’s beliefs is that it makes the nobodies feel like somebody.  

25. Reproductive Behavior

Reproductive behavior in its simplest form is the mating act designed by evolution to generate V*=1 new life, (multiple births aside), that extends one’s genes into the next generation and keeps one’s personal lineage from dying out. Reproduction in the fullest form to optimize the F1=b1−d1−b2+d2 fitness function of Eq155 and satisfy the exponential growth function of Eq134 includes raising the newborn to produce Λ*=1 sexually mature adolescent. We focus first on just the mating behavior.  

The function that explains mating is the analog of the W=T=UV= −(−UV) form of the Law of Supply and Demand of Eq72 for obtaining V dollars as the payoff for rolling a lucky number with V dollars replaced with V*=1 newborn as the payoff for mating, the ratio of births to sex acts set aside to keep the math simple. 

199.)        W*=T*=U*V*= −(−U*V*)

The U* uncertainty or difficulty in finding a mate to reproduce with is different for a male than for a female. Any female can mate at a moment’s notice simply by raising her skirt or lowering her jeans in an obvious way. The female’s uncertainty in such an effort is approximately zero, U*≈0. This is hard fact even if this particular phrasing of it may be impolite. Any woman who puts her mind to mating can do it in less than an hour at most.  

This is not the case for males, blatant advertising of their desire to mate unlikely to succeed other than in landing them a year in jail. The uncertainty in a male finding a female to mate with is significant as represented by U*>>0. We should expect from these differences that for males, the T*=U*V* pleasure in it in Eq172 would be via U*>>0 considerable while for the female, via U*≈0, the pleasure would be T*=U*V*≈0.

By itself this is certainly incorrect for the female though there is a bit of truth in it from the female not needing orgasm or any sexual pleasure in the mating act to get pregnant and produce the V*=1 newborn. Considerations from a Supply and Demand function similar to Eq172 for producing Λ*=1 adolescent correct this error shortly.

There is considerable truth in Eq172 for the male in terms of the significant T*=U*V* pleasure predicted by the function. Cultural mores that disapprove of excessive lust on the part of the male tend to downgrade acknowledgment of the fact of it. But we can offer some anecdotal support of the function from co-discovers of DNA, James D. Watson and Francis Crick. The former gave his opinion on the matter in his autobiography as some men thinking about women 99% of the time, some 50% with him at 90%, this followed up with his confession that the most important thing about his discovering DNA was the sharp increase in women he got to buy chocolates for on the weekend. Crick, the other co-discoverer of DNA was invariably seen, I was told by an on the spot observer in London, to be surrounded by pretty female graduate students after lectures, what might have happened afterwards requiring little imagination. The V*>500 children fathered by Genghis Khan and Ibn Saud, the near literal father of Saudi, both of whom had access along with Watson And Crick to satisfy their emotion driven fantasies, also makes the point that the sexual pleasure motive to mate is very high in men.     

Getting little pleasure in sex is hardly the case for healthy human females, even if it isn’t quite at the level of male lust. That doesn’t deny the mathematics, though, because Eq172 is in itself incomplete. Rather what is required to properly predict the reality of the female’s considerable pleasure taking in sex is a function that properly replaces the production of V*=1 newborn as reproduction with the production of Λ*=1 adolescent.

Whatever the politically correct version of reality in this day of commonplace single parenthood, two parents raising children have a better chance of doing it better than one no different than the simple mathematics of two people working to achieve any goal having a better chance of doing it well than one. The consequences of understanding a pair of parents being needed to raise a child to adolescence well is clarified with Eq57 transcribes with its V dollar payoff replaced not with V*=1 newborn but an upside down V* or asterisked capital lambda, Λ*, as represents Λ*=1 sexually mature adolescent offspring. 

200.)        W*=T*=U*Λ*= −(−U*Λ*)

There is much more uncertainty in getting this best solution for raising a family than just mating. For the female hanging onto the male who impregnated her for a dozen years while the newborn is raised to adolescence is a vastly more complicated activity than attracting the male for ten minutes of sperm donating intromission. Now the T*=U*Λ* pleasure in resolving that uncertainty is understood as including both the pleasure of sex with the male father to be and the pleasure of love in the relationship, one that experience makes clear to a significant degree depends on there being pleasure in the sex act. This is to say that sex achieves two objectives of evolutionary fitness, the physiological production of V*=1 newborn and by raising the child the production of Λ*=1 sexually mature adolescent. And this is the dominant origin of the sexual pleasure in it for the female, born out anecdotally by the female’s interest in sex being heavily associated, more so than the male, with the very pleasant emotion of love. There is considerable empirical evidence for this view given the failure to have significant pleasure in sex for the female in the countless failures in love in the modern era.

The above perspective derived from Eq200 also should include the male’s great love pleasure from forming a strong pair bond with the female in its also serving the purpose for him of producing a healthy vigorous sexually mature grown child and also in retaining the female for continued mating that will produce V*>1 newborns and Λ*>1 grown children as optimizes the F1=b1−d1−b2+d2 fitness for him. Indeed, so great is the important is his retaining the female in an extended way over time as a mate that having her taken away most definitely kicks in aggression understandable in emotional terms as losing the pleasure of sex and love he had with his female mate. Indeed, a quick once over of Konrad Lorenz’s masterpiece, On Aggression, tells us that aggression for reproductive competition is the most violent aggression for male animals, which derives from the great importance and great pleasure associated with having a love bond with the female. 

Aggression is associated in the love bond not only with competition with other males for the female mate but also in the very act of courtship itself. To understand this requires that we not judge the emotions involved strictly from current morality on the subject from religious dogma or the pronouncements of clinical psychology but in the context of the conditions and sense of right and wrong under the primitive circumstances of man for human emotion evolved that still holds sway over people in their instincts today. In that context the sense of two people raising children, a male and a female, did not mean an equal sharing of all tasks needed to raise the children. Rather the male and the female specialized in the various tasks needed to raise the children with females responsible for the immediate needs of the kids, aka, their mothering, and the males for protection and resource provisioning. In colloquial terms, the females in primitive circumstances provided and prepared the vegetative nutrition and changed the kids’ diapers and the males protected against external enemies aggressively along with hunting animals for meat, another aggressive task.

Whatever the arguments in modern times that females are as capable as males in protection and providing for kids and that men can change diapers and cook for kids as well as females, the argument that the emotional machinery for extended family raising reproductive behavior is geared along with the differing anatomies and physiologies of male and female is a valid one. In that context, one intuitive judgment of the female on the man’s capabilities in that vein of being a capable protector is in the area of aggressiveness. This suggests that the female is more attracted to men who are aggressively capable.

While this runs counter to then unisex perspective that supports women being equals as members of the modern capitalist labor force, there is strong empirical evidence to the contrary, even if it is quasi-anecdotal. In my husband’s fraternity, Theta Xi, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a “jock house”, that had the captains of most of the intercollegiate sports for the college, the males flourished sexually and with strikingly attractive females. This was most definitely not the case as you went down the line to the lesser fraternities as judged by the number of athletes and successful student political office holders, success with girls thinning out significantly after the top dozen or so of the 30 fraternities on campus and dwindling down to sexual and love starvation for the 75% of the college who were non-fraternity.

This is borne out with the extensive anecdotal evidence that professional athletes from star baseball players to golfers having more extensive love lives than the average fellow who works 40 hours a week for the average take home pay. In this area is important to distinguish reality from fantasy because only doing so can explain the massive failures in modern day love relationships and the rampant if not openly talked about unhappiness that derives from it.

To wit, there is a certain amount of baseline aggressiveness in courtship for the female is less attracted to men whom she can easily dominate than to males who are a priori willing to change the diapers and take out the garbage on command. Further anecdotal but yet powerful evidence lies in the great success of the current mega best seller, 50 Shades of Grey, whose topic is patently women’s sexual attraction for men who employ dominating techniques in sexual activity. The subject mathematically analyzed also greatly impacts same sex relationships and in a way most definitely not politically correct under current left wing standards. To further and better explore these contentious issues, it is necessary to clearly understand the nature of slavery that characterizes all civilized people.

26. Slavery

The most extreme form of hierarchical social control that developed in post-hunter-gatherer civilization was out and out slavery. Two major discoveries or advances greatly increased fitness optimization for human beings. One was the discovery of agriculture, something mankind put a lot of time into to refine and advance because it greatly reduced the d1 death rate of populations that used it to provide food for them in a secure way with. And the other was the refinement and advancement of weapons, again a major expenditure of time for the developing human race because efficient weapons very much decrease the d1 death rate and increase the d2 rival’s death rate of the F1=b1−b2−d1+d2 fitness from mortal combat.

Indeed there was great motivation for inventing new kinds of weapons over the centuries, to keep from being killed by enemies. And there was great motivation for developing agriculture, to insure against being killed off by starvation in times of famine.

Prior to the invention of agriculture the only ways our ancestors could get food was, like other animals, to gather wild vegetation and to hunt wild animals, both chancy enterprises. Agriculture introduced two new and very efficient ways to get food. The first was to plant seeds, tend the field and harvest the produce, a much less uncertain means to obtain food than gathering it and hunting for it. And the other way made possible by agriculture was to force somebody else to plant seeds, tend the field and harvest the produce, that is, to use slaves to do the work. Slavery also required the development of weaponry capable of both vanquishing rival populations and retaining them as captive slaves to work in the agricultural fields. 

For the slave, slavery is horribly unpleasant as the recent Quentin Tarantino plantation slave movie, Django Unchained, made graphically clear without any need for mathematics to spell out its miseries. But for the master who owns the slaves, as with all fitness optimizing commodities that are owned, slavery is a pleasant thing because of the economic profit in it that optimizes fitness.

That is readily seen in the fitness function of F1=b1−d1−b2+d2. You have to scroll down fast forward to catch it. Indeed this fuck-up also explains the all odd numbered sections in the first part of this piece. When you come to the end of them starts the even numbered mathematics sections. Used to be that the story and math sections were interspersed, one section prose, the next section math and so on, until it finally dawned on my not always genius mind that readers don’t like their prose interrupted with mathematical gobbledygook any more than mathematician types like their equations distracted with soap opera. On the other hand if your scientific literacy is advanced enough to handle it, you might prefer to scroll toggle back and forth and read the mess in the original 1, 2, 3, numerical order of sections this was originally written in. 

While killing off rivals over contested territory and resources increases the d2 death rate in F1 and maximizes F1 in that way, once slavery came into existence via agriculture and the weapons and other instruments needed to capture and retain slaves, conquered people became a vast source of labor energy for survival that greatly decreased the d1 death rate in F1, increasing F1 much more than killing off of the conquered, which is what was done to vanquished males, as made clear even in the Bible, before slavery become a familiar institutional cornerstone of civilized societies          

What keeps a slave submissive and obedient to his master is the use of punishment or −U1v* threat of it from superior weapons. Such weapons may be used directly by a master on his slave, but more often by police types who control the slaves with weapons for the master as portrayed classically as the slave driver holding a whip over the slaves. While the master feels pleasure in owning slaves, the slave feels the unpleasant side in being on the losing end of aggression. The slave constantly lives with the very unpleasant emotion of humiliation from the sure expectation of losing in any confrontation with master and with constant fear of the master. There is no disagreement by anybody that the life of a slave is a painful thing guaranteed to give the slave an unhappy life.

27. Cultural Evolution

 We are told that Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in America back in the middle of the 19 Century. But at this very same time Karl Marx wrote extensively that the working class in industrialized countries consisted of nothing more than slaves controlled not by the whip but by the –U­A*v­ threat of starvation, what he called wage slaves. Was Marx correct in that assessment and in his condemnation of capitalism as a horrid social institution made of slave masters who routinely exploited and abused the working class?  

The existence of slavery in the early stages of human civilization is not a matter of debate, certainly not in the Mesopotamian empires of Egypt, Babylon and Persia or in the ancient Western empires of Greece and Rome. Slavery took on a slightly different character in the middle Ages as serfdom. In the ancient empires, the primary source of slaves was from capture, but in serfdom more attention was paid to raising the children of slaves to be slaves in their adult life. And with this level of mind control over slaves and their children from a very early age on, much of it through religious indoctrination via Christianity in the West, more “freedom” as a relaxation of control by physical coercion was allowed.

But nobody debates that serfdom was anything other than a more highly evolved form of slavery because the element of submission to the master and working in the master’s interest rather than one’s own interest was undeniably present in serfdom. What also differentiated serfdom from the old ball and chain plantation slavery was through mild control through religious indoctrination that promised the serf recompense for his life of pain in the form of a Heavenly reward for all eternity in the arms of a loving God, a fairy tale so outrageous that it speaks to the extreme unhappiness of the serfs who were beaten down so low as to believe such hogwash.

The modern era ushered in the rise of manufacturing in industrial countries which took the serfs who were previously bound to the land as farm laborers to the cities as factory workers and such. Was Karl Marx correct in calling the industrial worker just another form of slave, a wage slave? Whatever the differences between the plantation slave, the serf and today’s worker, the latter as an adult submits to his or her boss with great fear of unpleasant consequences in a way that is little different than a medieval serf or ancient slave submitting to his slave driver.

Submission to a superior from lacking the power to stand up to the superior is the key element in slavery whatever the difference between today’s wage slaves and the ball and chain slaves of long ago. And no worker in America over the age of 35 denies the hard fact of having to submit to the boss and his humiliations notwithstanding the greater freedom given today’s wage slaves because like the medieval serfs much of their control is via ideological and religious indoctrination inculcated starting at a young age and continuously reinforced by entertaining media propaganda.

What results are a very unhappy people whatever the airbrushing of that fact by the endless media airbrushing of reality. In truth the worker always loses in confrontations with the boss which causes unhappiness unable to be assuaged by retaliation against his boss for fear of greater punishment yet. But there are ways the slave can at least partially release the pent up feelings of retaliatory aggression by redirecting that aggression to somebody other than the slave master, as to another slave lower on the totem pole as depicted in Django Unchained by the craven viscous boss slave who licks the master’s shoes while meting out major control and sadism to the other slaves, something that is historically documented as a fairly general thing.

Redirected aggression is one kind of very general phenomenon in man called misdirected behavior that we want to discuss in greater detail because redirected aggression is responsible for a very large part of the cruelty, violence and unhappiness in the world. There are myriad forms of –UAv* and –UAV* meaningful uncertainties, fears and anxieties and related displeasures that arise in people. All of them are resolved by this or that fitness optimizing commodity found in a person’s environment. There is no way that evolution could have anticipated the availability of a needed fitness optimizing commodity for the environments that man lives in are many and sometimes very different than each other in both the –UAv* and –UAV* threats they challenge people with and the UAv* and UAV* resolution of those threats that are possible in a given environment. So the emotional based coding that has evolved is quite broad in a species of generalists like homo-sapiens that have the capacity to live in just about every environment on the planet.         

Consider, for example, that you are hungry but that there’s no food to eat as is the case for people starving in a famine or the soldiers of the Revolutionary War at Valley Forge who had barely any food that critical winter of 1777.  In such situations starving people turn to leather boots, tree bark and grass for something to put in their stomach even though such items provide minimal nutrition or none at all. Starving people eat items with even zero food value, though, because they yet provide some relief from the pains of hunger even though they’ll die on such a diet because there’s really no nutrition in them.

Misdirected behavior is taken up when the proper object of a functionally useful behavior is not available. Then the emotions involved direct the individual to an inferior, substitute object. This is a very general phenomenon. The emotions for reproductive activity, for example, can also have redirected outlets as in homosexual activity when normal sexuality is UA>>0 uncertain because the males in modern societies have been systematically psychologically castrated and fail as inadequate husbands and lovers.  While the politically correct myth says otherwise, the genetic etiology is very weak from experimental proof and downright facetious from the perspective of such a complex behavioral trait having a purely genetic origin as opposed to a developmental etiology.

Redirected aggression is the underlying basis of random mass murder. The perpetrator feels unhappy from his situation of control in one way or another. And he as a victim releases it on victims below him. This chain of redirected aggression is very common in hierarchical institutions where high bosses pass their pains of life from submission to a top boss to their lower workers on the totem pole all the way down to those on the very bottom who have nobody to pass the pain on to and are generally the ones who show clear signs of paranoid fears and all of the unsettling characteristics and odd behaviors that arise from excess –U1v* and –U1V* fear and anxiety that has no way of being alleviated and the excess −Z1v* dismay and humiliation and −Z1v* and −ZAV* hopelessness of a slave that drives people to suicide, drugs and the psychotropic medications that 45 million women in America depend on to get through the day with. 


For the most part redirected aggression is an integral part of American society that plays itself out in a hierarchical way. At the top is the oligarchy of wealthy and powerful men that controls America in reality and below them in successive layers various level of the hierarchy. Those at the very top of our three layer hierarchy should be understood as the masters of our modern slave society with those in the bottom layer, the abject slaves and those in the middle, master slaves who are controlled from and take abuse from their superiors and pass on their pain to the extent allowed to those under them.


The net effect over time of this food chain of pain passed down the line in the hierarchy is that people become non-social or inhuman over time. That is, after some point of giving pain to those under you and getting it from the bosses over you, people lose their trust for other people in a final way. This produces a different kind of person than mankind as it first evolved where every person is considered a tentative rival and no person is a trusted intimate, neither mate or child or parent. This is the crux of conservatives. It is not that they don’t form alliances with others against a perceived common enemy, but they lack the instinctive trust in other people that makes people human. It is within the context of this hierarchy of power and control that people pass their emotional pain in life on to others below them in the hierarchy with those on the bottom who have no such relief from the unhappiness that is brought about from this exhibiting the more openly bizarre symptoms of mental illness, obesity, suicide and the like.              


This need of near everybody under the thumb of a boss or master to redirect aggression is a real danger for women as they grow up for the nature of natural love makes them particularly susceptible to insults that destroy self-respect and any chance of happiness in life. Forget about the psychobabble that has taken over from quoting chapter and verse to keep people in line for a large percent of the population. The element of male protection and superiority in that regard, whatever its perceived need in the airbrushed sense of reality imprinted in their minds by cultural propaganda, is utterly real in making for good sex and the love that flows from that inborn criterion for relationship suitability for the female.  As anybody who has had experience and real success in sex and love, women turn on to being dominated in a loving way sufficient to display the vigor needed for protection and suitable caring for the female.   

The big problem is when the male suitor uses the female for redirecting his emotional pain aggressively towards the female, which makes the trusting by the female of the male tenuous and in the end, very dangerous to her self-love, the loss of which is a true and usually irreversible tragedy. That is the nature of rape for a female, not just the aggressive penetration, whose very aggressiveness can be very sexually exciting, but the rejection and total lack of caring, indeed enjoyment of the abuse by the male rapist, that follows hard core physical rape abruptly and also soft core relationship rape by jerk males whose instincts as to protecting and valuing the female are lacking and who use and confuse the love and submission of a female as license to abuse and pass on their pain as redirected aggression on her.

Others pass their bottled up pains in a more random way as with the Tsarnaev brothers Boston bombers. While there can be no excusing the evil in what they did as measured by the horror they laid on innocent others, the only logical understanding of where their murder causing unhappiness came from, theirs and millions of others who feel their pain but did not take that path to release of it, is from the top of the food chain of pain that is America. They are innocent victims themselves in being part of that chain of unhappiness in America. It is those at the top of the chain, the privileged class in America who are the controllers and effective owners of the wage slaves who are to be blamed, only changing this social structure as we suggest doing in the section following the mathematics, can eliminate the unhappiness and related horrors it causes in everybody’s life. 


To properly understand the development of slavery we want to consider in a more thorough way as to how the slave culture mankind found itself saddled with evolved to begin with. Primitive tribes compete for land and resources according to the F1=b1−d1−b2+d2 fitness function  It shows that those populations with a higher birth rate and lower death rate survive in evolutionary time while their less capable rivals die out or go extinct.


Important for evolutionary success is the development of efficient ways to survive and minimize the d1 death rate in the most elementary ways by procuring food efficiently, which is also helpful to maximizing the b1 birth rate in the F1 fitness function, F!=b1–d1–b2+d2 by efficiently providing food for the children of the group. Tribes with superior traditions and crafts in those regards win out over inferior ones.       


Beyond the non-violent competition between survival traditions the F1 fitness also shows as we have discussed the evolution of behaviors that maximize the d2 death rate of one’s rivals in a niche by killing them or driving them out of the contested territory, a phenomenon so apparent for American Indians, for example. What enable one tribe to beat another in such a battle are, on the one hand, superior weapons. But equally as important for winning critical battles for territory is the size of the tribe reflected in the size of the tribe’s army of warriors in a battle. Much as the possession of superior weapons increases the Z2Z3 probability of success in battle given aggressive behavior, so also does group size. If one group has weapons of the same caliber as the other, what makes the difference in who wins the battle is who has the most fighting men.


But increasing group size is not that simple a dynamic for there is propensity for groups to break up or split apart when group size gets too big. A typical primitive group is the clan of genetically related individuals stretching out to brothers and cousins, whose interests are coincident in the common survival of the lineage and of its genetic information, (see Richard Dawkins: The Selfish Gene.)  Past some point of size, reproductive and survival resource competitions particularly between grown males make for fighting that breaks the group apart into two subset groups. This reduction in size would via simple mathematics not be propitious for winning against a rival tribe.


This is less of a problem in environments like the rainforest jungle habitat of the Yanomami tribe in South America, where hard times survival wise keep population size low generally. But it is a great problem generally, small group size that engenders low group strength losing out to larger groups with similar weapons capabilities. This is why we see in human history the progressive development of larger and larger groups. Note that having a large group not only makes for having a larger fighting force but also a more complex society capable of the invention of fitness optimizing crafts and tools including weapons.


Enter for this reason moral codes for groups that lessen all of the behaviors that would split a group apart and make its size smaller. This includes restrictions against killing and aggressive behaviors generally and laws concerning reproduction that tamp down aggressive competition between males for mates. These moral restrictions limit in various ways the capacity for individually superior males to win out over less capable rivals. All civilized cultures have such moral regulations which include the West’s Ten Commandments.


The moral regulations are enforced by sanctions that range from unpleasant social disapproval to even more unpleasant economic and physical punishments. Two important questions are how the fruit of common labor and sacrifice is divided amongst the people and who has the power to interpret and enforce the moral regulations. In the evolution of group size, the society that is one level above the simple tribe is the kingdom like the Zulu tribe of South Africa. While the simplest tribes are generally egalitarian, once the size of a society gets sufficiently large, it tends to break into two subsets, a ruling class which includes predominantly the warriors headed by a king and the workers who provide the food and other survival commodities.


When we spoke of slavery in the previous section, the sense of it was of one group of people conquering a distinctly different group of people and subjugating them for economic exploitation. But imbalances in power and the distribution of the produce of common labor also come about between subgroups that belong to the same group. Indeed it is very common. The Mayan civilization of Mexico is marked by one set of habitation for its privileged class as seen in the coastal ruins of Tulum, Mexico, and another for its underclass who lived more in the jungle in a catch as catch can manner.


This development of class inequality dovetailed with out and out slavery in human history to produce the gulf between the workers and the privileged class now in every nation of the modern world including America whatever its doubletalk slogans of democratic freedom within the capitalist economic control of every individual in the United States. All are subjected to the powerful control of a boss who has the power mostly outside of law to fire the worker and refuse references as can destroy the worker’s life and any chance the worker has for happiness for himself and his family. Power reigns supreme and all those in the hierarchical chain of redirected aggression suffer grievously from it, including the children who are subject to abuse and neglect from parents who are slaves to the system we are all forced to live in and pass their pain onto their offspring by excessive control that is often sadistic whether intended to be or as rationalized by the moral code as with fundamentalists who beat their children corporally into respect that a child would otherwise never give to such harsh parents.


Indeed the full gamut of mental illness outside of the few flavors of it that are directly caused by genetic disease come about from the servile nature of modern existence for the common element in all mental illness is excessive fear caused by the transition emotions of disappointment and dismay caused by various significant failures that may be lumped together as depression. In the end the synonymy of depression with unhappiness plus the fearful expectation that depression causes as spelled out in the section on the transition emotion function as the other factor in unhappiness arise from the imbalance of power that cause just about everybody other than the ruling oligarchy at the top of the hierarchy to be under somebody’s thumb and abused.


And most deleterious for those under those thumbs is the hard fact that particularly in modern society those at the top got their position at the top to a great extent by submitting to the abuse of their bosses on the way up and have a very strong tendency to redirect the unhappiness built up in them from their significant submission to authority towards the hapless victims below them in the chain of redirected aggression. This is significant for, truth be told, nothing erases the depression caused by a boss’s humiliations than punching the boss in the nose hard enough to make it bleed a bit. Unfortunately nothing can destroy a person’s economic security in life and put him in jail faster than retribution on a sadistic boss.


To those who would rebut the above condemnation of modern societies by saying that America is a free and fair society whose injustices are protected by law, this analysis makes it clear that there is no justice but only order, order as to whom in the hierarchy has control over whom. Whatever the endless publicizing in the media of the evils that criminals do to hurt people, in raw and hard fact many more people’s lives have been ruined by bosses and others in authority who touch on vast numbers on people than by criminals, who touch on few. This is obvious if the facts be revealed by plain and understandable statistics. The power of a boss to control an underling’s life is extreme and is used frequently as redirected aggression, which not only has the potential to ruin a worker’s economic security but also his family and personal in making a constant fool out the worker who complies with his abuse because of fear of worse. And the economic power of bosses in the hierarchy of rule of everyday life is backed up by police who enforce laws made by legislators who dance to the step of their campaign financers made up of the wealthy privileged class who are the effective slave owners in our capitalist wage slave society.


We should add to the plethora of displeasures in a person’s life that arise from reproductive and combat failures and make for a state of inescapable unhappiness outside the delusions and distractions manufactured for today’s wage slaves to keep them moderately stable and efficient that lack of significant pleasure that comes about from an absence of survival challenges. Our emotions arose for adaptation to the circumstances of our primitive hunter gatherer ancestors.


In modern civilized times, once we obey the rules to get money, we need but ask like children to parents at the supermarket and other stores and we receive with no uncertainty our survival commodities. Hence there is little challenge after the fact of successfully working and keeping a job the greater part of which for most is obedience to the boss. And there is little excitement or real satisfaction in life.


And this lack of challenge for people is a hallmark of a child’s existence and hard evidence of immaturity in civilized people. Indeed our modern societies are very much like insect societies where the supplicants to the queen bee or ant are all sexually immature non-reproductive females. Of course, that is not physiologically the case in humans. But it is the case psychologically, most obviously if one considers the development of modern humans relative to that of hunter gatherer primitives.


The primitive children like modern children had their uncertainties resolved by their parents, especially for their protection from adult rivals and from nature, their survival and combat challenges in the context of the F1=b1−d1−b2+d2 fitness function, the b1 reproductive needs of a child not coming into play physiologically until adolescence. Upon reaching adolescence the former child person has the same major meaningful uncertainties as the adults in a lineal group. Will I find enough vegetative food on bushes and trees to gather? Will I find enough game in the forest to hunt and kill?


A touch of real hunger brings these challenges to the fore and provides for great excitement and a thrill every day. Reaching that stage of adolescent independence as regards survival and for the males in particular, combat, responsibility. Not hard to understand and as can only be understood by somebody who has gone through it as the authors of this work have, being challenged as to survival and combat from living on the street definitely makes for a different personality that also turns on the instinctive reproductive program in a person, particularly a male, the females who get protective males remaining to a great degree as children survival and combat wise, though certainly not reproductively given the sharp changes that occur in the female psycho-physiologically. Of course with immature males who remain in a relative childhood stage abounding in modern society, the trigger to adulthood in the female is also retarded, not very good for her dealing with children that will be born to her either.


The effects of this psychological immaturity in our vast hive like societies of toady that mirrors the physiological immaturity of the social insects are far ranging. When children need something to resolve their immediate meaningful uncertainties, they ask their parents. This is mirrored in delusional immature adults in modern times asking God for what they need, ridiculous from any perspective of a sensible view of how life works, but yet still propitiated by the immature instincts of a child that are retained in the unchallenged modern adult.


This immaturity is also displayed in many ways from modern people getting a large part of their emotional stimulation from watching adults behave in sports and entertainment, that is, in movies and the fare they watch day and night on  TV, having no real challenges in life of their own to occupy their time and focus. This not only adds to their unhappiness by depriving them of the real emotions of visceral pleasure and satisfaction, but also makes them emotionally as susceptible to control by authority, often exploitive and malevolent, as inherently naïve, vulnerable, children.          


The resolution of these vast endemic problem of civilization properly understood as an unfortunate accident of evolution for mankind lies in developing an entirely new kind of human society based on the abolition of all weapons as would eliminate the power imbalances that make slavery and its epidemic unhappiness in today’s world the norm. That section coming next, A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS, will consider the plague on mankind of redirected aggression in a much more thorough way including how group redirected evolution is the primary factor in today’s wars that will ultimately lead to a nuclear Apocalypse for mankind as the end product of the pent up unhappy emotions caused man by his enslavement in modern civilization. We will see in the next section that much of what causes pain for man is frustration and failure in sex and love.    


Description: C:\Users\AngelThomas\Documents\Net_Files\INDEX_files\image098.png


The potential for nuclear war is so great that we need not waste time making a case for either the possibility of it happening or the horrors it would bring. The unexpected arrival and effects of radioactivity at Fukushima and the blast effects at Hiroshima make the case for us. The question is more what can be done about it other than trusting in God to take us all to Heaven after he murderously destroys us all here on earth for no particularly good reason. 

We are not going to get rid of man’s capacity for violence. The wars of the 20th Century that took the lives of 100 million people and critically crippled at least three times more and the bloody battles around the world that go on endlessly ever threatening to escalate to global war make that clear. We can’t get rid of the emotion of aggression. It’s too much a part of man’s animal nature. The only solution is to get rid of the weapons that make aggressive behavior as bloody and destructive as it has become.

What is needed, hence, is for man to create A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS. This would not only be a world without wars but also one without mass murders like the child massacre at Sandy Hook. A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS would also be one without the exploitive control of one group of people over others made possible from the large scale imbalance in power that weapons make possible. Even the police would have no weapons. The angry rebellions of enslaved exploited unhappy people could not be beat down by the police or by a nation’s military as they are now around the world.

Now let’s ask what form A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS would take? The weapons ban would have to be firm. A central authority called the Guardians would punish the use of a weapon in a fight with death. The most violent fight that would be allowed, thus, would be at the level of an MMA martial arts bout. The Weapons Law would be the only law the Guardians would have the power to enforce within a society, the rest of its internal laws to be the prerogative of its citizens, but those enforceable only by an unarmed police force. Jails would be classified as a weapon and banned. The weapons ban eliminates tyrannical rule, which can only exist when supported by an armed police.

Tyranny is eliminated by the weapons ban because even the best fist fighter that an unarmed police force could have cannot physically control more than a handful of citizens unlike an armed police force now whose weapons bring about near total control over anybody they wish. The weapons ban makes tyrannies easy to overthrow when large numbers of citizens are fed up with the society they live in and with its leaders.

For example, what would the millions of Americans foreclosed out of their homes by the bankers in the mortgage scam have done in justifiable anger if there were no armed police to protect the thieves of Wall Street? A complete ban on weapons for everybody including the police makes for the maximum balance of power our Founding Fathers strived for in drawing up the Constitution, not by having every person armed but by having every person disarmed and thus much more if not perfectly equal in the power they have over each other. 

Another example of how justice is tremendously improved in a No Weapons Society is the Trayvon Martin case. First of all in a No Weapons Society George Zimmerman would have been immediately put to death for using a weapon. And without much need for the Guardians of the No Weapons Society to even get involved, the people would have physically torn Zimmerman to pieces with their bare hands for Trayvon’s murder that the local police effectively enabled via their obvious support of Zimmerman at every turn. In a No Weapons Society, the great mass of people who saw through the sham trial of Zimmerman where the racist judge denied the expert testimony that said it was Trayvon screaming would have exacted justice to prevent the right wing racist state of Florida letting him go. My husband and I made clear exactly what was going to happen long before it did at a rally in Las Vegas in 2012 for Trayvon. As Pete says, justice would only be achieved by radical political change. That hasn’t changed.

Societies in the World without Weapons would be city states with less than a million people, big enough to have all the economic components needed for a workable society but with not so many people in them as makes interactions totally impersonal as they tend to be today. Besides the Weapons Law the Guardians enforce within a city state, the Guardians would also have the authority to enforce a Border Law that guarantees the integrity of a city state by putting to death any invaders of a city state from another city state. 

City states will yet compete against each other in wars that are weapons free. Specifically there will be a five year war between six city states close to each other that consists of sports and other kinds of contests for which points will be awarded. War Points will also be given for a city state’s living up to its responsibility to finance the Guardians ability to police the Weapons, Border and War Games Laws.

The No Weapons Wars will stimulate cohesion between the citizens of a city state in fostering the cooperation needed to obtain the prizes awarded to the winning city states and avoid the penalties incurred by the losing city state. Specifically at the end of a 5 year No Weapons War, the city state with the least number of War Points is the loser and incurs the penalty of all its adult men losing their territory, their wealth and their women. The adult females will be sent along with minor children to the winning city states apportioned as 40% to the top winner, 30% to second place, 20% to third place and 10% to fourth place. The fifth place city state will break even neither gaining nor losing territory or women.

The men from the losing city state, now shorn of their territory and women will be sent off to city states other than the ones they competed against to be employed by the Guardians for policing the Weapons, Border and War Games Laws.

Access to the losing city state for its resources and space to live in by immigration of those in the winning city states who wish to move to the new territory will also be apportioned according to the 40/30/20/10 rule. This and other post-war adjustments will take place during an interim 5 year period at the end of the No Weapons War and before the start of the next No Weapons Wars, for the wars are to be continuous as separated by the Five Year Peace. There will be five years of war and five years of peace continuously.  

During the Five Tear Peace, immigration will also be allowed to any city state with permission of the city state immigrated to. There will be no migrations allowed during a No Weapons War in order to keep people from switching sides in the middle of it if they see their city state is losing. No doubt this will provoke great consideration during the Five Year Peace for people to decide which city state they want to live in with differences in city state traditions and laws in all matters, including how children are educated, being a determinant of which city state an individual will want to live in. Superior individuals may be enticed to immigrate to a less winning city state by offers of special perks of territory and cash and also of women who might want to hang out with a superior individual, as is more or less the case even in these times.          

There are a number of important nuances that arise from the demands of fighting a No Weapons War successfully. As intelligence will be as important as physical prowess in obtaining War Points both through intellectual contests between city states and from the need to maintain an economy healthy enough to pay taxes to the Guardians and receive War Points through that, citizens who are intelligent will be highly valued and protected by the more physically tough. Hence the demands of war against an outside enemy will keep life within the city state from degenerating into barbarism.   

Recall that the rewards of a win in the No Weapons Wars include not only new territory and its resources but also women. On the one hand, winning states that are morally against this practice need not take any women from the losing city state. On the other hand, doing so is in keeping with mating practices in many primitive tribes that lack police authority and religion to control sexual behavior. In the Yanamono of the Amazon jungle, the Carib Indians for whom the Caribbean Sea is named and in many other primitive tribes including the Plains American Indians, additional women for the tribe are routinely obtained by warfare with other tribes. This practice is also seen in Biblical lore that speaks of the Israelites killing the vanquished males after conquering a city and taking the females off with them to be additional wives or concubines. 

This rule for the No Weapons War implies the tolerance of polygamous relationships in A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS if local city state law does not forbid it. The enforcement of local laws only by unarmed police in practical reality makes for limited control on any sexual life style the individuals of a city state may wish to take up.

A compassionate provision to the awarding of women from the losing city state is that an awarded woman not satisfied with her situation in a new city state may opt to immigrate to any one of the other winning city states during the Five Year Peace Three Year Hiatus, indeed to all of them if necessary for her and her family to find a satisfactory place to live. This very much empowers the awarded woman to have some say in her fate via her right to scoot if dissatisfied.

The downside of the termination of marriage for a woman in the losing city state and being shipped off to an unknown land will foster greater effort on the women’s part to ensure that their city state will not be the losing one.  How the awarded women are apportioned in the winning city state will be a matter of local laws with mating battles at the level of MMA competition to be the rule when which man is to get which awarded female cannot be decided otherwise, this in keeping with mammalian mating battles generally that tend to weed out the males with weaker genes and personalities.     

The upside of the No Weapons War is that though the penalties seem somewhat severe, this makes for a challenging and exciting life as fits the emotional proclivities of our primitive origins. It is not a perfect Utopia, for there are some losers in this social matrix designed to imitate primitive life in a bloodless way, but a lot fewer losers than nowadays where just about everybody is seen to be an insignificant pawn of the privileged class once the delusions of the young give way to reality after the age of thirty. And in A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS it should be stressed that even the losers are a lot better off than in the current world of the bloody climax for people killed and crippled from war and from the emotionally painful humiliations that arise from the control imposed on people in times of peace.

Overall the plan is highly desirable in granting great individual freedom from the Δp≈0 balance of power enabled by the banning of weapons and in the elimination of the bloodletting of war. The World without Weapons will also be a laboratory for experimenting with whatever practices may prove to make life a more positive experience for the maximum number of people. In that regard the No Weapons Wars will be a kind of natural selection process in the cultural evolution of the fittest city states.   

There is also compassion in the World without Weapons that takes into account the natural and very human inclination to pick up a weapon to protect oneself with when one is threatened. Hence, depending on the severity of the weapons violation and the age of a weapons violator, a number of “Resurrection Cards” will be allowed by a Guardian judge from a standard deck of playing cards, one of which will be selected blindly by the weapons violator. For example, spades may be designated as Resurrection Cards, which gives a 25% chance of the weapons violator being saved though scared the hell out of enough to never use a weapon again. A fairly strict policy, though, should be followed, for the inclination to use a weapon in a fight is instinctively great and must be deterred with maximum fear of death if the No Weapons social matrix is to survive. And lastly the Guardians themselves must not be allowed to fall into decadence and that is avoided by having those who excel in the No Weapons Wars be inducted into the Guardians.

Now that we have done the easy part of outlining what A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS would be like, we next must ask how and if it can realistically come into existence. To go about constructing A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS out of the present very competitive and violent weapons holding world requires first making clear to all the people of the world that there is a genuine need for it as an elimination of the tyranny that kills their happiness and the elimination of the possibility of war that will reach their door step, up to and including nuclear war that will kill us all off. 

To do that you must start with the very basics by explaining violence and you do that by first answering the broad question of what makes people do what they do generally, violent and otherwise. The oft used phrase, “free will”, explains nothing. But it is easy to show mathematically as we showed in the equations section it’s the pleasure and displeasure part of your emotions that motivates you to do what you do and what not to do.

That is obvious in the case of eating food. If free will or simply wanting to not overeat was the prime determinant in whether a person ate to obesity as millions of Americans do, there would be no obesity because nobody wills or wants to be fat. Rather the pleasure of eating is the primary cause of a person eating, and in the case of obesity, eating and eating. And as is more familiar to people from the non-industrial countries, eating is also driven by the displeasure of the emotion of hunger felt when you don’t eat food. The pleasure of eating and displeasure of not eating motivate eating.

Pleasure and displeasure motivate all of our behaviors no matter moral dogmas which say otherwise for we prove it mathematically in an unarguable way in Eqs2-39. And this includes violence as we make clear mathematically starting with Eq40, the displeasure of being on the losing end of it as familiar as the pleasure in being a winner in a fight, though people are generally reluctant to speak openly about either feeling.

Few will argue against sexual pleasure motivating sexual activity, which when done normally leads to that essential of evolutionary success, replication from generation to generation. And there is also displeasure associated with sexual failure all the way down to rejection’s heartache that makes one more careful next time to avoid doing anything in a relation that would bring it about. 

There is also great pleasure and potentially great emotional pain in raising children. Why are we made like that?  It’s because a sexually mature organism doesn’t replicate itself into the next generation until it produces another sexually mature organism as is made clear in the section on the mathematics of evolution starting at Eq51. For humans this means raising infants to adolescent sexual maturity as motivated by the enormous pleasures of love of children when things go well and the substantial displeasures of guilt when things don’t, both of which are powerful motivators to raising happy vigorous children destined to be successful as adults themselves.

And as two can do a job better than one, in the case of raising children in the natural primitive way, a mother and a father, the bond between mother and father is also kept intact by the intense pleasure of conjugal love and when that’s not sufficient to do the job by the quite painful feelings of love gone sour from this or that error in treatment of a mate, which an emotional kick in the pants tends to get back on the right track. So reproductive activity, which includes sex, romantic love and family love, is like eating and other survival behaviors essential to evolutionary success and motivated by pleasure and displeasure.      

That survival and reproductive activities are essential to avoiding the extinction of one’s lineage or family line is made clear from the description below of Darwinian natural selection laid out by Harvard master evolutionist, Ernst Mayr that concludes our mathematics of evolution. 

“.....it must be pointed out that two kinds of qualities are at a premium in selection. What Darwin called natural selection refers to any attribute that favors survival, such as better use of resources, a better adaptation to weather and climate, superior resistance to diseases, and a greater ability to escape enemies. However, an individual may make a higher genetic contribution to the next generation not by having superior survival attributes but merely by being more successful in reproduction.” Mayr, Ernst, One Long Argument: Charles Darwin and Modern Evolutionary Thought, Harvard Univ. Press, 1991, p.88).

To best understand the evolutionary basis of violence as a natural functional behavior for all living organisms including humans, let’s turn Mayr’s clarification of natural selection as competitive survival and reproduction into a mathematical function, one based on the classical population biology of R.A. Fisher and J.B.S. Haldane but also derivable in the simpler way as  we do in the mathematics of evolution section starting at Eq51. While we would prefer to avoid mathematics in this section as earlier promised, to show clearly what the origin of violence is, we must do a little math. For only that makes it clear that violence is a completely natural behavior that can only be minimized when it is understood properly in that way.   

Consider two populations of living organisms competing for the territory and resources of the same niche that have birth and death rates of b1 and d1 for the #1 population versus b2 and d2 for the #2 population. Then the F1 fitness of the #1 population, a measure of how well it competes with the #2 population to be evolutionarily successful and avoid extinction is from Eq199

F1 = (b1-d1) - (b2-d2)

F1 is a positive number, F1>0, when the #1 population’s members live longer, have a lower d1 death rate, and replicate faster, have a higher b1 birth rate, in sum a greater (b1-d1) than the other population’s (b2-d2). Which one has a positive fitness, that is, lives longer and breeds faster than the other, it is successful in evolution while the rival population dies out or goes extinct in the niche. Now let’s algebraically expand the above F1=(b1-d1)-(b2-d2) fitness function to

F1 = b1 - d1 - b2 + d2

This makes it clear that the #1 population has the greatest chance to beat its rivals and have evolutionary success if its members maximize the b1 birth rate, minimize the d1 death rate and, most important for understanding violence, maximize the d2 death rate of its rivals. The equation proves that killing your rivals for a contested territory and its resources is as important for evolutionary success as eating food and reproducing. This is seen in the wars of human history again and again through the centuries. The equation is also satisfied in nuanced interpretation by driving one’s rivals out of the niche in territorial battles of wars that don’t necessarily end with the slaughter of rivals.  

People minimize their population’s d1 death rate by avoiding death every day by eating as is motivated by the inborn emotions of food taste pleasure and the displeasure of hunger. Because of more modern sexual taboos it is less obvious but yet true that primitive males, as with the Yanamono, Carib and American Plains Indians, maximize their b1 birth rate as driven by the lustful pleasure of sex by making war on their neighbors to get all the women they can.

It should be apparent from the above equation that maximizing the d2 death or absence of rivals on one’s territory also makes for a positive F1 fitness and evolutionary success. So it should not be surprising that no different than for the evolutionary functional activities of eating and reproducing that the violence involved in being successful in battle is also motivated by pleasure and displeasure.               

It should be clear from the above discussion that violent combat, no different than eating and other survival behaviors and reproductive activity including parenting, has genuine evolutionary functionality. The slaughter level of violent behavior in modern times, though, gained additionally from two powerfully important inventions of man, agriculture and highly lethal weapons, is very  high..

Prior to the invention of agriculture the only way our ancestors could get food was like other animals, to gather wild vegetation and to hunt wild animals. Agriculture introduced two new ways to get food. The first way was to plant seeds, tend the field and harvest the produce. And the other way was to get somebody else to plant the seeds, tend the field and harvest the crops for him, namely slaves.

Slavery required another important invention of man, though, weaponry advanced enough to vanquish rival populations and retain them as slaves. For the slave slavery is horribly unpleasant as the recent Tarantino plantation slave movie, Django Unchained, makes graphically clear. For the master who owns the slaves, though, slavery is a pleasant thing because of the economic profit in it and also though to a much lesser extent for reproductive optimization via the slave masters ready access to female slaves. 

Now consider how a slave feels towards his master from being threatened with and given punishment in an ongoing way. The slave feels the unpleasant side of aggression being on the losing end, the emotions of fear and humiliation. But any instinctive feeling that arises in the slave of retaliation against his boss, the slave master, is totally bottled up by fear of greater punishment yet.

But there are ways the slave can at least partially release such feelings of retaliatory aggression by redirecting that aggression to somebody other than the slave master, as to another slave lower on the totem pole as depicted in Django Unchained by the craven vicious boss slave who licks the master’s shoes while meting out major control and sadism to the other slaves, something that is historically documented as a fairly general thing.

Redirected aggression is one kind of very general phenomenon in man called misdirected behavior that we want to discuss in greater detail because it is responsible for a very large part of the cruelty and violence in the world. Consider that you are hungry but that there’s no food to eat as is the case for people starving in a famine or the soldiers of the Revolutionary War at Valley Forge who had barely any food that critical winter of 1777.  In such situations starving people turn to leather boots, tree bark and grass for something to put in their stomach even though such items provide minimal nutrition or none at all. Starving people eat items with even zero food value, though, because they yet provides some relief from the pains of hunger even though they’ll die on such a diet because there’s really no nutrition in them.

Misdirected behavior taken up when the proper object of a functional behavior is not available and the emotions involved become directed to an inferior substitute object is a very general phenomenon. The emotions directed to reproductive activity, for example, can also have redirected outlets as in homosexual activity, most frequent in those with limited capability of finding a heterosexual mate, the genetic argument being weak from experimental proof and downright facetious from the perspective of such a complex behavioral trait having a purely genetic origin as opposed to developmental etiology.

One classifies homosexuality as misdirected or redirected sexual behavior in its providing emotional pleasure but not having evolutionary functionality in its not producing offspring as evolution developed it to do originally in primitive man, external means to replication for homosexuals in modern times notwithstanding. Having sex with sheep, cows, dogs and so on can also be understood as redirected behavior in their also not producing offspring. Emotional homosexuality also includes homophobes on the conservative end of the spectrum who are emotionally homosexual from their lack of male vigor as caused by their extreme obedience to the servile rules of authority, but who are restrained from acting on their homosexual feelings from countervailing feelings of fear of great social disapproval as the basis of moral restraint. 

In a parallel way to redirected dysfunctional eating behavior during famines and redirected reproductively dysfunctional sexual behavior is dysfunctional aggressive behavior driven by violent feelings against a victim who has done the aggressor no harm. This is called redirected aggression, which while dysfunctional in not protecting the perpetrator from his own abuser, does relieve some of his displeasure in releasing his bottled up aggressions on a vulnerable other person as his victim. 

Adam Lanza’s mass murder of two dozen first graders at Sandy Hook was such an act of redirected aggression for while the destruction of the children did Lanza no good functionally, the children neither the cause of his unhappiness nor any threat to him, it was very pleasurable for emotionally relieving the misery and unhappiness in him caused by various elements, direct and indirect, of the hierarchical slave colony of capitalism he lived in. That Lanza carried great unhappiness in him is obvious just by looking at his face.

Description: Description: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSKRBh3TX0Gi_1z7h1h22t8KfR9iko2GBV0FXx5LjGM9Wvt21vrcA 

A Very Unhappy Young American Male

Of course the above argument of redirected aggression in mass murder from unhappiness caused the mass murderer by the social system the non-privileged sector of America lives under depends on the reasonableness of the assertion that what we live in is actually a kind of slave system, an assumption that flies in the face of Lincoln ending slavery in America after the Civil War. Let’s examine this closely from the historical perspective. 

Nobody argues that there was exploitive slavery everywhere in the early Middle East empires of Egypt, Babylon and Persia or in the ancient Western empires of Greece, Rome and Byzantium or in the medieval kingdoms of Eurasia whose farm slaves had a mild upgrade to the status of serfs but were yet certainly as unhappy about their lot in life as out and out slaves as was made eminently clear in the writings of Tolstoy, for example, about Russian serfs. And nobody argues whether the black slaves of the plantation American South ruled by the whip were totally unhappy people. And further, though we tend to hide it in America because we are their English speaking kin, nobody should argue about the effective slave status of all those trapped in the quite cruel and totally exploitive British colonial empire. The early Hindu empires of India and the Chinese empires of a few thousand years were also entirely slave like in their organization.   

The big question is whether with all this slavery of various kinds all over the world for the last five thousand years that it suddenly came to an end with modern capitalism which a number of observers such as Karl Marx identified as just another form of slavery in the long evolution of various kinds of slavery. True Marx didn’t have the right solution to the problem in communism, which is just another evolved form of slavery, but it is hard to dismiss his assertion that capitalism is nothing but nine-to-five wage slavery, very exploitive of the working class, very abusive, very humiliating and very destructive of personal relationships.   

Is nine-to-five control by a boss at work, often complete control as workers understand as they age in the job, slavery? In a statistically valid recent study 60 percent of those surveyed reported their boss has damaged their self-esteem, certainly evidence for work being some form of slavery whatever alternative description the corporate slave owners and beloved small businessmen may want to give it to disguise the fact of it.

Another tack to resolving the question as to whether there is slavery in capitalist America that causes unhappiness is to ask the question backwards. Is there much unhappiness in America and then if so where might it come from? These are hard questions to answer in part because nobody likes to say they’re unhappy because admitting it tends to bring on more degradation and unhappiness especially considering that unhappiness is considered to be a trait that people bring on themselves by dint of their own failure to achieve happiness.

But there are some objective markers of unhappiness. One of them is the near hundred million obese people in America, a measure of unhappiness once you understand the pleasures of overeating as a redirected action that brings relief from the unhappiness the obese feel when they are not stuffing their faces with tasty food. And raw statistics also tell us that 40 million women in America are on regular psychotropic medication, stark evidence of a lot of unhappiness because the unpleasant feelings of depression and most other mental illness are just psychobabble synonyms for unhappiness that clinical psychology prefers to use to keep the epidemic of bad feeling out there in America from being blamed on the boss and the capitalist socioeconomic system we’re all stuck living under. And the plethora of people nowadays having so much trouble in relationships is also clear evidence of tons of unhappiness in America that result from relationship problems, again which the ideologically corrupt pseudo-science of clinical psychology does not blame on the wage slavery found in the capitalist workplace but that should be blamed on  it. 

Accepting from the above and other considerations that unhappiness is more the norm than the exception in America then gets you to ask the follow up question of where it might comes from. Once you get it that all the millions of slaves in all the various kinds of slave systems of the last ten millennia have been unhappy, it’s but a small leap of syllogistic logic to understand that unhappiness in this modern era has minimally a very high probability of coming from our modern form of slavery that Marx called wage slavery.

Of course this argument runs sharply counter to the reams of entertaining cultural propaganda shown 24/7 in the mass media that is owned and controlled by the corporations and the privileged wealthy class in America. On TV hardly anybody is ever shown to be unhappy and if they are it’s their own fault or they’re mentally ill or it’s Satan’s fault, anything but from having to lick their boss’s often unwiped ass to keep their job.

We explained mathematically how propaganda works on the mind starting back at Eq41 but if you skipped it and aren’t fond of math you can look up the political philosopher, Nicola Machiavelli. What old Mac said was that a ruler rules best who cleverly tells the big lie that the land he rules isn’t really a slave state at all but a benevolent society run for the good of the people as in the United States where the scum politicians and other TV mouthpieces are controlled by their big money paychecks from the rulers into endlessly telling us what a free and fair wonderful place the capitalist slave nation of America is. 

A good part of the cultural propaganda for the wage slaves is religion and we must talk about it at some length now to make that clear. To begin with, the reality that there is no God is clear to any sensibly thinking person and in so many ways that that point is not worth wasting words on. That said, religion when it is believed, affects so much of a wage slave’s feelings, expectations and behaviors that however one wishes to excuse it as each person’s right to believe in the magic of whatever rabbit’s foot they choose, one cannot walk past the God believers attitude that if nuclear war happens, it’s God’s will so let’s not try to do anything about it. This passive attitude is deleterious for everybody in the world in causing such a large part of the population to be inactive to the centrally important and rapidly growing issue of preventing nuclear war.

So let’s first ask: If the notion of God is not sensible, why do so many people believe in it? Belief in God is most basically an emotional compensation for the fear and disappointment slaves have in life with God being thought of as a parent figure who’s there to help the wage slave with whatever miseries he or she slave has. But there’s a cost for this delusional hope in the divine of having to accept obedience to the rules of God to gain His good will, rules of God that interestingly favor the rulers of the slave society and cause the perpetuation of the slave’s unhappiness. And this adherence to the life of a slave is exactly what produces the epidemic of redirected aggression that is ultimately the cause of the misdirected aggression that causes unnecessary wars, the next big one to be nuclear.

The very gift promised by a benevolent God to his suffering worshippers of “eternal happiness after death” is so silly that it serves as unarguable evidence of His believers being desperately unhappy in their servile state as to place hope in something so preposterously ridiculous. A true believer really has been driven mad by life.                    

It helps further to understand that religion originally functioned not just as a set of ruling class rules for slaves and peasant types to obey but also as an explanation for nature. Let’s look at the religions of the early empires as explanations of nature focusing our attention specifically on early man’s spirit type explanation of the heavenly bodies he saw in the night sky.

Humans have an inborn instinct to distinguish between movement they see that is repetitive and regular like the tides going in and out and movement that is irregular like the activity of animals and people. The movement of the stars is very regular in going round and round in the night sky. But because we observe the motion of the planets that circle our sun from planet Earth, itself a planet revolving around the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn appear, now as they did for man thousands of years ago, to zigzag back and forth in irregular fashion suggesting to their observers some kind of human like quality.

An early form of this anthropomorphizing of the planets is found in the Zoroastrian religion of ancient Persia that is the foundation of astrology, the planets in various positions with the stars being said to affect as a super-human agency might what people do down here on Earth.

This “planet as person” sense developed into planets as gods that had tangible human traits as in the Greek, Roman and Germanic religions that endowed the planet, Venus, for example, with the reproductive attributes of a beautiful woman. This ascribing of human personality to the planet gods fit well with man’s putting his hopes in a god parent figure for magically providing good outcomes in a difficult world, the intersection of these two perspectives producing super-sized planet gods that were benevolent towards man especially if he was willing to obey the rules of the parent god, most of which patently favored submission to the rules of the rulers of the society that supported the religion.    

Religions like Judaism, Hinduism, Muslimism and Christianity evolved in time to have super powerful Gods without the planet associations. These super people Gods worked just as well to offer hope to miserable people while giving them rules of correct, authority obeying, behavior. The more people-like gods of Allah and God the Father were still understood to control nature as with creating the world and all living creatures in it out of nothing in the story of Genesis. This explanation of nature acting through unseen spirits was the norm in Christian Europe all the way through the Medieval Era with angels being understood to steer the planets around in their irregular paths.

That came to an end after Isaac Newton firmly showed that it was the Law of Gravitation rather than the law of God that controlled planetary motion. Since then science has come to explain all of nature much more sensibly than religious magic and superstition. Nonetheless fundamentalist Christianity in America still clings to Biblical causation of cosmic events, the reason being that a God that controls nature, as in creating all life forms instead of evolution, is a powerful God also able to come through on the extravagant promises of miracles here on earth and Heaven after death to compensate for the slave believer’s accepting the suffering in life that goes with being a slave.

While the short term emotional soothing belief in divine magic can be rationalized for an individual as a good thing as clinical psychology does, the harm done by such delusional thinking extends beyond religion’s absurd downgrading of science as truth as in denying global warming which is detrimental to all people affected by the horrible weather global warming causes and to the nation as a whole. In placing the future of the earth in the hands of a non-existent deity by deeming the cause of coming nuclear annihilation to be God’s will, religion is an atrociously terrible idea for all those who will suffer from this horrible end including their own children who will be tortured from nuclear war.

To counter this nonsense we propose that the World without Weapons movement should also be understood as a kind of religion, one based entirely on science both as an explanation of nature and as the basis of moral reasoning that directs us to live our life aimed at constructing the World without Weapons described earlier. And for those who insist on some super powerful God of some sort for this new religion out of habit, let it be that all-powerful heavenly body, the Sun, which sustains life on earth and can honestly said to be its creator energetically.

Description: Description: https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRiMwaHHHVH147cY3dmLUuLcaAwrJX1dvcZdMvOuXsFP12qN83pgJzGHQ
The Sun, Behold Its Magnificence

This scientific alternative to the god of Genesis as creator and sustainer of life on earth is a very sensible choice. There is no argument about the sun’s photon energy sustaining life on earth by producing earth’s vegetation and the herbivores that eat the veggies and the carnivores who eat the herbivores and the omnivores like us humans who eat everything below it in the food chain the sun is responsible for maintaining.

The complete dependence of life on earth on the sun is made patently clear in understanding that if the sun were turned off suddenly all life on earth would instantly die out. There is also no argument amongst scientists that without the sun the heat energy needed to produce the molecular variation for the creation of life from nonliving molecules would not exist as deems the sun the creator of life whatever the molecular biological details of this process. The notion of an unseen spirit God just isn’t needed to explain the creation or sustenance of life.

And as to the needing God for the creation of the universe, one need only utilize science’s E=mc2 law of the conservation of matter-energy that has NEVER been observed to be violated as proof that the universe has to have always existed and, hence, of no need for a creator.      

Science should be understood as the final step in the evolution of belief systems that started with God centered religions because the correct explanations of nature by science were not available for early man. Once you understand that, it becomes obvious as the vast majority of professional scientists know that spirit religions are complete nonsense logically and comparable to child’s fairy tales in being no more sensible than stories about witches and dragons in Harry Potter fantasies. Anybody who espouses them is gullible and stupid or a conman using the expectations of people for magical help to control their behavior and steal their money. The kids murdered in Newtown didn’t go to Heaven or to anyplace. They just died and died a horrible death, one that the elimination of weapons would have prevented as will the weapons ban imposed in A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS that must be achieved if people are to survive and there be any happiness for them in life.  

Indeed, science as expanded and refined by the Simpson’s Diversity Index analyses in this treatise is the new religion, one that points to the need for and morality of the World without Weapons which all good people on earth must aim themselves to bring about, for that is the true salvation of mankind.   

The first practical step in forming A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS is to deliver the message in this work of the great need to eliminate war, tyranny and the threat of nuclear annihilation to all the people of the world. For the most part it will fall on deaf ears when heard by the current leaders of the world, almost all of whom will want to retain the power they have that is insured by the well armed police and armies that protect them. One enticement to the leaders is that those that support the movement for A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS will become part of the Guardians central authority in the World without Weapons once it arrives.

On the other hand, those nations and their leaders that resist incorporation into A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS must be subjugated by American military might. In effect, then, the effort to form A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS will be a conquest of the world by the United States through ideas and, if necessary, through force. Cooperating with our effort to form A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS for the sake of everlasting world peace will hopefully keep wars of conquest to achieve it minimal in scope and not nuclear or annihilating in themselves. But that is a chance that must be taken for otherwise, as we have hopefully made clear, there is going to be an inevitable world war coming up anyway, which devoid of the goal of taking the world to a place of No Weapons, will be much more sure to be nuclear and bring about the extinction of the human species.

The revolution first needed in America will not, it must be stressed, have anything to do with taking away the guns of citizens. Universal disarmament will only take place after America conquers the world in cooperation with its allies to form the World without Weapons. This first phase of the revolution to rid the world of weapons will be in America and hopefully not bloody. Hopefully it will arise primarily from the understanding of the great need to cleanse the world of weapons for the sake of peace and freedom and eliminating the possibility of nuclear holocaust. A great effort will be made to convince our military, who first and foremost understand the need for A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS to avoid nuclear war, to nudge our political leaders in the direction of acceptance of the revolution first here in America and then of our exporting it around the world using its powerful scientific ideas and force when necessary.

It is also important to convince people of the true horror of mass death by radiation sickness. While for some there will be a quick end at ground zero, death in a nuclear war for the vast majority would come from radiation poisoning of the atmosphere. Less than a thousand of the 26,000 nuclear weapons currently in the possession of the ten or so nuclear nations would end all human life on earth. This is how you die from it.

Nuclear radiation inhibits cell division and in the human body affects the most rapidly dividing cells: our germ cells, eggs and sperm, our blood cells, red and white, and the cells of our stomach lining. For those who survive the blast effects of nuclear attack, the radiation caused mutations that cause monstrous deformities in offspring are well documented from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. More important as the cause of death by radiation is red blood cell inhibition that causes acute anemia and extreme weariness and white blood cell inhibition whose sharp drop in concentration ceases to protect us from infections causing a kind of instantaneous super AIDS effect. 

After a few weeks of these agonies comes the ultimate in cell division impairment in the destruction of the lining of the stomach, which causes the highly acidic digestive juices of the stomach to pour out into the body cavity and digest our own organs in the most horrible death imaginable, you digesting your own body. All of this takes about 60 days and is not only atrociously painful to endure but certainly worse to watch it happen in children whether yours or your neighbors.                

The proper political target of the revolution needed in America to start the movement for A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS is the Republicans, the party of the wealthy ruling class who live a life of decadent privilege at the expense of the rest of us. Under no circumstances can they be allowed to take the White House in 2016. Their candidate is guaranteed predicted to be mega fast talking conman Chris Christie in the role of Republican nice guy. This is pure bull, for that pack of dogs runs together and sticks together whomever they put out as their front man. A Nazi disguised as a relatively affable fat man.  

 Who should run against him? I hope it’s me, the female half of this team, and I hope I’ll be running on a Democratic Party ticket because it’s really the only way, I think, of becoming a candidate with any real chance of winning. Best would be with an honest professional Democratic Party politician, of which there are a few, as my running mate if I’m able to make it clear to him how important it is for a major change in political thinking that gets us all to think seriously about the greatest problem of our time, saving the planet from the terminal ravages of nuclear war.

Under no circumstances should Hillary Clinton be let anywhere near the White House. That woman is little more than a clever self-serving liar and one who is basically stupid. She initiated the War against Gaddafi in Libya that led to the downfall of a stable non-Islamic regime whatever its faults to give rise to one that is now actively hostile to the United States as the State Dept. murders in Benghazi show. What she did there also was a major stimulus for the bloody war in Syria that’s killed over 60,000 from her subtly promising help against Bashar al-Assad that never came.

Whatever my acceptance or lack of it by the Democrats in 2016, beware Hillary Clinton, a failure as a mother as judged by her neglect of semi-retard Chelsea, who, underneath the smile, would be no less neglecting of the American people if they are dumb enough to vote her in as their leader. She’s as smooth in delivery as her “I never had sex with that woman” asshole husband and no more believable in anything she says no matter how equally smoothly she delivers it. She destroyed the Gaddafi’s not to save the Libyan people, most of whom did not have it that bad under him, but to put herself on the front pages, where she stayed after American bombs started falling in Tripoli.               

Having such a Democratic Party ticket in 2016 with me on it assumes that the World without Weapons movement will somehow be able to get the media coverage needed for me to be a viable candidate along with sufficient campaign funds fairly impossible to come by for a candidate whose ideas don’t meet the approval of the Wall Street privileged class. In the event that my candidacy is impossible we will seek another way to make the revolution in America and that is by calling on the military to see the great need for action not only to prevent the nuclear war they so clearly understand as a real danger but also to fix the internal disaster America is slated to become in the next four years. Hopefully there are enough people on the fringes of the power elite astute enough in their thinking to make this work through the ballot box.

If a dramatic change in control of the nation away from that of the present wealthy ruling class is not made through democratic means or direct revolution, the world is inevitably destined to a future of a true hell on earth for its seven billion people including countless children going out screaming in the worst agony of the Sandy Hook slaughter multiplied on an unimaginable grand scale. Those who wish to rise above the masses sitting on the sidelines pacified with their delusions and junk food distractions can contribute to the A WORLD WITH NO WEAPONS movement and my long shot candidacy for the presidency which may be the only hope of saving the world from nuclear annihilation by clicking here.

29. Epilogue: Just in the Nick of Time

It’s all well and fine to say something is good to do but entirely another thing to figure out a good way to do it when there are great diffiuclties involved as in saving the world from nuclear annihilation. It’s is the same with my beating my lawyer brother Don’s effort to control and dominate me, a pauper of 72 years old, using the bludgeon of a $30,000 inheritance from my mother he had legal control over as its trustee. If I could succeed at this this task, much harder than you might think because Don had all the power in the game and the intent to use it to hold on to me by the elastic band of my underpants until the day I die, I can find some way to save the world from nuclear Apocaplse too.  

He’s tried playing a game like the boss at work who in his supervisor position is fucking you, the subordinate, in every way he can and making a kind of whore out of you with his economic power over you that’s especially bad in this era of high unemplyment where being fired gets you to the Gulag death camp of homelessness and asssured destruction, body and spirit. The bosses, all of whom are assholes from castration by their own bosses, their superiors, love this control game on the workers as the main palliative for their submitting to the bigger bosses.

Brother Don fit this description perfectly, his manliness shriviled up sucking his way up the ladder of success needed desperately to feed off his control over me from my dependence on him as he released the money in dribs and drabs of $400 a month so long as I treated him with the respect you’d give a boss. And all this after I had been told that I have an enlarged heart and need to see a heart specialist. 

The reality of the situation should have put me in the hell he wanted me to be in. But I’ve never felt that hell because I always thought I’d find some way to beat him because he’s such an obvious asshole under the veneer of his courtly Texas gentleman lawyer disguise. Here’s how I beat him, pure good fortune coming to a woman who felt the need to never give into the creep predator and finally got a break from fate while resiting to my last breath. I’ll let you read between the lines to see what happened. If I can beat this devil, I can beat the rest and find some way to get all the weapons out of the world.  Refusal to quit, belief in your cause and a little bit of help from the heavens, from fate, does the trick. 

From: "Ruth M. Calabria" <ruthcalabria@matrix-evolutions.com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2014 2:33 PM
To: DGraf@MHBG.com
Subject: It Came

Dear Don

I got your check, finally today. I suppose I can wait five years for my inheritance to dribble in, if that's what you have in mind, only a guess, mind you. I am, of course, exhilarated by near $3000 in the account now from snowballing donations via our PayPal click, thanks no doubt to Putin and, I would like to think also, to the better design of the intro on the website. This is almost getting to be fun - isn't it.


From: Don Graf <DGraf@MHBG.com>
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2014 4:36 AM
To: "ruthcalabria@matrix-evolutions.com" <ruthcalabria@matrix-evolutions.com>
Subject: Re: It Came

Thanks for the update on your finances.  Will stop sending checks until a need arises.  The one page of medical records show that you had an episode of high blood pressure.  The family has a history of blood pressure issues.  Hope it is under control now

Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2014 7:01 AM
To: DGraf@MHBG.com
Subject: Re: It Came

Dear Don,

In actual fact, the extra money in my account came from Social Security. If you will recall I sent you a copy years back of my divorce from Pete (4/5/2005, NY State) that enabled me to get SS benefits via my marriage and then divorce from Len. The beginning of January I saw an odd unexpected entry into my account of $685. For the next couple of weeks I wondered if I was the recipient of a "Bank Error in your Favor" sort of thing until we discovered that Len had died in December, and a few days after that I was notified by mail of my additional "widow's benefits" of $8200 a year. So I'm hardly going to die even if in your obsessive meanness, weirdo, I never see another penny of the inheritance.                              

I haven't said anything on the website yet about this gift of fate given me to counter your nastiness. But will be doing so after I post the next edition, rough on the attachment, in a couple of weeks or so after further editing it to make clear what happened in the courtroom. You couldn't win in life, pitiful brother of mine, if the fix you acquired by bending over as your primary strategy for success wasn't in.

Did you think I was blind to that joke of a trial in Judge Parker's courtroom? As you will recall she didn't say one word as to why she decided in your favor, not a single word. Implied from your testimony was that it was reasonable and legal to deny me the inheritance funds because of Pete's, "my husband's" bad character. But you knew that he and I were legally divorced and you didn't say a word about that while lambasting him with garbage that Parker did not pursue for a moment even when I effectively objected in court by saying that nothing you were saying about him was corroborated by evidence shown, perhaps other than Pete, not my husband anyway as you knew, saying the truth about you even in a rough in street level way. And ditto for your only other legal reason for denying me my inheritance of my being "mentally ill", a labelling your judge asked not one question about and a patent defamation given that I have never been treated or judged as such in all my 72 years other than in gossip spread by your disgusting family I fled from happily all those years ago.

All this reveals the total corruption down here in Lubbock as poster child for the less than free, less than fair, court system found in most places in America. The website will pop big time yet as the situation in the Ukraine gets bloody and convincingly suggests a real possibility for nuclear war my ideas address. I don't think Parker's going to appreciate the notoriety in an election year.

Happy Birthday, Donnie,